Chemist: Are they missing any limbs? I hate it when they have missing limbs.

Chalmers: Okay, what did you do to this?

Wolff: Emergency repair procedure number one.

Chalmers: You kicked it?

Wolff: What the hell are you?

Nicki: What do you think I am, you scrawny earthbag? I'm a woman!

Overdog: [Nicki has survived The Game, a maze full of lethal hazards] Congratulations!, you made it through!

Overdog: You have a very enviable life force, a life force you're going to share with me.

Nicki: But... you said if I made it through, I'm free.

[There is a pause, and the Overdog grins evilly]

Overdog: I lied, nobody goes free! Chemist, prepare the Fusion Tube!

Nicki: Us loners got to stick together.

Wolff: [Having just kicked and further broken an already malfunctioning comms computer] The communicator is out again.

Chalmers: That's because we need a new auto-correlation spectometer... not to mention a new drive systems regulator, a freon activator and, of course, a complete scan systems overhaul.

Wolff: [Looks Chalmers over with a lustful gaze] I'm still glad I bought you the nightshirt instead!

Nicki: Y'know, there's room for two in there, if they was cozy.

Wolff: Well, we ain't cozy.

[to Chalmers, after she's ceased functioning]

Wolff: You were the best model they ever put out.