Bette Davis starred as Mrs. Laura Trent, owner of San Francisco's St. Gregory Hotel. She fell ill and was hospitalized early into the show's first season. Anne Baxter (Davis' nemesis Eve Harrington in All About Eve (1950)) took over the hotel as Victoria Cabot, Mrs. Trent's sister-in-law. After Davis recovered, the show's producers asked her to resume her role, but she wasn't happy with the scripts she was sent, so she turned them down.

Shari Belafonte was cast as Julie Gillette by Aaron Spelling after the role written for her on Charlie's Angels (1976) went to Tanya Roberts.

Heidi Bohay met her husband Michael Spound on the set. They've been married since 1988, and have three sons: Zachary Spound, Jonah Spound, and Gabriel Spound.

Henry Mancini's theme for this was a slight re-working of the main theme he wrote for Silver Streak (1976).