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  • Roger Corman bought the rights to this film and released it here as "Let it Rock". That's the version I've seen. This movie really has no point, but, Dennis Hopper is off the meat racks and out of his mind in this!!! He's truly demented and wonderful. But that's the only worthwhile aspect. They also use footage of TSOL from Suburbia. I read that David Hess (who's also in the movie as "the arab") said, "White Star was an interesting film-it was the story of Jesus put into a heavy metal situation! I played Judas and Dennis Hopper played St. Peter." I don't know how much different the "White Star" cut is but "Let it Rock" is not about that. All in all the music sucks, David Hess isn't seen enough, but Dennis Hopper is great!!!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a pretty bizarre movie. If you're a Dennis Hopper fan (i.e. you could sit through 90 minutes of Hopper improvising and overacting like there's no tomorrow) you'll enjoy WHITE STAR. Hopper plays Kenneth Barlow (not the guy from CORONATION STREET!), a freaked-out manager who's only client is a keyboard player called Moody (Terrance Robay). Barlow, formerly the manager for the Rolling Stones(!), tries staged riots (caused by THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT's David Hess) and even an assassination attempt to put Moody's record "White Star" into the charts. Apart from a few good riot scenes nothing really happens. Poor Romay is torn apart by Hopper's OOP performance, and worth seeing for that alone (pity Hess doesn't have more screen time, he's not in the film very much).
  • I discovered this movie 30 years after its production, presented by Roland Klick himself. I wouldn't have even want to see it if I hadn't heard about the difficulties encountered by the production to work with Dennis Hopper at this time. What I saw on the screen was Dennis Hopper at its best. And I mean it. I've been mesmerized by his monologues and extremely convincing soliloquies. Hopper's depiction of a frustrated, shameless music manager, as well as his complex relationship to his colt Moody "White Star" (Terrance Robay) alone would have deserved the award that the movie got. An excellent Neue Deutsche Welle movie from the eighties.
  • bernd-pfaffe24 August 2008
    I like Dennis Hopper in White Star and the whole Film !! Watched it many times, and still finding new details. This is Dennis Hopper at his best, nearly like in Blue Velvet. Very special location in Berlin-/Punk, and one of a kind in my Dennis Hopper DVD-collection. The German translation is also very good, at the end of the film Dennis's voice change from German to English in fact of the thrilling final comment........... ............. .......... ........... .......... ........ AAAAAAA AAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAA AAAAAAAA AAAAAAA AAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAA
  • Well, I guess that this was actually a real film, and I really saw it, and I must say that this is one of the biggest disappointments of my day. This film was really, really, really terrible. Dennis Hopper was coked up to the gills and acting 1000 miles/minute. His charge in the film was simply a bad actor and on top of all of this, they lifted the crowd footage for the concert scenes from the TSOL concert that happens during the film Suburbia (the good punk film, not that lame thing that Eric Bogosian did a few years ago, I love Bogosian, but this film was an mistake), right down to using the fight scene with the main characters from the other film.

    This movie was below low budget and I doubt that even the most hardcore Dennis Hopper fans will be able to sit through this 90 minutes of pointless nonsense. To be honest, I am still not really sure what this movie was about, a concert promoter and some Yanni-esque keyboardist. Some riots and random footage from other films, I dunno.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "White Star" is a West German German-language film from 1983, so it will soon have its 35th anniversary. The writer and director is Bavarian Roland Klick and this is one of his most known works. He was in his 40s here and one of the most successful German filmmakers at that time. One reason for the film's popularity is the fact that it includes actors Dennis Hopper and David Hess, both still very well known today. Unfortunately, I have struggled so far from what I have seen from Klick and this one here is no exception either. I find him pretty difficult to find an access to that would result in a rewarding watch. This is also why I would recommend these 90 minutes only to people who really love German movies or have a great interest in the music industry and especially the history of it. The film's biggest weakness, however, was probably the way punk rock was depicted in here and I felt it had very little to do with reality (back then). i said this one runs for 90 minutes, but this is only partially true as there are other versions out there as well. the one I watched was ran for slightly under 90 minutes though. As a whole I thought the acting was solid, sometimes even pretty good from the cast, but the plot and story overall were not on par and the film's bleakness did not help. It was obvious how Klick was going for authentic drama and people who know him know that he does not care for forced happy endings, but his shot at bleak realism did not feel very convincing here. I give "White Star" a thumbs-down. Not recommended.