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  • valix22 December 2003
    story about a feared outlaw, named "trandafirul galben" (yellow rose) that fights against the injustice of corrupted politicians ruling romania in the 1800s. the movie continues the saga of Margelatu, a modern robin hood
  • second part of Mărgelatu series, it is a short, unrealistic but nice picture of Valachia before 1848 revolution. adventures, Manichean characters, extraordinary music, the air of XIX century atmosphere. in fact, a surrogate who desires be a western, using parts of American recipes and Romanian ingredients. for its time, this movie, like entire series, was a real blockbuster for Romanian cinema. today - nickles of interesting silhouettes. because, only the nostalgia of a part of public, the memories about interesting actors - Marga Barbu, first -, the special music are relevant. and, sure, the love for idealistic national history. in rest, silence. and the shadow of Mărgelatu.
  • danstancu21 February 2018
    This review is written in English even though the movie was released only in Germany, Hungary, and the filmed country Romania. The language of the film is in Romanian only.

    Plot: the overall plot is boring. Until the last 10 minutes of the movie there is almost no action at all. At the end we get to see Margelatu and Buza de Iepure shooting 10 guys.

    Cons: The movie's production is so poor that you keep on wondering why was even made. The end of the movie is ridiculous. The soldier was about to drink water when he spotted Margelatu sitting at the pub and ordering a drink. The angle of which the solider spotted Margelatu while he was drinking water did not make any sense. Then all of a sudden more soliders are coming (as if they were communicating with each other via walky-talky) and then the leader of them is telling Agata what is happening as if he was a jurnalist: ok now they are inside. and then Agata tells him to burn them and all of a sudden like in 1 second he tells his soldiers bring the barrels...the entire written plot of this movie is so bad that you don't know if you want to laugh of how stupid it is or you want to tease yourself to accept that there are still more minutes until it finishes. Seriously? Is this the Margelatu saga or the sequel ? It is by far a joke. Actress Marga Barbu at her 53 years acting as if she is 19 years old. Terrible taste. And the worst part is we get to see this old grandmother in all the future Margelatu episodes almost as if someone cursed our eyes to have no choice and see more time. I am really tired to even watch her nevermind about wanting to see the connection between this movie and the next episode. German language is very bad if the Germans are emmigrants. Wien (Vienna) or how the actors are pronouncing it for that era "Vianna" is not showing any old buildings or gardens of how they really are instead we get to see Bucharest and other Romanian cities looking like Wien....very poorly created.

    Highlights: 1) as usual the actor Florin Piersic plays this episode very good. His German language is actually better than some of the town characters (supposedly born there in Austria) 2) Margelatu's funny gun gets more air footage and we can see it more often than in the previous Drumul Oaselor (Killing road) 3) Buza de iepure (rabbit's lip), another "Robin Hood like" character in Margelatu's series gets born. We learned Margelatu saved his life and in his turn Buza devotes his life to protect him and be on his side.