The movie featured a number of cameos and guest appearances by television stars from the ABC network's soap operas. The film was produced by ABC Motion Pictures, the former feature film division of ABC TV. As a result, several actors from the ABC series General Hospital (1963) had cameos in the film including young Janine Turner and Demi Moore.

Paul Stanley of KISS filmed a cameo as a singer with a microphone stuck in his mouth but the scene was cut from the film.

One of the first spoof movies that got made after the box-office success of the plane parody Airplane! (1980).

According to Janet Maslin in 'The New York Times', this film was the "the first movie to contain a wisecrack about 'E.T.' [E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)]".

First cinema movie directed by Garry Marshall.

Garry Marshall emphasized an eccentric fashion style as director and wore a different baseball jacket to the set every day. He said, "Wardrobe is very important, otherwise the actors would say, 'This is not a director!'".

Some movie posters for this picture featured a joke medical style cigarette packet warning that read: "Warning: This Movie May Be Dangerous To Your Health. You May Never Stop Laughing".

Actor Hector Elizondo is seen in drag in this movie.

The first collaboration of many of director Garry Marshall and actor Hector Elizondo. Elizondo has appeared in many of Marshall's movies, even in just a small bit, as Marshall considers Elizondo his lucky charm.

Director Garry Marshall makes an uncredited cameo appearance about nine minutes into the movie, surreptitiously picking some marijuana leaves from a plant growing behind a sign that says FOR GLAUCOMA PATIENTS ONLY.

The orphans that Stephanie (Sean Young) teaches to dance wear t-shirts. Looking closely, they say: UNDERPRIVILEGED KID, BROKEN HOME, ORPHAN, INCORRIGIBLE, WELFARE RECIPIENT and MOTHER IS A DISC JOCKEY.

Some movie posters featured a man and woman embracing in the sea wearing surgical gowns and masks spoofing the famous beach waves romancing scene in From Here to Eternity (1953). Taglines for this movie poster read "From here to maternity...". Moreover, a working title for the previous year's comedy picture Paternity (1981) was "From Here to Paternity" with that working title also being a spoof of the classic Hollywood film From Here to Eternity (1953). Further , two filmed productions with that classic title had also just been recently made and broadcast prior to both Paternity (1981) and Young Doctors in Love (1982) [See: From Here to Eternity (1979) and From Here to Eternity (1980)].

Star Billing: Michael McKean (1st), Sean Young (2nd), Hector Elizondo (3rd), Harry Dean Stanton (4th), Patrick Macnee (5th) and Dabney Coleman (6th).

This spoof of TV medical shows parodied a number of them but in particular Dr. Kildare (1961), Marcus Welby, M.D. (1969) and General Hospital (1963).

ABC Television network's first theatrical feature film. The production company set-up for it was called "ABC Motion Pictures", this movie being their first production. When premiering on TV, ABC cut just one minute from the picture for its broadcast.

Director Garry Marshall once said of this movie: "You look at the cast sheet and you see how many people there are going to be in this film, maybe seventy, and you watch and see how many of them will move on real fast after 'Young Doctors'".

The hospital setting was shot in a former drug detoxification center in the wing of real life functioning hospital. The hospital was Rancho Los Angeles in Downey, California.

The name of the medical facility was the "City Hospital".

The movie was first released in the same 1982 year as the comedy Wacko (1982) which had an aka title of "Crazy Doctor in Love".

One of the early screen roles of actress Demi Moore who had been at the time appearing on television in the medical soap series General Hospital (1963).

Other medical movies and TV programs whose titles were similar to the spoof title of Young Doctors in Love (1982) included the soap series The Young Doctors (1976), the movies Doctor in Love (1960) (1960) and The Young Doctors (1961) (1961) and the 1929 silent comedy The Love Doctor (1929).

Actor Hector Elizondo played dual roles in this movie playing both Angelo Bonafetti and Angela Bonafetti. *This is not correct, Mr. Elizondo played a single character who was a man that pretended to a woman to hide from a hitman.

Demi Moore: Uncredited, as a new intern.

John Beradino: In a soap cameo having been appearing in General Hospital (1963).

Susan Lucci: In a soap cameo having been appearing in All My Children (1970).

Emily McLaughlin: In a soap cameo having been appeared in both Young Dr. Malone (1958) and General Hospital (1963).

Stuart Damon: In a soap cameo having been appearing in General Hospital (1963).

Jaime Lyn Bauer: In a soap cameo having been appearing in The Young and the Restless (1973).

Tom Ligon: In a soap cameo having been appearing in The Young and the Restless (1973).

Steven Ford: In a soap cameo having been appearing in The Young and the Restless (1973).

Michael Damien: In a soap cameo having been appearing in The Young and the Restless (1973).

Jacklyn Zeman: In a soap cameo having been appearing in General Hospital (1963).