Sarah Roberts: What's that piece you're playing?

Miriam Blaylock: It's "Lakme" by Delibes. Lakme is a Brahmin princess in India, she has a slave named Malika.

Sarah Roberts: Malika...

Miriam Blaylock: In a magical garden they sing how they follow the stream to its source, gliding over the water.

Sarah Roberts: Is it a love song?

Miriam Blaylock: I told you, it was sung by two women.

Sarah Roberts: It sounds like a love song.

Miriam Blaylock: Then I suppose that's what it is.

Sarah Roberts: Are you making a pass at me, Mrs. Blaylock?

Miriam Blaylock: Miriam.

Sarah Roberts: Miriam.

Miriam Blaylock: Not that I'm aware of, Sarah.

[Sarah smiles, shakes her head, and then spills wine on her top]

John Blaylock: Forever?

Miriam Blaylock: What?

John Blaylock: Forever and ever.

Lieutenant Allegrezza: Lieutenant Allegrezza.

Miriam Blaylock: [smiles]

Lieutenant Allegrezza: I don't usually get a smile on that...

Miriam Blaylock: You should: this mean "good cheer."

Lieutenant Allegrezza: That's right.

Miriam Blaylock: You'll be back. You'll be back. When the hunger hurts so much it knows no reason! Then you'll need to feed. And then you need me to to show you how.

Alice Cavender: What's wrong with him?

Miriam Blaylock: He'll be all right. He's having trouble sleeping.

Alice Cavender: Want some 'ludes? I've got some in my case.

Miriam Blaylock: What?

Alice Cavender: Quaaludes.

Miriam Blaylock: Alice!

Alice Cavender: I stole 'em from my stepmother.

Miriam Blaylock: Alice!

Alice Cavender: She doesn't care; she gets them by the gross! She's got every pill ever invented! She collects them.

Miriam Blaylock: Poor woman.

Alice Cavender: That's what my dad says. 'Cause she's scared of getting old.

[first lines]

John Blaylock: No ice.

Miriam Blaylock: You said forever. Never ending. Do you remember?

John Blaylock: Everyday.

John Blaylock: Forever you said.

Miriam Blaylock: Forever and ever.

John Blaylock: Never growing old. Do you? Remember?

Miriam Blaylock: Stop it.

John Blaylock: Forever young.

Miriam Blaylock: Stop it.

John Blaylock: Kiss. Kiss me. Think of me as I was. Kiss me like that.

Sarah Roberts: I like your pendent.

Miriam Blaylock: Its Egyptian. It was the symbol of everlasting life.

Miriam Blaylock: You belong to me. We belong to each other.

Sarah Roberts: She's that kind of a woman. She's... European.

Miriam Blaylock: Human kind have one way. We have an other. Their end is final. Ours is not. In the earth, it rotted wood. In the eternal darkness, we will see and hear and feel.

Miriam Blaylock: You're a part of me now and I cannot let you go.

Lillybelle: Excuse me, make it to Lillybelle.

Miriam Blaylock: There is no release, my darling. No rest.

Sarah Roberts: I don't know why I'm here.

Miriam Blaylock: Come in.

Miriam Blaylock: Its not nearly as difficult as you imagined, is it?

[last lines]

Miriam Blaylock: Sarah!