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  • This is a great movie. The two subplots are almost better than the main storyline. I've always liked Michael McKean and it was nice to see him in a serious role. If you used to be hooked on General Hospital and recognize the characters in their cameo roles it's even funnier. It's very seldom seen on television but well worth watching, even though they will cut it up a bit.
  • When I was younger, this was one of my favorite movies. Don't ask why... just accept it. I remembered the little things. Michael McKean cutting out the pinatas appendix as a child. The kids imitating Sean Young as she goes into convulsions during a dance class. Gary Friedkin trying to hang up the phone (he's a 'little person'... you know the scene.) The Philadelphia F'in Philharmonic. Harry Dean Stanton... as though you need anything more, right?

    I bought a used copy in the late 90s and watched it again... oh boy... nowhere near the film I thought it was. Then I realized it followed up Airplane! and several other like-minded spoofs of the day. It was confused in a lot of ways, as though it wanted to be raunchy but wasn't sure how to do it.

    I still like the film in bits... some of them are genuinely funny. But as others said, it has a genuine sitcom feel to it. This is Marshall's first film after having worked in television for over 20 years and considering his track record since, you can tell he learned a few things from this film. After this, he went on to make Pretty Woman, the Runaway Bride, and Frankie & Johnny, all of which are decent films. Of course he also directed Exit to Eden (Rosie O'Donnell and Dan Aykroyd in bondage-wear? OUCH!) but we'll forgive him for that...
  • The title "Young Doctors In Love" is perhaps the most mis-leading title ever to be placed on a movie. It sounds like a passionate love story and not like a hilarious "spoof" movie that it is. This spoof movie is right up there with the "Airplane" and "Naked Gun" movies, and far better than the spoof movies of the 90's such as "Wrongfully Accused", "The Silence Of The Hams", "Hot Shots", and "Mafia". Rather than poking fun at other movies, "Young Doctors In Love" has an original idea for a spoof movie....A Total Satire On Hospitals!!!! It may sound crude or it may sound boring, but it's nothing less than hysterical and once you view it you'll find out for yourself. I loved Michael Richards' performance as a hit man who tries to assassinate a mafia godfather who is a hospital patient but has trouble finishing the job due to his mis-identity. Hector Elizondo is great as the godfather's son who dresses up as a woman to disguise himself from the other gangsters! There are great one-liners! Dabney Coleman was marvelous as an insane surgeon! Every doctor, along with the patients, have something comical about them that makes all of the jokes that are pulled in this film work 100%! If you love silly movies, then this one is a treasure! Stay tuned during and after the credits! Great fun from beginning to end!
  • Why isn't this movie better known? I stumbled across it in a used video store and paid $2 for lack of anything else available. What a great surprise! It is the funniest movie I have ever seen. You can't take the world so seriously after watching "Young Doctors in Love."

    All "Airplane-sque" films have to be extremely broad (but not vulgar) comedy that still somehow doesn't insult the viewer's intelligence. Such is a really tough combination (recall any of Leslie Neilson's attempts without the Zukers). Their audience is bright people who aren't embarrassed to laugh in the presence of other bright people. Young Doctors in Love is even better than Airplane. It is multilayered, and indeed does require several watchings to catch all its simultaneous hilarious flickers.

    Nothing is sacred here. Dancing orphans, little people, egotistic surgeons, stroke victims with pointy tongues, balloon pregnancies (my personal favorite), (un?)requited transsexual love, nurses with pharmacy keys up for grabs, latino rumbra seducers, even vanilla ice cream. And poor "Kramer". Michael Richards fans must see this movie if for no other reason.

    "Think fast!" and rent Young Doctors in Love today. You will be delighted. Guaranteed.
  • In the tradition of other spoof movies, "Young Doctors in Love", a skewering of medical soap operas such as 'General Hospital', is the kind of thing that does require some attention to be paid, as there's a fair amount of detail to its presentation. It's handled by a group of TV veterans - Garry Marshall made his theatrical directing debut here, and the writers are Michael Elias and Rich Eustis, who also pack the movie with cameos by actual soap opera actors (you get to see a very young Demi Moore, who at the time was on GH). The main story line is of an arrogant, insufferable prick, Simon August (Michael McKean) who wants to be a top surgeon but who is scarred by a childhood prank, and the fellow doctor he loves, Stephanie Brody (Sean Young, looking just beautiful) and attempts to save after realizing she needs special surgery. Some gags are good, such as the pitiful fate of terminally unlucky hit man Malamud (Michael Richards, long before 'Seinfeld'), although it's some of the throwaway gags and lines that are the funniest. References to pop culture of the time are there, such as a line involving "E.T.". There's also the standard device of the popular man-in-drag idea as gangster Hector Elizondo (who as we all know became Marshall's good luck charm in all of his movies) disguises as a woman in order to smuggle his sickly dad (Titos Vandis), who's been targeted by other mob families, into the hospital. There aren't many performers here who did little else of note, and people will have a high old time noting all of the familiar faces. Ted McGinley, Taylor Negron, and Rick Overton are among the group of doctors, Dabney Coleman is the stressed out guy in charge, Patrick Macnee is utterly wasted in a next to nothing part, Crystal Bernard is an underage prostitute, Harry Dean Stanton is the expert in tasting bodily fluids, and Pamela Reed the dorky nurse who blossoms when she thinks Negron's doctor is interested in her (really, he just wants the key to the drug cabinet). It's a bit of a revelation that this first effort from Marshall is so unabashedly R rated with its sexual jokes and liberal use of profanity. It's not always terribly successful, but it does generate a pretty respectable amount of genuine laughs. What's amusing is the device it employs at the end, which we see sometimes in film, when the fates of the characters after the events of the movie are revealed, and the actors also get a roll call as well, which is nice. While "Young Doctors in Love" doesn't set off any real comedy fireworks, it's still not bad at all, and does present a respectable effort to go for a certain zaniness, even if it's not on the level of a "Blazing Saddles", "Young Frankenstein", or "Naked Gun". Generally likable. Seven out of 10.
  • Dr. Prang (DabneyColeman) is in surgery as he welcomes the new residents under his direction. Amid nips and tucks, he asks the gang to introduce themselves. Dr. Stephanie (Sean Young) says she is from Vermont and wants to practice rural medicine, like her father, in her home state. Others say they are interested in allergy care, pediatrics, or some other field. Then comes Dr. Simon (Michael McKean) who declares he is going to be a "great surgeon". Yes, he's brash but serious. The other residents laugh behind his back, as he is a buttoned-down stiff. Meanwhile, a mafioso who has been in hiding from a rival crime family, with his son Angelo (Hector Elizondo), suffers a stroke and can't speak. Disguising himself as a woman, the new "Angela" takes him to the hospital where he is given a private room. But, ho ho ho, the rival gang gets the info and sends bumbling henchman Malamud (Michael Richards) to knock him off at the first chance. Also, head nurse (Pamela Reed) keeps the key to the medicine cabinet around her neck and tolerates NOTHING. With Dr. Prang on the phone with his accountant more than instructing his underling doctors, this all might not end too well. In addition, will Stephanie fall for Simon, even as she has some ailment which makes her faint from time to time? This very funny film is not quite on par with Airplane! or Naked Gun but it has wonderful scenes, comedy, and gags. Richards is a hoot, long before Seinfeld, as he can't seem to knock off a stroke victim. just as the Coyote can't defeat the Roadrunner. Young and McKean make a nice, attractive twosome and the rest of the cast is good as well. Expect eighties costumes and just average sets and photography. Alas, there are a few risque situations. But, you will definitely have to watch it more than once to catch all of the rapid fire comedy elements. Young or old, you will love it!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In 1982, "General Hospital" was the number one rated daytime soap opera. In 1980, "Airplane!" had rocked the box office with its zany spoofing of disaster movies. This comedy film tries to apply an "Airplane"-like sense of humor to a hospital setting, using some soap opera stars in cameo appearances to add to the fun. The film opens on New Years Eve with a passel of new interns arriving for their stint. McKean is a know-it-all, Young is a small town girl, Friedkin is a little person, McGinley a stud, Negron a near zombie from working three jobs, and so on. They are governed over by such doctors as Macnee, as a lecher, Coleman, as an egotist and Stanton, as a drunken, disheveled coroner. Reed plays an uptight head nurse. One chief plot line concerns gangster Vandis who is admitted with paralysis and then hounded by hapless hit man Richards as his foul-mouthed son Elizondo visits in disguise (which, in this case, is a thick blonde wig and the latest in ladies wear!) A romance burgeons between McKean and Young, Elizondo finds his father's doctor becoming attracted to him and Negron uses Reed to secure stimulant drugs to help him get through his long days. Throughout all this, snippets of hospital jokes feature soap stalwarts such as Beradino, Robinson, Damon, Zeman and others. La Lucci shows up briefly in a party scene with her future fellow "Dancing with the Stars" contestant McGinley. Like "Airplane!," there is often as much going on in the background of scenes as there is in the front. The jokes range from subtle to over-the-top, many of them missing the mark, though that is the case in virtually all of the films of this type ("Hot Shots", "The Naked Gun", etc…) Elizondo in drag is something that everyone ought to see (and, remarkably, he underplays it) and veterans Stanton and Coleman get some decent comedy licks in along the way. Reed is very amusing, especially before her character is transformed. However, the film is very much of its time and many contemporary viewers will be either bored or baffled by some of the gags. What really gives the movie value now is seeing some of these stars when they were young and also seeing the wide array of character performers near the start of their careers. Some of the lesser known performers such as Overton, Heffner and Rubinek are still working regularly today. Macnee's part is so negligible that it seems as if he was cut out at some point. The score, by Maurice Jarre, is effective, despite occasional echoes of his work on more sweeping epics such as "Doctor Zhivago" (which, considering that that's one of his most known scores, may be a bit of a gag in itself!)
  • A friend of mine knew I loved the movies "Repossessed" and "Silence of the Hams" along with the Zucker and Brooks films and introduced me to this one. Just as funny as those, this movie struck me with having just as many of the stars of the day as well as several up and coming future stars such as Ted McGinley, Richard Dean Anderson, Crystal Bernard, Rick Overton, Saul Rubinek and Michael Richards as a very Krameresque hit-man trying to bump off a underworld figure in the hospital. The main plot isn't as good as the sub-plots, but there's also some light nudity in order to really get your attention. Some of the jokes were later stolen to use in other parodies, but I was surprised to see an "E.T." reference since I was sure this movie predated that one. I don't know if this was shown theatrically, but I do consider myself lucky enough to find it on tape.
  • Hi, Everyone, Enough of this works to make it a very funny movie for your weekly movie night with the Fenwicks who live next door. The comedy ranges from low brow to pelvis with a couple of stops in between.

    My favorite part of this movie is Hector Elizondo as Angelo/Angela. There are some guys-in-drag movies that are really fun to watch. If you saw Some Like It Hot, you probably marveled at Jack Lemmon's and Tony Curtis' female personalities. The same was true with Laurel and Hardy when they would don dresses and take on a new character. Hector Elizondo is one of the funniest women I have ever seen on film. It's a shame more ladies can't be this funny in a dress.

    The lead actors are not as important as the supporters. Like any good truss, they supply support to what otherwise might sag. Michael Richards (Kramer?), is the hit man you want to have trying to wipe you out. He is just slightly South of stupid. Harry Dean Stanton looks like he just returned from drama class at Professor Irwin Corey's Night School. Stanton is funny just sitting down.

    Taylor Negron shows promise as a Latin lover for some future Tango film. He does a great job here on several levels. Check out his facial expression as he is handcuffed to a policeman during a wedding scene. He also is excellent as he kisses his love interest while he is handcuffed. The blind policeman who is part of the SWAT team has a funny line.

    There is a lot to like here.

    You should probably see your Young Doctors every six months if you are over fifty-five or once a year if you are feeling OK.

    If you liked this, try Tootsie or Naked Gun or The Hospital (1971) with George C. Scott. If you like zany comedies you might also like Movie, Movie with George C. Scott.

    Tom Willett
  • Without hesitation, I'd say this is the best movie I've ever watched. The laughs are non-stop and so creative you can't help but be impressed at the same time. Watch this film at least twice--the first time, watch the main characters, the second, ignore them and just concentrate on the action in the background. Both are hilarious. Like any good parody film, "Young Doctors" takes itself seriously, which only adds to the fun. (Think of "Airplane!" in a medical setting.) You'll especially love the send-ups of Mafia members, and Michael Richards (Seinfeld's Kramer) is priceless in an early role as a hit man from Rhode Island. Every aspect of this film is memorable--from the satiric P.A. announcements to the hypersexed candy stripers. The one bad thing about this film--after seeing these incompetent med school grads, you'll never trust your doctor again.
  • This was a pretty amusing movie. I couldn't believe how many actors I recognized. Since I have to write at least 10 freakin' lines for this comment to be allowed, i'll list all of 'em. For some reason a few of the actors are uncredited even though they have speaking lines. Demi Moore has a one word line (uncredited), Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver) has quite a few lines but is still uncredited. Crystal Bernard has a couple lines (lookin' hot!), Ted McGinley (what a stud!), Michael Richards (Kramer), Kim McArthur (Playboy Playmate!), Billie Bird (Sixteen Candles-'Well what did they want?' 'Sex!'), Ed Begley Jr., Susan Lucci (uncredited), Mr. T and Christie Brinkley are uncredited but I never remember seeing them.

    I think the first 30-45 minutes are the best. Hector Elizondo is so hilarious! This movie and Private Resort are classic Hector Elizondo. Just him alone is worth seeing this movie. Michael Richards has some great lines,too. You factor in all of that and some breasts and you've got yourself one hell of a good time!
  • stinker_124 February 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    This is the wackiest spoof of any hospital movie EVER!

    From the makers of "Airplane!" this send up to daytime-TV soaps that's got promiscuous candy-stripes, a cross-dressing Mafia good-fellow stalked by an assassin played by Micheal Richards, doctor who tries to get over his fear of a childhood incident, to a young lady trying to ditch being a prostitute by trying to get pregnant (even though she used a balloon!)

    This flick has sight-gags, one-liners, and running gags galore! Yes, it has EVERY soap star (and yes, Sean Young!)and Crystal Bernard is so cute! *RAWR* -Prescribed for those who WANT to laugh!-
  • This must be the funniest movie of all time. If you liked Airplane, Hot Shots and Naked Gun, you will then love this movie. You will laugh until you cry and then you will laugh some more. An easy 10/10. There should have been a sequel. Well I hope I have changed someones mind. I think the rating is incorrect. Please only people that have seen the movie should rate it
  • Everyone from Demi Moore to Kramer !!! Just the line about the Philadelphia Philharmonic gives it a 10 in my book. Love'd It!! Please give us the DVD Wide Screen Version! An Awesome Satire in the vision of "Airplane" and General Hospital. If you're a Godfather fan, you have to love the Mafia references. It's got Fall on the Floor and pass out laughing lines for

    everyone!! We can't wait till it comes out in a Widescreen DVD Format. A Must See Movie.
  • Young Doctors in Love reminds me of the early 80s comedies Meatballs, Johnny Dangerously, and Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid. Spoof comedies that, despite the abundance of gags and running gags, just can't quite seem to match the comedic brilliance of something like Airplane. Although, Young Doctors in Love certainly fares better than some of the others, it too, offers humor that may wear thin after several viewings (Airplane, on the other hand seems to remain of timeless quality).

    The film follows a handful of med school interns, although the movie itself really focuses on 1) the relationship between the emotionally void Dr. Simon August (Michael McKean) and the melodramatic, and soon-to-ailing love interest, Dr. Stephanie Brody (Sean Young); 2) the bizarre budding relationship between Dr. Phil Burns (played by the hilarious 80s bit-part regular, Taylor Negron) and the somewhat held-back but probably secretly kinky Nurse Norine Sprockett (Pamela Reed); and 3) my particular favorite, the interaction between Dr. Charles Litto and Angelo Bonafetti (played famously by Hector Elizando who's best was the deadpan delivery of "I used to play guitar and then I broke it over my brothers head and then I went to work"), a mobster who disguises himself as a woman to get his father in the hospital who is meanwhile always unsuccessfully threatened to be bumped off by his mafia rival, Malamud Callahan (played by a young Michael Richards).

    There is a lot of course going on in the film, and it even uses the old PA background gags like we heard in Airplane and Meatballs. And it does have it's funny moments. But, as a mild spoof comedy of medical soap operas using humor that is somewhat outdated (on the order of like old dirty-joke joke books), it may best be reserved for the spoof cult crowd who can appreciate it best. If nothing else, tune it in to see big names in the old days (like Dabney Coleman, Harry Dean Stanton, Billie Bird, and more).
  • SnoopyStyle27 December 2015
    Dr. Joseph Prang (Dabney Coleman) teaches the new batch of interns at City Hospital for the next twelve months. A mob boss in hiding has a heart attack. Angelo (Hector Elizondo) takes him to the hospital in disguise while hunted by a hit-man (Michael Richards). Intern Phil Burns (Taylor Negron) likes hard-nosed head nurse Norine Sprockett (Pamela Reed). Popular intern Dr. Bucky DeVol (Ted McGinley) falls for hooker Julie. Intern Dr. Stephanie Brody (Sean Young) is suffering from mysterious pains. Dr. Simon August (Michael McKean) is cold but can't help falling for Stephanie. He is desperate to be a surgeon but can't stand the sight of blood.

    This Garry Marshall movie is part spoof of a soap opera like General Hospital in the vein of 'Airplane!'. There are some funny bits. I still remember the urine scene. However, the comedic jokes don't come quite as fast and furious as 'Airplane!'. It's pretty broad but not all of it works. The cameos don't work on me since I don't watch soap operas. Sean Young is great and her character is classic soap material. Michael McKean is less capable as a leading man. He doesn't have charisma. His character is suppose to be stiff but it doesn't work if the actor is too good at it. Overall, this needs more jokes.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In 1962, a low-budget black and white movie was released to theatres. The movie (THE INTERNS) was basically one year in the life of a group of recent graduates from medical school, covering their internship and introduction to a garden variety of surgical and ER cases as well as their interpersonal relationship problems which develop along the way. Although there was quite a bit of comedy in the movie, it was basically meant to be serious, especially in handling the topic of abortion. The cast included several young actors as well as established stars and resulted in an interesting production.

    YOUNG DOCTORS IN LOVE is a comic spoof of THE INTERNS. It contains a similar plot and almost every one-line medical joke that ever was written, including running gags from the hospital paging system, and a hilarious side story about a mafia don and a hit man. Again, the cast is a mix of fledgling actors as well as seasoned Dabney Coleman and Hector Elizondo (Elizondo gives an Oscar-worthy performance). An extra touch is a handful of the TV soap GENERAL HOSPITAL actors that are fun to recognize.

    There is some brief topless nudity and quite a bit of profanity (key to Elizondo's character) which place this outside of appropriate movie fare for young children. However, to omit the language would take too much away from the overall effect. The final credits identify the various actors in print while finishing the stories of the characters, a la ANIMAL HOUSE style.

    Much of the comedy is silly and sophomoric, but the entire movie seen as a whole production provides an amusing and entertaining way to pass a couple of hours in relaxed laughter and fun. See this one with a group of friends and a large bowl of popcorn.
  • This, one could say, a uniquely fascinating spoof on hospitals, did provide some moments of real belly laughs. Not to say, this film isn't completely without flaws. The film has a number of likeable actors, some uncredited soapie stars, as well as a pre Seinfeld crazy, as is a great 95 minutes of spoof entertainment, while kind of at times, it feels more serious, if you judge the underlying story as to med student, Young's, ailing plight. Hector Elizondo of course, steals the movie as a disguised gangster figure, who's hiding his crime boss father in City Memorial, as being a marked man. A lot of jokes work, where some just sag, but there's a lot of clever ones at play, where some won't wash, but you admire the film for the clever ones. I really liked Michael Mckean (an ex Laverne And Shirley favorite) in this, as the no nonsense, "aspiring to be the greatest surgeon that ever lived" med student, a totally serious, likeable contrast, as to all the other hang back, partying collegues, and Dabney Coleman, the other top performance in this, shows us again, why he's such a great adept and versatile actor. YDIL is a standalone spoof, with some bouncing breasts, skating nurses, falls, spills, forgotten soapie star cameo's, even, a rectified too sudden actors. 7.5/10
  • YOUNG DOCTORS IN LOVE is an extremely lame attempt at comedy. The whole production has a very cheap look and feel to it. It was obviously shot quickly and cheaply. I've never seen such an unfunny comedy. 99% of the jokes fall flat with a big THUD! It's so unfunny that you can't help but laugh at the endless desperate attempts at comedy. Poor Sean Young! She looks completely lost here. But after a while, even laughing at the movie becomes boring because it's soooo unfunny and long that I wanted the whole thing to end quickly. The movie seemed to be 3 hours long.

    There are so many unfunny bits that it would take forever to list all the unfunny parts. But there's one scene that exemplifies how seriously ill-conceived this project was: throughout the movie, we see "funny" hospital bits thrown in the film that have nothing to do with the main story-line. They're just jokes about typical hospital stuff inserted here and there to make the movie appear funnier. Few of these scenes work. Most of them involve a person saying a message over the hospital's speakers. In one scene, we see two nurses talking to each other and they walk pass by a man who looks like a model and is only wearing jeans. This scene is dreadful on so many levels. First, the two women are talking to each other but we don't hear their conversation. We only hear a woman talking over the hospital's PA system ( saying another unfunny hospital joke) which muffles all the sounds, including the two nurses' conversation. But what's really poor about this scene is that we actually see the microphone over the two actresses bobbing in and out of the top of the frame, which tells us we **were** supposed to hear the two nurses talking but we didn't because the conversation was probably so lame that they had to replace it with the unfunny joke heard over the PA system. In your average good film, this poor scene would have been left on the cutting room's floor. But YDIL is such a shoddy production (produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, no less) that they included whatever they shot in the final product. It's remarkable that it was actually released at all.

    The only fun part in YDIL is spotting up and coming future stars, like Demi Moore and Michael Richards.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Slapstick send-up of TV soap operas that's a real "hit-or-miss" affair. Done in the same vein as "Airplane", but too many jokes and gags are misfires to be anywhere near the level of that classic comedy. Where's Leslie Nielsen when you need him? He would have been perfect reprising his doctor role from "Airplane"! The "stars", Michael McKean and Sean Young, are just okay; going thru the obligatory romance with all the complications.

    But what really sinks this movie is the utterly tedious "romance" between dumb-dumb Dr. Litto (Kyle Heffron) and Angelo (played in drag by Hector Elizondo!). A few good one-liners cast off by Elizondo doesn't compensate for the fact that this gag (stupid doctor falling in love with guy in drag he thinks is a woman) goes on FAR too long, and takes itself way too seriously. Making this bore-fest a major sub-plot was a huge mistake of Gerry Marshall. Last time I watched this movie on VHS I fast-forwarded through their dull and unfunny scenes together.

    Some of the scenes with Dabney Coleman, Harry Dean Stanton, and Michael "Kramer" Richards work good, but they are too few and far between. When this was released in 1982 my Mom loved seeing all her ABC daytime soap favorites in cameos, but they're given precious little to do, as is British great Patrick Macnee. John "Dr. Steve Hardy" Beradino, for instance, is in one quickie scene, and if you happen to sneeze at that time, you'll miss him! Instead of wasting a third of the running time on the Dr Litto/Angelo "romance", why didn't Gerry Marshall have all these cameo stars doing more comedy skits throughout the movie???

    Considering the vast talent associated with this movie, including future stars and soap-opera legends, this movie should have been far, far better.
  • There are some yucks in this burlesque of TV's General Hospital, but you've got to concentrate. What is interesting is the cast and what has become of them since, and what they were before, especially in TV land.

    Michael McKean, who plays the lead, has had a fine career, but I remember him best as Lenny Kosnowski on TV's "Laverne and Shirley"; Michael Richards who plays a bumbling mafia hit man became Cosmo Kramer on Seinfeld; Patrick Macnee was John Steed of "The Avengers" from the sixties; and do you remember Dabney Coleman in "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman"?

    Director Garry Marshall directed both "Laverne and Shirley" and "Mork and Mindy," which explains why "Young Doctors in Love" plays a little like a scattered sit-com. Nostalgic in a cameo was Jacklyn Zeman, who, last I heard, is still "Bobby" on General Hospital; and eye-popping in another cameo was Demi Moore, looking, I swear, a little like Monica Lewinski with muscles. (She was at the time also a regular on General Hospital.)

    This was the year (1982) in which the beautiful Sean Young, who plays the female lead here, was also presented in the classic sci fi "Blade Runner." Who can ever forget those close-ups as Harrison Ford examined her eyes to see if she was a replicant?

    The prize for best acting, however, goes to little known Pamela Reed as frigid mousy Nurse Norine Sprockett, who is sexually awakened by being romanced for her key to the drug cabinet, a surprising bit of dramatic reality amid the general mayhem.

    (Note: Over 500 of my movie reviews are now available in my book "Cut to the Chaise Lounge or I Can't Believe I Swallowed the Remote!" Get it at Amazon!)
  • "Young Doctors in Love" is the first movie directed by Garry Marshall, the Hollywood lifer who went on to do "Pretty Woman", "The Princess Diaries" and those movies named after public holidays that you probably only knew about because they made every critics "worst of the year" list.

    "Young Doctors in Love" has a fantastic cast, especially for a comedy: Christopher Guest, Taylor Negron, a young Michael Richards, and Harry Dean Stanton. But the idea of making a movie with every cliché of a particular genre jammed satirically into it had been done before, and better - in "Airplane!", and of course, it was going to be done again, better, with "The Naked Gun" movies.

    With the comedy pedigree, I expected more laughs from "Young Doctors".

    It gets tiring, so many jokes that sail past you, missing their target.

    There is an ill-advised "Godfather" parody mixed in among all the hospital jokes, perhaps for no better reason than that movie had a scene set in a hospital. In this one, Michael Richards plays the hitman.

    There is also the presence of an actor with achondroplasia, who is told to "get back on (his) box", because he is too short to properly view the patient, I guess. Funny? You be the judge.

    Taylor Negron, I guess playing a kind of Latin lover type, inexplicably wants to romance a plain-jane nurse. Even if Negron wasn't openly gay, it would still be strange to see. Is it supposed to be funny because she's unattractive?

    Speaking of unattractive, the movie also sports an unconvincing transvestite. Transvestites are never funny anyway, and this one certainly is not.

    The movie finally cops up some bare breasts at about the one hour mark. The movie treats toplessness the same way it treats the transvestite, and the little person: they're supposed to be funny on their own, without needing a joke attached.

    Michael Richards, as the accident prone hitman who attempts to kill an elderly mafioso in a hospital only to become a patient there himself, could have been funny. If this movie had been made by the guys who did "Naked Gun", or the guys who did "Stripes", it probably would have been.

    I don't know if this is really a plus or a negative. Most bad comedies don't even contain any jokes. This one contains several jokes that aren't funny. Credit for trying?
  • This is an awful movie. The first 2/3 of it are just frantic, cheesy hospital jokes, and near the end it becomes an awkward mix between true romance/drama and slapstick comedy. Don't be fooled by the long list of popular TV actors and actresses here...I'm not even sure this movie made it to theatres, it's so bad, and theres a reason it's never on television. Not recommended unless you are very easily amused, or just like watching bad movies.
  • This is one of a dime a dozen spoof. It has it's moment and it helps to indulge in a big fat one before viewing. Don't spend half an ounce ont it tought.