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  • Yor is the hunter from the future. He's a simple tribesman/He-man warrior who leads a village of displaced tribes people to the promise land. Along the way Yor slays a dinosaur,fights evil Morlocks, glides on a Giant bat, fights some alien goons who get in his way and matches wits with Darth Vader's brother. Bad film that none of the actors take seriously (except Yor). Will Yor lead the people to the promise land and find out the meaning behind that funky gold medallion that he wears around his neck? Go out and Get Yor!! I wish I could see the original eight hour version shot for European television. When will this Drive-In gem ever be released on video? Who knows.

    Recommended for lovers of bad movies.
  • Now here is a movie that gets a horrible rap, for reasons I can't fathom. Sure it's cheap, but at least it moves quickly. Yor is a strapping caveman type who runs from adventure to adventure, battling cool dinosaur puppets, desert zombie hordes, sex hungry ape men and more. Reb Brown certainly has the acting range of a baked potato, but Yor isn't exactly deep material.

    Corinne Cleri is very stunning in her little cavegirl outfit, and when John Steiner comes in to explain it all, you can't help laughing.

    Look for the funniest trapeze stunt you'll ever see a G.I. Joe perform!
  • "Yor: Hunter From the Future" is one of the most underrated films of the last nine thousand years. A key inspiration for such amazing works as "American Beauty" and "Hollywood Harry", this science fiction epic deserves to be rediscovered. The story follows a shy, and stupid blonde man who wanders through a prehistoric wasteland. As he encounters various villages and communities, he manages to destroy everything in his wake and ruin everyone's lives. The last thirty minutes are a revelation as our hero, his love interest, and some fat shirtless guy (who I still think is Orson Welles) are transported into space. There they fight a bunch of robots and shoot laser beams. Seriously, gang, if you want a film that will make you want to kill someone, then this is for you. Brilliant direction, acting, and writing all around. Best line: "DAMN TALKING BOX!!!!" Yor is played by an actor who never got his due in bad porn. The special effects blow Lord of the Rings out of the dork shelf at the rental store. You're going to love this movie so much you will want to slap yourself and hope that it isn't a dream.

    Nine out of five stars.

    Blurb: "Yor, more like Big Time!"
  • Yor, hunter from the future is filled with bad acting, bad scripts and horrible screenplay. why do I give it such a great vote? because it's so damn funny. This movie had me wiping tears away in laughter. Reb Brown has a unique way of looking stupid in almost every scene of this film. His goofy smile is enough to just crack me up in a minute. The music to this movie is spectacular.

    I give it 3 thumbs up! A must see...
  • I live for movies like YOR. Even without the Margheriti connection YOR would be high on my list of Coolest Movies Ever. Quite frankly it has everything: Giant dinosaur puppets, hot cave girls with oiled thighs, a funky rock music score, stormtroopers wearing armor made from Home Depot plumbing fixtures, Luciano Pigozzo, and John Steiner. Along with entertainments like KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS, FORBIDDEN WORLD, OPEN SEASON with Peter Fonda, DEATH RIDES A HORSE, and VAMPIRE CIRCUS, this movie rules, and is almost as cool as even KING KONG VERSUS GODZILLA, though I know that may be hard to believe. Someone should load an old prior rental VHS copy of this onto a satellite & fire it towards Alpha Centauri; we would hear back from them asking for more.

    I don't snicker or laugh at this film so much as with it, and in all seriousness am in awe of the execution. What we here in North America know as YOR is actually a condensation of a four hour Italian made for TV miniseries made to cash in on the wild popularity of Mike Hodges 1980 treatment of FLASH GORDON crossed with the CONAN THE BARBARIAN type epics that were all the rage. The series was directed with characteristic gusto by my favorite of the Italian genre film specialists, Antonio Margheriti, a seasoned hand at science fiction, fantasy, horror, Peplum sword & sandal thrillers, Spaghetti Westerns ... Margheriti did it all but never quite got the artistic recognition that his colleagues Mario Bava, Riccardo Freda, Sergio Leone, and Sergio Corbucci attained.

    Margheriti -- billed here by his frequent pseudonym, Anthony M. Dawson -- had more of a craftsman's approach to his film-making, with an assembly line method of producing them and his fingers on the pulse of the viewing public that resulted in a number films which resonated with international audiences; 1964's CASTLE OF BLOOD, the chilling VIRGIN OF NUREMBERG from 1963, the Gamma One Quartet of science fiction potboilers, and 1978's KILLER FISH with Lee Majors & Anthony Steffen, one of the most glorious mismatches in casting history. Margheriti may not have inspired artistic reverie, but people consistently went to see his films and continue watching them to this day on home video formats.

    Margheriti was reportedly a bit chagrined that of all his catalog YOR was probably the most widely seen of his films in North America, thanks in part to the home video era, when a PG rated movie the family could safely watch together was perhaps a more valuable commodity than now. As such a lot of us got to see YOR on home video as youngsters and now maintain a fervent cult of followers as adults. Whoever owns the rights to this film is totally missing the Money Boat in not pushing a DVD re-release, preferably showing both the 90 minute English language edit and the 4 hour Italian print with appropriate subtitles. You will sell many units of this movie, sir. No doubt the rights to the music remain the sticking point in the affair, and that's what lawyers are for. Let them work it out, just get the DVD ready in the meantime maybe.

    YOR has some interesting attributes to it as well, shot for the most part in Turkey using some decidedly unique landscapes as backdrops for what is essentially a post-apocalyptic wasteland thriller. Then there is the herd of marvelous, inventive, and oh-so endearing dinosaur creature effects, designed & executed in part by Margheriti's son Edoardo, who would also go on to enjoy a career as a filmmaker as well. Sure, it's dumb to show humans and dinosaurs in the same movie, and even dumber to make the things have to fall over on their sides to indicate they're dead. Must have taken four guys off-camera to push them over, and the stubbornness of their insisting on doing it like that is remarkable.

    But then again, what IS a film anyway? It's make believe. Seeing people getting worked up over realism or accuracy in what is essentially a group of grown adults running around with clubs or spears while dressed up like cave people is absurd. It's a fantasy film, and a darn good one at that. The story is confused as we see it in the English language edit but taking the film to task for that is like expecting a less than two hour version of SHOGUN or ROOTS to make sense. It was also a small screen production never intended to have the scope of a STAR WARS or even FLASH GORDON. The target audience was 8 to 14 year old boys watching at home on TV, with Corinne Cleri scampering around in a fur miniskirt for the dads & Reb Brown shirtless for the entire proceeding for whoever else. They even oil Corinne up for some of her scenes and she is a feast for the eyes, especially when a little mad about something. Oooh!

    Then there are the outrageous little scenes like Yor hang-gliding to the rescue using a pterodactyl, the trapeze flip climax over the nuclear core, Yor fighting the stegosaurus, and the little jailbait cave girl hottie he is given as a mate after saving her from another dinosaur, begging the muscular hero "TAKE ME WITH YOU, STRANGER!" Twelve year old boys live for movies like this, or rather movies like this will bring out the twelve year old boy within you ... Or inspire you to point out that the stegosaurus was a plant eating dinosaur unlikely to be hunting humans, and that just the likelihood of dinosaurs re-evolving after a global apocalypse to live alongside humans is beyond even considering. Or that they can see tanlines on the cave girls from their modern day bikinis & that the Stormtroopers are just wearing PVC tubing with moped helmets.

    And I would have no choice but to call you a Fun Wrecker.

  • mjsmas519311 January 2006
    Yor is great when there is nothing to watch and along comes YOR you can easily stop clicking channels you have been saved .You can watch Yor in any mood and it fits .There is only one catch you can not tell your friends you watched it by your self.You can watch it and drive someone else in the room crazy.I just wish it was a series there is so much more he could do . Stunts like Yor falling off the cliff is amazing I can not tell how they pulled it off.Some how I just knew when he killed the Great flying moth he was going to use it to swoop in on the Hairy Monster men .I don't know how he easily overcame the leader when he was wearing Yors strenght necklace. In the sequel Yor could face the underwater men. The adventures could go on and on Yor the ever living cave dweller.I even think Yor could reach out into the space age and fit in. LONG LIVE YOR
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This was the greatest science fiction film ever made. It had everything from half naked cave women (who look like strippers) to giant dinosaur puppets that our hero, the brain damaged surfer, must battle to save the planet (only to set off an atomic bomb accidentally at the end of the movie).

    Star Wars won an academy award for special effects and it only had 1 Darth Vader. Well, this movie has like 50. You know it was a conspiracy at the academy awards. This movie should have cleaned house.

    If you haven't seen this movie that is almost as bad as being a virgin. You have really missed something wonderful and unique that all human beings should experience.

    If everyone watched this movie there would be no famine or war, and the ozone layer would grow back.
  • xredgarnetx21 March 2006
    Ah, memories, sweet memories. I recall pulling into the movie theater parking lot with scant seconds to spare before YOR was to begin. I wanted to see YOR because of its title. It also was the only movie starting when we arrived, to be truthful. YOR was magnificently, superbly bad and one of the worst Italian muscle men films in history. And since this was released in the 1980s, our Italian friends threw in a little STAR WARS shtick in the second half for good measure. Reb "Captain America" Brown as Yor is an insult to actors everywhere. The special effects are laughable, on a par with a high school production. Everything you have read elsewhere about this film is true. I still can recall Brown fighting the head -- but not the body -- of a raptor and some bizarre gliding nonsense and a poorly executed laser battle near the end. I have seen some real stinkers in my time, but this one pretty much takes the cake. My wife and I and company snorted and chortled our way through the whole thing, which beat crying. YOR is a must-see for Z-grade film lovers everywhere! Remember those awful sword and sorcery flicks with the guy who played Tarzan in the late 70s? Remember that particular Tarzan flick? YOR is worse. But entertaining in a trashy way.
  • gjpizzo0411 February 2005
    This has to be the best movie of all time. Any future in which the properties of water change to become flammable is a future i can look forward too. Special visual and sound effects which compare to the likes of Space Invaders from Atari. However, I think the best was costume design of the monsters. It brings back memories of childhood from when my parents took me to see Dinosaurs Alive at the zoo. Reb Brown should win an academy award for his role as YOR. Only he can pull of such a great screenplay with classic lines like "Damn Talking Box". I can only hope that one day they make a sequel to this movie. I believe that it will be directed by this new and up coming star Ed V.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie is an absolutely superb beer and crisps movie to be shared with likeminded friends. If you have been looking for the ultimate barbarian-scifi-dinosaur-ufo combo movie check it out. Who could have believed anyone really ever made i movie of this calibre. I mean, jurrasic park only had pixels, but this movie has full blown papiermaché monsters. Brilliant! And not only is it full of really bad acting, FX, costumes etc but it's hilarious to watch. Having watched it a couple of times (incredulously on both occasions) we have coined the term to "Yor" when playing games, meaning to destroy or eradicate (by accident) a town or village. This in fact happens four times during the movie i.e. every time Yor meets up with any kind of civilization. Errr, make that five times.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This gloriously goofy cheese ball muscleman movie stars beefcake actor Reb Brown (star of those 'Captain America' TV movies of the 1970s) as the title character. Yor is a lone warrior wandering a prehistoric world, who falls in with young Ka-laa (super sexy Corinne Clery of "Moonraker") and her guardian Pag (Luciano Pigozzi, a.k.a. Alan Collins, utility player in many Italian films). He will ultimately go on a quest to learn his true identity, not really knowing the meaning of the medallion he wears around his neck. The three of them will meet other primitive peoples, fight dinosaurs, and end up battling a Darth Vader-like villain dubbed Overlord (John Steiner, another veteran of Italian exploitation cinema).

    Yor in for a good time with this lively dose of nutty nonsense. It gets off to a grand start with that irresistible, hilarious theme song. The Leonard Maltin review describes it as "humorously tacky", and that it makes it something to treasure. The clunkiness of the special effects merely adds to the good vibes, as well as the expected (and priceless) antiquated English spoken by many of the characters. Generous on-location shooting in Turkey gives it some solid atmosphere and visuals, and pacing is more than adequate. It rarely passes up a chance to amuse you, with little let up and a tight running time of just under an hour and a half. But it isn't until the final half hour, when "future" and past meet up, that it becomes truly something special. It's just too delightful to see an old-style fantasy type hero in a science-fiction setting, complete with robotic minions working for Overlord.

    Browns' performance is definitely acceptable for this sort of fare: he's amiable, and physical, if not possessing quite the same physique as, say, Arnold Schwarzenegger from this period. There's no shortage of truly gorgeous women in skimpy outfits: Clery, Carole Andre as Ena, Ayshe Gul as Roa, and Claudia Rocchi as Tarita. Steiner and Aytekin Akkaya as Ukan are wonderfully hammy villains.

    One of the best bits occurs when Yor discovers a radio and smashes it on the rocks, dismissing it as a "damn talking box".

    This is one of the best bad movies that this viewer has seen in a while.

    Screenplay by Robert D. Bailey and director Antonio Margheriti, based on a graphic novel by Juan Zanotto and Ray Collins.

    Eight out of 10.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What if Conan invaded Star Wars? The adventures of physical specimen Yor, a warrior with blond hair(Reb Brown, with a ridiculous wig)who desires to know where he came from, battling prehistoric creatures, nasty Neanderthals, and the Overlord(John Steiner), a cloaked menace with a Robot army(..they strikingly favor Darth Vador)who lives within the futuristic fortress hidden on an island.

    Along the journey, Ka-Laa(Corinne Clery, who is smokin' in her prehistoric garb), Yor's love-interest, and Pag(Luciano Pigozzi)whose village and people were killed by the savage Neanderthal tribe, join the hero on his quest to discover his identity..and the meaning behind his odd medallion necklace. Yor soon discovers one of his own kind, the lovely Roa(Ayshe Gul)who is worshipped by crazed nuclear rejects with bad burns throughout their bodies. Soon, Yor will have to evade them, with Roa in tow, before having to fight more Neanderthals. Soon, Yor and company(..minus Roa who becomes a casualty of the Neathderthal attack)will find a peaceful prehistoric tribe he saves from a dinosaur, before they are bombarded by laser fire. A running theme..wherever Yor goes, death and troubles follow. Pag finds an abandoned radio with voices communicating across it, perhaps proving that someone is behind the laser attacks. Soon he, along with Ka-Laa and Pag, will take a boat, specially made by the nearly distinct tribe just attacked by laser fire(..coming from the "radio people")and head for the island where the diabolical Overlord awaits. What Overlord desires is to create a hybrid man-robot(..or "robo-man"?)race, perfect for conquering the world using Yor and Ka-Laa to "spread the seed". But, Overlord wasn't preparing for a revolting mutiny of his own technical staff, tired of his tyranny ready for a new peaceful world to inhabit.

    Yes, as most will go out of their way to tell you, this film is just plain wacky, but so energetically presented, fast paced, with non-stop action. Margheretti's camera is in full zoom or constantly following the action, but never too annoying. The hokey nature of the film, blasted by most(..deservedly I guess), kind of stuck to me. This is the very definition of guilty pleasure. It plays, to me, like a comic book series with Yor going from one scenario into another, always fending off some fiendish group of people. Reb Brown is rather charisma-less, but the film constantly moves, moves, moves, I had a hard time really focusing on his presence on screen. The film isn't "Conan The Barbarian" or "Star Wars", but the audacity to mix the two completely different themes makes for a rather jaw-dropping experience. Seeing Pag, for instance, shooting a laser at a robot after firing his bow and arrow at a Neanderthal, not too long ago, is almost surreal.

    The film explains that a nuclear fall-out caused a return to prehistoric times, with "survivors" infected spread throughout, and those few uninfected on the island. Overlord kept his people in the belief that outside..on the mainland away from the island..everything is radioactive and poisonous. Yor and his band prove otherwise. It's absolutely an insane premise, but I couldn't resist was like chocolate, or something. Just don't trust my feelings about it because seeing a space ship setting off for a prehistoric mainland is plain ga-ga. I'm even questioning my own taste this moment wondering why I enjoyed this crazy movie so much.
  • Yor, Hunter From the Future easily falls into the "it's so bad it's good" category. I have never laughed so hard in my life at a film. No comedy has every produced the side-splitting, tear inducing laughter that Yor has. It's too bad this film was not intended as a comedy, but rather as a science fiction/ fantasy epic.

    This movie just screams cheese. It features a story riddled with plot holes (caveman on a quest to find himself runs into a superior race of beings that want to kill him... but don't explain why); randomly occuring events (random laser fire demolishing cavemen villages); criminally bad dialogue; an 80's cheese rock score; horrendous special effects (lasers firing out of weapons at obviously wrong angles); and possibly one of the most ineffective movie villains of all time: THE OVERLORD.

    It's so bad it has to be seen to be believed.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Every once in a while avid movie connoisseurs are treated to a veritably timeless piece of cinematic art.....Gone With The Wind, Citizen Kane, The Seven Samurai, Yor: The Hunter From The Future......erm OK so I lied about the last one but ye gods - you'll never forget this movie once you've watched it!

    In fact, this is more than just a's a life changing experience!

    Within the very first few seconds of this, backed by the eighties rock soundtrack you just know that your in for one hell of a (B-Movie) ride!

    What do you get for your money?

    Well you'll witness an embarrassed looking Reb Brown battling dinosaurs that are pleasantly reminiscent of those found in the late 1970's movies starring Doug Mcglure. You'll find buxom babes with barely a stitch on (always a plus in my book!) You'll marvel at witless dialogue that could have been written by a pre-schooler and basically laugh your socks off at scene after scene of (endearing) stupidity.

    This film is one of the most unintentionally hilarious movies I have ever had the pleasure to sit through.

    Two moments stand out for me especially:

    Firstly in one incredible scene, Yor utilises a dead prehistoric bird to hand glide into a cave and save his female companion (!!!!!)

    Secondly, towards the end of the movie, Yor swings across a chasm in order to plant a bomb (don't ask). However he then realises that he can't get back across the immense gap which prompts his friend Pag to perform one hell of a circus stunt in order to save the day!

    Both the above scenes are made immeasurably more enjoyable when the dramatic opening of the main title song suddenly blurts out during the crucial moments! - absolutely classic! I was laughing my head off!

    Simply put my friends, you have not lived until you have witnessed the cinematic marvel that is Yor: The Hunter From The Future. They just don't make them like this any more!
  • bobbyfar7421 November 2010
    i give yor 10 out of 10 just because of the cheesiness that made me roll with laughter,this was perhaps the worlds worst movie.but it had everything, atrocious acting,terrible plot and very bad special fx.....with that being said i fell in love with this movie and own a copy on DVD transferred from VHS format...but they should make a DVD available in the u.s because this movie im sure has some sort of cheesy cult following,if you haven't seen it yet go get yourself a copy its pretty hard to find but if you see one somewhere by all means get it and enjoy the laughter.oh by the way it was full of bad dinosaur puppets,horendous costumes and bad cinematography.i really don't know what else to say.its purely delightful.
  • ...that should have been this great films title. Reb Brown rocks, its amazing that in the time of dinosaurs, they also had hair bleach. These "horrible" Italian made films are a great way to see how Italians viewed American culture, for instance the theme song, sans the lyrical content that very well could have been preformed by any of the great American hair bands. Reb please make a sequel or prequel. This 10 line minimum is killing me here!..... seriously....................................................... .................. ..................... .......................... .............................
  • Warning: Spoilers

    My whole family went out with me to the movie theater to see this one. Younger readers may be shocked to hear that a movie this terrible could actually play in a movie theater. The early 80's was the dawning of the age of VCR's. Straight to video hadn't been invented yet. Ancient history right? Nowadays, I'd be surprised if a movie of Yor's caliber could make it to the video store. Well, not too surprised. I have suffered through "Terror Toons".

    We knew we were in for pain in the first five seconds. The credits roll while an awful cheese rock song blasts in your ears: "YOR! He's the Hunter from the Future!" Guitar! There's just something about cavemen and hard rock music that signals disaster ahead. One of the first action scenes is Yor doing battle with the head of a dinosaur. No dino body. Just its head. My dad promptly fell asleep. We had to wake him up after twenty minutes of peaceful, non-Yor slumber. We weren't going to suffer alone.
  • bdeckcabin8422 August 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    Most of the reviewers here seem to have overlooked a portion of the movie audience who love this film and keep it alive for one reason only, and that is to see muscle-boy Reb Brown leap, jump, swing and climb his way into our hearts wearing nothing more than a thong under his flimsy, breeze-catching loincloth.

    It's his gorgeous buns that are the real stars here, lifting the action twice as high with their splendid rebounds---and no special effects or stunt-doubles were used in those sequences, the bounce you see is authentically Reb! He must have realized he was "showing" during the filming, but the fact that he doesn't seem to care only stirs our appreation.

    It's sad Reb's real-life future did not include a Yor-2, or a Son of Yor, not even The Buns of Yor, and Reb (Mr. Brown) never again received an opportunity to demonstrate those well rounded talents so fully, consequently losing his reputation as the only actor in Hollywood who could up-stage himself by turning his back to the audience.

    I hope this revelation sheds some light on why this clunker keeps selling and Columbia Pictures is spending time and money to transfer it to DVD. Can you spell p-r-o-f-i-t-s ?

    UPDATE: Yes, there exists one other film showcasing Mr. Browns greatest talents; "Sssssss" (1973) Starring, Strother Martin. Reb plays big dumb jock, Steve Randall, who vies for the attention of the films leading lady. A small part for sure and he gets bumped off before the middle of the film, but you know what they say; "There are no small parts"! And, Reb proves it, by cracky, making the most of his 15 min. walking into a shower as God made him.
  • Dominance is the one word which summarizes this thoughtful exploration of the classic technological man v. natural man. Has society progressed to the point that we are fundamentally alienated from our natural environment? Yor, The Hunter From the Future, has an answer to that question which every thinking man needs to consider. A masterpiece.
  • tarbosh2200024 December 2012
    Warning: Spoilers
    Yor (Brown) is a warrior from a prehistoric (?) time who seems to be the first person to invent ab crunches. At first he is content to go about his day fighting dinosaurs, fighting ape-like creatures with purple skin, and spending quality time with Ka-Laa (Clery) and the elder Pag (Pigozzi). But when a futuristic device appears that looks like a modern-day GPS, Yor begins to question his entire existence. Before you can say "oiled-up dude in a loincloth", Yor and his friends are transported to some sort of Star Wars-like future world, complete with an Emperor (Steiner), who is called "Overlord", and Stormtrooper-esque baddies with masks reminiscent of Darth Vader. Surely Yor is confused, but he must protect his allies and fight the baddies, all while trying to discover the secret to his origins. Can he do it? Yor is a video store classic that anyone with a sense of nostalgia for that place and time (the 80's, and video stores) will surely appreciate. In that classically Italian way, the movie is sort of a melange of the popular things of the time, such as the Star Wars series and He-Man. Throw in a little The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980) and maybe a little Caveman (1981), put in a blender with some alcohol, and there you have it. While I don't know this for sure, I would guess that this isn't director Margheriti's favorite from his own work (it was also based on some graphic novels of the time) - but it's probably the Margheriti most American viewers have seen, since it was distributed widely to stores by Columbia Home Video. Perhaps it opened the door to fans seeking his other output.

    The costumes are certainly a sight to behold - in the first half of the movie, the raggedy cavemen duds make you think at any moment one of the characters is going to say "It's...!" and an episode of Monty Python will begin. Once we get to the futuristic section later, there's even more greatness and creativity. Why is it in the future, breastplates are so popular? That nagging question aside, we get some nice laser action (because lasers were gigantic in the 80's, never mind Laser Tag and Photon, just ask Judas Priest) - and the laser guns look more like car accessories, but who are we to say what laser guns will look like in the future? Anyone who reads this site knows that we are big Reb Brown fans, and the fact that here he teams up with the great Antonio Margheriti behind the camera is truly a dream team. Brown plays the aforementioned oiled-up dude in a loincloth (OUDIAL for those on the go) with typical aplomb. Though this was so early in his career, he had yet to fully perfect his trademark scream. But he has amazing hair (especially for a prehistoric guy) and looks oddly like James Van Der Beek. Was this VHS tape ever put in the horror section of any video store? Speaking of which...this movie does introduce the public to "triceratops gore" which no doubt we've all been clamoring for.

    There is some amazing music on the soundtrack. It's not said who did the actual songs in the end credits. We know the music was by the great DeAngelis brothers, along with John Scott, but did they do the Queen-like tunes as well? It's never said what those songs are. But no doubt they were recorded to hop on the bandwagon of yet another popular movie of the day, Flash Gordon (1980).

    Anyone who doesn't like this movie is just too logical. Turn off the logical part of your brain and just go with the flow. If you do, Yor gonna love it.

    For more action insanity, drop by:
  • I have yet to see or experience anything like the grandeur of Yor. No joke.

    Welcome to a land where simple villagers work hard to avoid becoming the lunch special of the day for local dinosaurs. Kudos to the location scout for choosing to shoot in Istanbul, giving the film a very epic feel. At one point, a trans-dimensional vortex connects both Yor and Space Mutiny...Wow, a Yor vs Kalgon battle in the 'futuristic' basement is the only thing missing from giving this a full 10 rating.

    This romp is a blast because of 2 things:Reb Brown. He plays Yor as an earnest, heroic, good hearted savage who thinks as well as busts up cavemen chops. I noticed Yor's voice was dubbed and not actually Reb's. It DOES sound like the voice used to dub Ator's in Cave Dwellers (NOOOO!!). There are a few sparse moments where Reb's allowed to do his own shrieking or yelling. Perhaps the first time in movie history where Reb did NOT say 'Move! Move!'. Give it up to RB for doing his own running (well, a sort of running/prancing), forward tuck somersault rolls, and cutting up choice meats. It's no wonder Ka-Laa's totally smitten..she practically begging to go to Yor's cave.

    How much more heroic can Yor be when he even has his own theme song 'Yor's World'? To be fair, how about some love for Pag? The grizzled (yet loyal) fella can make fire, shoots a wicked bow, yet Yor gets all the spotlight! Plus, I totally endorse Pag's hemp policy - the most hilarious stinger of the movie.

    This film has taught me:

    1. A man can have many wives.

    2. Refrain from wearing highly flammable bandages near your flamesword.

    3. DON'T drink water from the sea.

    4. DO drink the blood of your enemies.

    5. If a babe is spread out in front of you and says "I have never belonged to another man", it's never a bad thing.

    6. Leave strange looking boxes alone!
  • This is one of the greatest scifi movies of all time. Imagine a future where humanity has returned to its cave man ways. But then add in a tyrnical empire which secretly still exists with high technology planning on redominating the entire planet. only one man can save the world. And he is Yor, a caveman with mysterious roots, played by B movie king, Reb Brown, Captain America himself! You just can't go wrong. This movie was played multiple times on cable during the 1980's and you can still catch it every now and then. its a great movie to watch when you are up late on a hot summer night and you want to jsut watch and action movie. Plus, we have glorious 80's heavy metal music which jsut can't be duplicated. 10 out of 10. Rent this movie and check it out. You'll love it.
  • Dear IMDb user,

    You may have seen trash movies, but u never saw Yor. U may have seen special effects so trashy u wanted to rip your eyes off, but u never saw Yor. You surely did enjoy thrash battle movements BUT you have never seen Yor!!!

    Man first, there are 2 different moves that Yor, the hero can perform with his stone axe, but guess what..... its one too much :D. Yor perfectly beats dinosaurs, cyborgs from future, etc. with an axe swinger from right to left!!!! This move is so stylish trashy and breaks all film fight rules ever created, one point why i love this movie :D . At one scene Yor changes tactics he performs a axe block, this is very surprising because at this point the Viewer might believe with an axe swinger you will be able to conquer the whole world;) .

    Secondly, Yors silly smile at different points of the movie... he jumps right in front of the camera, performs his sensational smile, at the beginning beats a dinosaur to death( guess with what move :D:D:D) and rescues a lady, performing again such an lusty smile, i think the lady got the message how to repay Yor for her rescue;)

    The Story doesn't count much (its easy to follow it) but gets some really thrashy plot changes. The sets are most of the time boring, few are good(indicates that some guys on the set knew their job ;)

    I recommend this movie to all the trash movie fans out there, but even to Hollywood fanatics with their good film chatter to watch and learn, because its a difference to create a "pro made" 200 million dollar trash film or to create the one and only "Yor" Film which surely has the best trash style ever seen on screen ;)
  • Yor, Hunter From The Future is perhaps the greatest fantasy epic ever made by the human race. The film has no faults. Perfect acting, dinosaur puppets, dead bats, and a theme song that makes you pumped up and wanna punch something. It's that good of a theme. Yor is perhaps the most well written character in a fantasy novel since Frodo Baggins. He is in this epic quest to find who he really is, but then in one adventure he goes too far and meets his love and her father. Yor must do the unthinkable when they are kidnapped by the hairier men with light purple skin and risks his life to save them. Shortly after the greatest twist in film history occurs. I will end it here but with this note; Yor is the man
  • gregorbraun20 August 2005
    Well, this movie is obviously not a 10! But it's very funny to watch. It's true, that Yor, the barbarian, in the beginning fights some clay&paper-dinosaurs and than decides that fighting some Sci-Fi-Robots would be more interesting. But that's the fun of it! The Story is so unbelievable stupid, that it gets normal people to laugh. What would you do, when suddenly Darth-Vader comes around the corner in an "Cavemen-Movie" ? Even more funny is the fact, that the Actor of Yor must have been very happy to be in this movie ... because he smiles like an idiot directly into the camera in nearly every stupid scene. Not to mention the awful music in this movie which sounds like an very bad Amiga-shooter... or like the music of Doom 2.

    If you don't want to watch this movie, maybe it's enough to watch just the trailer... because everything mentioned is shown in it. As if it want's to say: "Hey... look how shitty I am!"
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