John Candy was supposed to write the script but never finished it.

First top-billed role in a major Hollywood comedy for actor-comedian John Candy.

One of the film's taglines is "You've seen them before, now see them Going Berserk." The director, writers, and principal cast were all alumni of the Canadian sketch comedy improv TV troop Second City TV, whose work is anthologized in SCTV Network (1981). The picture is considered to be SCTV's movie debut.

Fifteen seconds of footage with nunchakus was cut from the UK home video release. The cuts were restored for the 2007 Universal DVD release.

Elinor Donahue, who plays mother Margaret Anderson in the spoof of Father Knows Best, played the older daughter, Betty, in the original 1950's show.

One of the Elvis impersonators, Pete Wilcox, has also appeared as Elvis in the following T.V. shows: Charles in Charge, Cheers, Sledgehammer, Pacific Blue, and E.R.

John Candy was originally offered the Louis role in Ghostbusters but turned it down. He has however worked with all primary cast members of Ghostbusters. Bill Murray and Harold Ramis in stripes (1981), Dan Aykroyd in the great outdoors(1988), Annie Potts in Whos Harry Crumb (1989) and Ernie Hudson in this.

This is one of two films that John Candy and Eugene Levy appeared in together during 1983. They were also in Vacation (1983) and Splash (1984) (which came out the following year).

Debut produced screenplay of David Steinberg who co-wrote the script with Dana Olsen.

Some television versions have longer and expanded scenes compared to what was included in the original theatrical print.

Sal DiPasquale's martial-arts movie was "Kung Fu U". Its promotional acronym abbreviation was "KFU".

One of just a few theatrical features directed by David Steinberg who mostly works in television. This movie was Steinberg's second cinema movie, the first having being the then recent Burt Reynolds comedy Paternity (1981).

The movie was a critical and commercial failure at the box-office.

According to the DVD sleeve notes, the movie "recreates the inspired madness of The Marx Brothers and The Three Stooges".

The DVD sleeve notes state that the movie features such comic character actors as Paul Dooley, Bill Saluga and Richard Libertini.

The name of the night-club was "The Chi-Chi Club".

Sal DiPasquale called the marriage video home movie "John and Nancy: The Wedding".

The name of the health workout gym was "Sun Yi's Aerobics Fitness Center".

The movie's tagline "The Good, The Bad and The Stupid" spoofed the title of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966).

This movie is a comical base from the theme of "The Manchurian Candidate".