Plot Synopsis

  • WARNING: Spoilers

    Here are TWO synopses. One is from the 1981 21st Century Film Corporation (US release) press book, which lists the running time as 98 mins. The other is from the 1986 co0130297 box synopsis, entitled Her Summer Vacation, which lists the running time as 90 minutes.

    It should be noted that these synopses are also for the 1981 U.S. release, which leaves out several scenes involving male/male sexual relations, though even the U.S. version is filled with lesbianism and bisexuality.

    Neither are completely accurate (misspellings, some confusion with the plot, "Americanized" names, punctuation, etc.) but I have entered them exactly as they appear. These synopses are also for the 1981 U.S. release, which leaves out several scenes involving male/male homosexuality, though even the U.S. version is filled with lesbianism and bisexuality.

    1981 21st Century Film Corporation Giselle press book:


    GISELLE (Alba Valeria), after several years of study abroad, returns to Brazil and finds out that LUCCINI (Nildo Parente), her father, is married to AIDEE (Maria Dahl). Their marriage, which was not at all perfect, becomes unbearable, since AIDEE falls in love with GISELLE. The family goes out on a vacation to a farm. There SERGHINO (Richard Faria) arrives. Hes AIDEEs son from her first marriage, and he forms a love triangle with GISELLE and the farms manager ANGELO (Carlo Mossy). The three of them share their moments together, until GISELLE meets and falls in love with ANA CLEMENTINA (Monique Lafond) a political expatriate who insists on fighting social injustice. They live their love intensely, but it ends with ANAs tragic and violent death. At a given time, the family meets in order to celebrate their separation, since there is no bond to keep them together. The end of the film is unexpected, showing with a future projection the future of each charater [sp]. During the story, violence, eroticism, politics and love are constantly alternating.

    Her Summer Vacation (from 1986 co0130297 box):

    ***This synopsis is quite detailed and may contain what could be considered spoilers, but it is also not the most accurate. It gets the basics of the story down, but many of the particulars it mentions are so wrong so they are not truly real spoilers for the film, as they are innacurate. As some people may really must hate spoilers, I have most hidden lest you learn too much.***

    The beautiful and exotic Giselle has just returned from school in Paris to fathers palatial horse ranch in South America. In spite of her extensive foreign schooling, her education is only just about to begin. It begins, upon her arrival home, with the ranchs foreman, Angelo. The two sneak off to a nearby waterfall and engage in mad, passionate love making. They are so absorbed in themselves, that they dont realize they are being watched; from one bank by a group of bandits, and from the other by Giselles stepmother. Later that night, the step-mother sneaks into Giselles room and confronts her with what she witnessed that afternoon. But instead of recriminations, she tells Giselle to be more discreet, and then proceeds to seduce her. The next night, Giselle invites Angelo up to her room, and to his pleasant surprise, is seduced by the two women. Soon, Giselles step-brother returns from school and he and Giselle also explore the joys of love. Several days later, Giselle, her step-brother, her step-mother and Angelo are on their way to town when the group of bandits ambush them, beat the men to a pulp and rape the women. The summer at home has awakened new feelings not just in Giselle, but in every member of the family. One by one, each soon realizes that it is time to leave the nest and go his or her own way. Warning: Contains lots of nudity and sexual situations. Definitely not for viewing by minors. Approximate Running Time: 90 Minutes Not Rated. Directed by Victor Di Mello. ©1986 Continental Video, Inc.