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  • After a long period studying in Europe, Giselle (Alba Valeria) returns to Brazil and spends the days in the farm of her father Luccini (Nildo Parente). When her stepmother and aunt Haydée (Maria Lúcia Dahl) unexpectedly sees Giselle making love with the foreman Angelo (Carlo Mossy) in a waterfall, Haydée shuts Giselle up and they have sex. When Haydée's son Serginho (Ricardo Faria) arrives in the farm from Rio de Janeiro, he goes to the town to buy cigarettes and they have a fight in the bar with three strangers. When Serginho and Angelo return to the farm, they have sex and Giselle joins them in a three some. Along the days and the nights, Giselle, Angelo, Haydée, Serginho and the doctor Ana (Monique Lafond) has all sort of kinky sex while their family decays.

    "Giselle" is a bold and polemic movie about the physical and moral decadency of a family with the most different combinations of kinky non-explicit sex. Along the dull story, the introduction shows a stallion having sex with a stud mare. Then there are conventional sex between man and woman; masculine and feminine homosexual relationships; threesome; orgy; pedophilia; rape; executions; vigilantism; unethical behavior, all of that along about 90 minute running time. Alba Valeria is very sexy and spontaneous undressing in every scene. In 1980, this movie was a sort of relief valve in times of military dictatorship in Brazil showing the disintegration of the institution family and my wife and I watched it in the movie-theater. In accordance with the information of Carlo Mossy in the DVD, more than 14-million viewers watched this film in the movie-theaters and it is the top box office of Brazilian movies ever. My vote is four.

    Title (Brazil): "Giselle"
  • andrabem6 July 2007
    "Giselle" is a pornochanchada (the way the 70s and 80s erotic films were called in Brasil - a literal translation would be porn comedy). But it is in some ways an atypical pornochanchada, because one can almost say that the film preaches free love. I'll try to explain this later. Let's go to the film.

    Giselle (Alba Valéria) returns from a long stay in Europe to Brazil. She goes to her father's farm where she'll meet also her "aunt"(?), that's married to her father. The farm is run by the caretaker Angelo (Carlo Mossy). Later on Giselle's cousin Serginho (Ricardo Faria) will arrive in the farm to join the group.

    Giselle is a sixteen girl who seduces everyone that crosses her way - men or women. She is sweet and full of joy and innocent in her own way. Giselle wants to take what life offers, right here, right now! Her first conquest is the caretaker Angelo (full of energy himself), and her "aunt" (Maria Lucia Dahl) is not long in following suit. And Giselle will still meet a communist militant, Ana (Monique Lafond) and Cupid and/or Eros will be busy once again. During Giselle's affair with Ana, the film becomes suddenly political! You have to see to believe it.

    There will be many side stories:

    1) a stallion mounts a mare - this is shown in the opening of the film and it's just to wet the appetites of the viewer and the film characters, who watch together this scene. It's just an aperitif for the things to come.

    2) man loves woman (it may be more than one)

    3) woman loves woman (good scenes)

    4) man loves man (this is less usual in Brazilian films and in "Giselle" the relationship is not shown in a satirical manner).

    5) man loves child (it is not directly shown, but clearly hinted at) - a child is leaving a man's room pulling up the trousers, and the man stands by the door watching the child go away. I'm sure that in USA there would be a great hue and cry about this scene.

    6) rape.

    What is amazing about "Giselle" is that it adopts a very free view on sex. The film seems to say: "Take whatever comes your way - if it gives you pleasure and hurts no one, it's alright!" Anyway, the film is very good-humoured and the actors seem to be at ease in their scenes. It's as if "Giselle" were a film made by friends. Maybe it was.

    "Giselle" must have been shot fast – the dubbing, in some scenes, leaves something to be desired, but the violence scenes were reasonably well-made (especially for Brazilian standards). It's certainly a pleasant film to watch: be it for its sex scenes - not graphic ones, mind you! -, or its "joie de vivre".
  • This Brazilian movie begins as many movies of that era (unfortunately) do with two horses mating. While this will probably repel most viewers, it turns on "Giselle", a teenage rich girl just back from European boarding school, so much that she goes off with the studly ranch hand to have sex in a waterfall. Her new, young stepmother sees them and decides to give this free-spirited young girl a tongue lashing, but not quite the kind you'd expect (actually, if you've ever seen one of these movies, it is EXACTLY the kind you'd expect). This eventually leads to a three-way with the studly ranch hand. Then the son of the stepmother also shows up at the estate ("Giselle's" new stepbrother if you're keeping score). It turns out he and the ranch hand each swing both ways, so when "Giselle" walks in on them, suddenly we have a very different kind of "three-way". Then there's a massive gang rape scene where all three of the main protagonists are beaten and sexually assaulted by local yokels. And though it's thankfully kept off screen, there are sinister implications made about the father's sexual proclivities.

    OK, right away this sounds like a hardcore porn movie, but that's actually not quite accurate. This is a Brazilian "pornchachada", a genre that is part softcore sex and part lurid Latin American soap opera. There is no actual penetration shown, and while the sexual couplings are ridiculously numerous, they're very abbreviated in length (whereas in porn they usually go on for 15 minutes or so) or they take place mostly offscreen (i.e. the homosexual scenes, for the most part). This leaves time not only for numerous sex scenes, but also for all kinds of other messed-up crap to happen. "Giselle", at one point, gets involved with a communist neighbor who comes to a bad end, and she herself gets kidnapped (it is actually very unusual to see any political stuff in pornchachadas because, interestingly, the military government at the time actually encouraged these type of sex films, but only as long as they avoided politics). "Giselle" also happens to drive by a mass lynching/burning where the local thugs who raped her earlier are getting their comeuppance. Eventually, the action moves from rural Brazil to the big city of Rio de Janiero where there are more ridiculous plot twists in store, each one more ridiculous than the last. There are, I guess, some SERIOUS messages here about the destruction of the family, but not being Brazilian, they largely eluded me.

    This movie very much reminded me of one of 70's Italian-made Joe D'Amato/Laura Gemser "Black Emanuelle" films in that it contains numerous, fast-moving sex scenes sprinkled with liberal doses of appalling violence, but none of it seems to phase the lead character in the least. But I have to confess, I LIKE films like this because while they may not always be very sexy, they're far less BORING than what passes for sex movies today. The lead Alba Valeria is not in the class of Laura Gemser (or the even two most well-known female stars of 80's Brazilian pornchachada, Helena Ramos and Vaness Alves), but she is by far the most attractive person in the movie (although, I suppose if you're more "metrosexual", you might prefer her pretty-boy brother or the ranch hand, who has more hair on his chest than your average grizzly bear). The enjoyment of Valeria's perpetually nude body is probably marred somewhat by her blinding 70's tan-lines and the generally lousy transfer (this is only available from Greek VHS sources).

    Oh yeah, and the movie also liberally "borrows" (often completely inappropriate) musical cues from The Beatles ("Yesterday" and "Let It Be") and the 60's song "If You're Going to San Francisco" (which will now forever remind me of two horses screwing). I would actually really like to see this legitimately released by one of your more adventurous international DVD labels, but they're going to have a lot of work to do. . .
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I emphasize **spoiler**, because to make my point I am giving away the ending, which I myself would not want to have known before seeing the film (the Greek subtitled release passably dubbed in English). I read what others have written, and I was well into the film before I started seeing it differently. The story involves a "family" of five individuals, who experience good times with each other, but as the film progresses we see their indulgences, failings, weakness, and even treachery. We see each of the five as human beings, likable despite their wrongdoing, and we can understand why they do the things that they do. What struck me most is that despite the family breaking up, despite the disappointments, the jealousy, and what could have been hatred, all five in the end went their own way to make a better life and left without anger or rancor for one another. There was plenty of reason for anger, contempt, hatred, and revenge, but they had a commemorative photo taken to remind themselves of the good times they once had.

    It quite a ways into the film before I saw that the film is not as certain others have depicted it. There is enough sex to cloud some people's interpretation (both the sex and the film itself) and even turn off those who are disturbed by such scenes, which I consider done very beautifully. Note that when their relationship is all over, Giselle speaks of the beauty lying around and Haydee responds, "Yes, indeed, the world is full of beauty if we can only see it." If only somehow most of us would be willing to put aside our criticism, our anger, our indignation, and our thoughts of vengeance and be willing to see the beauty around us.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I really don't know how to describe this movie and be clean about it. Before the opening credits, we see actual "hardcore" horse copulation. Then we get to know the family that the movie is centered around. Her dad's a child molester. The step-mom (Heidi) is an unhappily married lesbian. Giselle is, um... noticeably promiscuous and bisexual. The step-brother (Sergio) is, rather obviously, gay. The ranch hand (Angelo) swings every which way that he cares to. He seems to have sex with everyone save Giselle's father (though his dear dad did have an extended fling with him). Plus, the love of Giselle's life turns out to be a philanthropic lesbian communist physician. It is basically like an early-80s "trashy-to-the-max" soap opera (it seems like a weekday-afternoon television line-up melded with a Penthouse or Hustler magazine). There is nudity aplenty, but nothing more than stalely shot soft-core (other than the aforementioned horse "interaction"). I have only seen the American video version (Her Summer Vacation) and don't know if it was "doctored" upon its US release as quite a few other foreign films of the era have been. * (It is cut, but not rearranged further than that) ** I came across a copy of a Greek video release that actually expands on the US video release. Several scenes are extended, but the majority of what is missing from the US release relates to the male/male encounters (mainly the ranch hand and the step-son). For some reason, these scenes must qualify (then, and perhaps even more-so in the US's current political environment) as more scandalous than the lesbian scenes and/or the opening hardcore "horseplay" that entertains the family. *** The film apparently was never given an official release in any English speaking areas, as the credits are in Portugese in all versions that I have seen.
  • OK, this may not be the weirdest movie ever, but it was probably the one that most shocked me. It's an erotic drama from Brazil, that starts with a long text about how the fall of every major civilization was preceded by moral decadence, and family disruption.

    However, this is only an attempt to hide that this movie is just a porn like a hundred others, behind a social critic explanation. The film is not critical after all, and it would just please a couple of sex freaks.

    It has everything: incest, male homosexualism, female homosexualism, child abuse, animal sex, drugs , bondage, sadism, rape, etc. Every minute of the film gives the viewer something nastier than the minute before, and it never ends.

    If you're a sex freak, try to find it, you'll enjoy it. If you're not, get something else, anything else. I assure you it'll be better.
  • this is a movie that doesnt know what it wants to be. At first it seems like a porno, grainy, plotless, lots of sex. Except the sex scenes arent very long, or good. So it appears to be a drama, but the "plot" is boring, and pointless, so you'll need the ol' remote to ff'wd past it. Realisitically this is crappy, dull, must-miss movie.