[first lines]

D.J.: Hi there everybody. Looks like it's Monday morning again, and time for that old freeway report. Let's see, the Long Beach appears to be loaded, Seemey stuffed, Pasadena plugged, Corona crammed, Santa Monica strangled, Riverside rotten. There's a big bind on the Bernardino, a mess on the Miranda, a grind on the Glendale, and a no no on the Newport. If that's not bad enough, I'm sad to report there has been tragic accident on the San Diego. Tragic. A liquor truck has overturned, bottles have been smashed, and the stuffs running out all over the place. People out there are jumping from their cars and licking the asphalt. And I can't say that I blame them.

Wendell Brooks: Is he listening?

Otis Vaughan: That depends on if he's breathing.

Jennifer O'Connor: Oh no.

Wendell Brooks: We can't just leave him there.

Otis Vaughan: It's bound to effect your mileage.

Jennifer O'Connor: What about you, what do you say?

Robert Duff: I don't know.

Jennifer O'Connor: You never know. Can't you ever be decisive?

Robert Duff: Well uh, maybe.

Jennifer O'Connor: I've got some brussel sprouts, some brown rice, and some yogurt.

Robert Duff: Sounds great. I can pick an appropriate wine.

Wendell Brooks: What do you mean *you're* going to Brazil? I'm going to Brazil.

Otis Vaughan: Hey man, it's a big country.

Wendell Brooks: Not big enough.

Otis Vaughan: Hey listen, I just wanna go some place where a guy like me with a little capital can get ahead.

Wendell Brooks: Try Mississippi.

[last lines]

Jennifer O'Connor: Aren't there avalanches in Alaska?

Robert Duff: Yes.

Jennifer O'Connor: And polar bears?

Robert Duff: Yes. But don't worry, I'll be there to take care of you. As long as you're there to take care of me.

Jennifer O'Connor: I think I'd like that.

Robert Duff: Me too.