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  • Well, maybe I'm a little melancholic about this movie, but that's how it is. I saw it when I was about 10 years old and it left a lot of wonderful memories... It's quite possible that when I would see it now, it would be just another of bunch of too-sweet too-impossible romantic affairs, but I saw it just in the proper age when I was just discovering love and thus it imprinted unforgettable experience. When I see it now, all nice things from the past come to life.

    The movie is about young wannabe-singer Cindy, which has an evil stepmother and 2 sisters (this, along with her name, is a parallel with original Cinderella). The story unfolds as Cindy (together with her step-family) comes from NY to Rome for a vacation. During this vacation, she is constantly humiliated by her stepmother, but she falls in love with wandering rock-band singer Mizio, who is actually... well find out for yourself. I grant you that if you were teenager in the 80's, you surely won't be disappointed.
  • I remember seeing this back in 1987 and loving it. Okay, it is not exactly the best of plots and maybe cheesy, but I like it nonetheless. Any guy I ever watched it with, hated it though, so I'd say it is first and foremost a film for girls. Besides, with this film you get what you can expect from reading the title. It's an adaption, loosely based on the Cinderella story, set in the 1980s. Nothing more and also, nothing less. I also saw it as a 4-part mini series first and then later on only in the cut TV movie version (They cut 4 episodes á 45 minutes into a film of 90 do the math..). This November the new DVD version with the 4 original episodes was released here in Germany, so if you understand German and want to see this film again, make sure you buy the newer version. (I did). BTW: Is it just me or did Bonnie Bianco sound just a tad like Jennifer Rush?
  • I have seen this movie 1000 times and I still like it as the first time and bonnie bianco have a great voice.the soundtrack is nive even if is very 80' a 80' must!!!!!!!!!
  • jorgedc21 December 1999
    This movie was originally released as four 1hour episodes in Italy under the name: Cindy. I have, however only seen the movie version. I loved this movie. The story is loosely based on Cinderella. Cindy is a small time singer in New York who goes to Rome, Italy with her step mother and step sisters. She meets up with Mizio, a biker who lives in an abandoned warehouse, who also happens to sing. Little does Cindy know that he is the son of a wealthy prince. Needless to say, they fall in love. The Cinderella story has been done and redone and over done, but where this movie succeeds is in the great music. Any lover of eighties pop music will love the melodies in this movie. Bonnie Bianco was one of the best singers from Europe and she excels in this movie. She's not a bad actress either.
  • Macholic22 August 2002
    This is a wonderful romantic movie starring the great singer, Bonnie Bianco. Great score, and Bonnie is fantastic and cinematographer Dante Spinotti is doing a great job as always. I first saw it as a 4 h miniserial and later as a movie on video. The movie is missing a number of key scenes so catch the serial if you can!
  • Alessa922 February 2000
    I've only seen this movie about 3 times and I've always thought that the music in the movie was awesome. Bonnie Bianco has one of the best voices I've heard and would love to get hold of the sound track, but I am more interested in finding the movie. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find the movie anywhere, so if anyone can find a copy, please let me know as I would like to purchase it.