Jerry Jackson: [Barbara bursts in on Jackson and his wench] Ah... she... she means nothing to me!

Jackson's Girl: What?

Lady Barbara Skelton: This wench, cheap as she looks, will cost you dear.

[Barbara leaves]

Jackson's Girl: Who the fuck was that?

Jerry Jackson: [about to be hanged] My friends, I don't care whether you're for me or against me. All that matters is that you've come her today in your thousands to give me a grand send off. To you lovely ladies, don't throw your love, your caresses, your tears on villains like me. Save them for a man who's worth it. An honest, faithful man. If you can find one! To the men I'll give a word of warning, never put your faith in a woman. For no matter how much you may think she loves you, like as not she'll betray you in the end! In my short and merry life I've loved many but only once have I ever, ever made the fatal mistake of trusting a woman. That's why I'm here! For believe me friends, only a woman's hand could put a noose around the neck of Jerry Jackson!

Hogarth: To your duties, all of you! Sluts! To your duties!

Hogarth: Vanity, vanity, all is vanity!

Hogarth: I am told that the city is in the grip of a great frost, people skating on the river Thames. Skating and sinning too no doubt.

Hogarth: After admitting Henrietta, who has just been robbed. "These are dark times'

Hogarth: I came, my Lady, to fetch a coat for the footman. I will clothe thee with a change of raiment. Zacchariah, chapter 3 verse 4.