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  • Andres Pajares is a cool Spanish actor. He made couple with Fernando Esteso, they achieved much success in the 80s. The movies they played were funny and with many support's actors.

    The films were with short budget and lackluster but with comedy and lots of fun .Those contain many nude girls, laughs and slapstick, being mostly directed by Mariano Ozores,like are ¨Los Bingueros,Los Liantes,Los Energeticos,La Lola lleva al Huerto..¨.

    In this flick also there are humor and guffaw , here Fernando Esteso only plays a secondary acting ,however appear others Spanish comedian as Juanito Navarro, Rafael Alonso, Tomas Zori,Emiliano Redondo and Paco Camoiras.

    After, Andres Pajares made serious cinema and he worked for Carlos Saura making : Goodby Carmela ,obtaining prize in Cannes and in many International Festivals.
  • It has laughs, drama, great characters and it's also a family movie (except for two top less scenes, way too innocent watched today). Must be released in DVD right now. Worldwide.

    The movie features a lot of comedians from the 80's and some cameos, like the one by Fernando Esteso.

    The story has Andres Pajares working overtime to pay the bills for his daughter' school, who thinks he's a big man, making international business and chatting with his majesty the king every week. The truth is way too different from reality, but he will try that the little girl never be aware of it. Attention to the now TV star Maria Adanez as the friend of the daughter of Pajares.