Dr. Howard Sheinfeld: [flirting with a woman in the lobby] You're gonna be fine, don't worry.

Maria Amardo: She's not sick.

Dr. Howard Sheinfeld: Great! That's my specialty: curing healthy people.

Maria Amardo: [repeated line] Stay back of the white line!

Dr. Eve Sheridan: [about mopping to the janitor] I know you've been doing it your way since you got here, but your way doesn't get into the corners.

Richard: Who goes into the corners?

Dr. Eve Sheridan: Germs, Richard. Please, just do it my way.

Richard: You're the boss.

Dr. Eve Sheridan: I'd like you to do it because you agree with me, not because I'm the boss.

Richard: Whatever you say.

Dr. Eve Sheridan: Richard, that's the wrong attitude.

Richard: Look, Doc, I get the least amount of pay for the dirtiest job in the hospital. Let me have my attitude. I know it's rotten, but it's all I've got.

John Harrison: [about Dr. Sheinfeld] You didn't fire him?

Dr. Eve Sheridan: No.

John Harrison: I'll do it.

Dr. Eve Sheridan: Both of us.

John Harrison: What?

Dr. Eve Sheridan: You have to fire both of us.

John Harrison: Oh, now, Eve, please...

Dr. Eve Sheridan: I'm serious, John. You hired me to run this ER and I will run it as best I can. I grant you we have to make money, but the decisions on how have to be mine or you don't need me! I will say who works in this department and who doesn't. If you can't live with that, I'll have to resign.

John Harrison: Well, since you put it that way, I'll live with it. For now.

Nurse Joan Thor: Why did you give that man a tetanus shot for biting his own tongue?

Dr. Eve Sheridan: He didn't bit his own tongue. The teeth marks were going the wrong way.

Nurse Joan Thor: [both laughing] Well, I thought his wife looked a little guilty!