King Minos: And now it's your turn, my lovely virgin. Your groom is eager to inflame your passions.

King Minos: Could I just see it grow a little bit? It would mean a great deal to me.

Narrator: On the green isle of Thera, in its' capitol Atlantis, Cassiopeia awaits hopelessly the night of her sacrifice. Meanwhile, Hercules and the sorceress Circe cross the rainbow that will lead them to the gates of Hell.

King Minos: Science! For the sake of science!

Hercules: Why am I stronger than other men? Why does my strength bring so many sorrows upon my head?

Circe: You made me fall in love! And when that happens to a sorceress, she loses all her powers. It's the law of Aphrodite. I, the enchantress, have been enchanted!

Cassiopea: Kiss me, Hercules!