Joe Pedowski: You're gonna try to fly this thing back?

Captain Cody Briggs: Joe, did you ever skip a flat rock across a lake and watch it skim and bounce along the surface? I wanna give reentry that kind of shot.

Joe Pedowski: I have skipped a few rocks on a few lakes in my time and I never saw yet one that didn't sink. It's one chance in a million.

Captain Cody Briggs: So was this accident.

Joe Pedowski: I am scared out of my mind being up here inside this plane and you want me to go outside?

[laughs nervously]

Joe Pedowski: oh no!


Joe Pedowski: I'll need a wire stripper and some wire nuts... and a dry pair of pants when I get back.

Joe Pedowski: cannot unselect the speaker.

Laura: Honeymooning in Australia - And I've never even been to the San Diego zoo!

Captain Cody Briggs: Every 45 minutes, turn the lights on... turn the lights off. That's about all the entertainment there is on this multi-million-dollar flying coffin...

Erica Hansen: It is not a flying coffin... we we'll get back to Earth!