Amanda: Wait a minute! You can't just walk into my life, hand me a package, tell me to give it to the man in the red hat, tell me you love me, and then walk out again!

Lee: I'm going to take a look at his apartment.

Amanda: Ok.

Lee: You grab a cab. Get on back to the Agency. You take my computer key card and start tracking down who owns this building. Leases, parent companies...

Amanda: You know this is what always happens. I always have to go back to the agency.

Lee: We have to divide the workload Amanda.

Amanda: I agree with you let's divide the workload. You follow the paper trail and I'll follow Zorbel.

Lee: Do you think you can break into Zorbel's place?

Amanda: No.

Lee: Well?

Amanda: Call me a cab.

Lee: You're a cab.

Amanda: Philip do NOT hit your brother in the head with trash!

Amanda: Oh my gosh!

Amanda: Oh Lee, are you alright?

Lee: Do I look alright? I'm chained to a pipe!

Amanda: You're not the one they're going to ship to Russia in a refrigerator!

Lee: No, I'm the one they're going to put up against the wall and shoot!

Amanda: Once on the lips, forever on the hips

Amanda: Do you mean someone slipped him a Huck Finn?

Lee: I think that's Mickey Finn.

Amanda: I knew that.