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  • yohnishi11 May 1999
    This is the first film of director Masayuki Suo. This blue movie is a parody of famous "Tokyo Monogatari (Tokyo Story)"(directed by Ozu). In the film, Suo imitate the situation of story, camera work, emotional descriptions of it. This is highly evaluated not only in Japenese filmmakers but also in Asian filmmakers, as is cited in Tung-Shing Yee 's " Se qing nan nu (Viva Erotica)".
  • derek-duerden13 April 2021
    Not to everyone's taste, I'm sure, but I really enjoyed this.

    I understand that it is somewhat of a spoof, but in my view it's really well done and played very straight, with some genuinely erotic and touching moments, and good acting and cinematography throughout.

    For me, the only jarring note was the relative attractiveness of the wife and the dominatrix lover. Given that he had such a beautiful and willing partner at home, his need to go elsewhere seemed unconvincing. This is a minor gripe, however.