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  • and I really don't know what to do. There's so much tension in the atmosphere. I'm in a panic that I might not get through. Hey, nurse is that a warning sign or can you make me feel fine? Take me up to the emergency room and give me something to relieve the pain..." For the record, that's how the Lou Rawls song went.

    Is it scary that I know that? I got my first VCR in 1983. I actually have almost all of the episodes of this show on tape. Ladies and gentlemen, this E/R had one of the very best ensemble comedy casts of all time.

    Elliot Gould played Dr. Howard Sheinfeld, a lazy, womanizing much-married father of two teens who lost everything in his most recent divorce and is forced to work overnights in an ER to make ends meet. Mary McDonnell played Dr. Eve Sheridan, the uptight, fussy but sexy chief of the ER staff. George Clooney played "My Place" Ace in a role that pre-dated even his recurring shot on "The Facts Of Life", egad! Corrine Bohrer totally won my over as the adorable Cory, she of the major crush on Sheinfeld. The inimitable Conchata Ferrell was Nurse Thor, wife of Bud and a big, loud softy. She was amazing. Lynne Moody was Nurse Julie, the lovelorn. Shuko Akune was the hilarious Maria "Stay back of the white line!". And Bruce Young was her sweetheart, cop Fred. Oddly enough, Sheinfeld had his George Costanza for a bit when Jason Alexander showed up as the ludicrous hospital administrator, Stickley. Jonathan Silverman played Sheinfeld's teen son. The chemistry with this cast was remarkable. And there's another coincidence with the current ER series. This show was set at the Clark Street ER in Chicago.

    I watched the show because of the actress who played Sheinfeld's daughter, Pamela Segall. Pammy gets no respect. Her name wasn't even in the IMDb listing for the show. I added it tonight. Maybe you're thinking you've seen that name somewhere before. If you've ever watched the credits for "King Of The Hill" in the last 8 years you have. She's the voice of Bobby Hill. She's also a delight in front of the camera --- an adorable, terrific comedienne and a heartbreaker in dramas. I highly recommend the Christian Slater/Mary Stuart Masterson romance for a look at Pammy as the quirky, cool best friend.

    Just another bit of trivia, Pamela Segall was a semi-regular "The Facts Of Life", too. The season before Clooney came aboard.

    I don't know how in the world anyone will ever get a shot at seeing this E/R. It's too bad. It didn't deserve such a quick, cruel death.
  • The long-lost, long-forgotten E/R was based on a well known Chicago play produced by the Organic Theater Company. It was a delightfully cynical comedy as a play. As a TV series, it was probably a bit out of place. But at least it got a chance to air. And it gave a lot of people their first major TV screen time, such as the winsome Corinee Bohrer. The show came along at a time when TV execs were having a rare resurgence of creativity and okay'ing unusual shows like this one, Hot L Baltimore, and United States. Too bad such times (and such shows) don't last.

    George Clooney in E/R and ER? What a hoot!
  • smj77520 January 2000
    I was pretty young when I saw this show. I think it was one of the first shows on the Lifetime channel. I loved Elliot Gould and Mary McDonnell. It was the first time that I had seen George Clooney, if this was before he was on The Facts Of Life. This show was mostly a comedy, w/some dramatic parts, as ER is mostly drama w/ some comedic parts. It's too bad this show isn't shown in reruns anymore. I'd almost forgotten how funny it was.
  • Okay, this was the E/R show long before the drama on another network. It was a comedy and drama and a very good comedy too. The cast was first rate with Elliott Gould as the head doctor and Mary McDonnell playing the new doctor. If the show lasted longer, they would have probably gotten together and got married. George Clooney played the nephew to Conchata Farrell who is better known to audiences as the maid, Bertha, on Two and Half Men. She played a happily married childless nurse who doted on her nephew played by Clooney. The show had a mixed cast of characters and never really took off as it should have done. maybe there were just too many sitcoms on the air that even those above average got canceled after one season. It played on cable for a while only to be forgotten.
  • Elliot Gould's comic timing was impeccable and the chemistry he shared with Mary McDonnell on screen was super. The character played by Conchata Farrell was refreshingly different. The ethnic diversity of the cast was an interesting element, too. As the show went on the development of the characters held my interest and I really wanted to know what happened to them. I was sorry to see this one go. If anybody knows when or where it will be shown in syndication, let me know. I'll have my VCR fired up and waiting.
  • I told a friend of mine that George Clooney was in a TV show called E/R back in the 80s, long before the other "ER" everyone is so familiar with. Of course, the guy didn't believe me, since he thinks he's Mr. Film and TV Expert Know-It-All. So, I just want to say to him, "Told ya so!"

    I don't remember Jason Alexander being in the cast, but it was about 20 years ago that I last saw the show and that would have made me about 8 at the time. I do remember one episode in which Maria goes into labor while she's working. She probably yelled a little too vigorously at someone to stay behind the line and started having contractions.
  • I don't really remember the plots of the episodes, but I remember the continuing characters and I miss them. There was the beautiful little Filipina clerk who would suddenly snap at anyone who approached closer than the warning line that was painted on the floor, and I miss the adorable pediatric nurse who had a crush on the handsome doctor, and I miss the insouciantly fat lady, who was all about breaking the stereotype years before the fat lady lawyer did it on "The Practice," and I miss the Lou Rawls theme song. It was almost a parody of the way any theme song seems to be required to turn the title into a love metaphor: "I've got a real emergency here," he sang, but of course in the song the emergency is how smitten he is.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I remember very few shows from the 1980s. This is one of the few shows that I remember. George Clooney's talents weren't that evident (in fact, I'm still not much of a George Clooney fan. But if they ever make a re-make, he could be Dr. Howard Sheinfeld now that he's been to TV med school). But it was immediately evident that Jason Alexander and Conchata Ferrell were really funny, so I was glad when both resurfaced later on "Seinfeld" and "Two and a Half Men", respectively. Was "E/R" the funniest show ever? No, it was really kind of an earlier version of "Scrubs" (in fact, I saw the "Scrubs" janitor on "Seinfeld" just last night!). Like "Scrubs", "E/R" was a usually silly comedy that occasionally morphed into into full-blown drama. And back in the grim days of Reagan, silly comedy was what the country needed.
  • gatorrob10 April 2011
    My wife and I both loved this show for the short time it was on. I wish there was a way to go back and see it again. Great story line and characters. Really good actors when you realize who they are now. I agree with others and don't understand why it wasn't given more of a chance. Maybe the actors wanted to end the series. Elliot Gould certainly was a big enough star to pull that off. I loved the actress who played Cory (Corinne Bohrer)and her puppy-love for Dr Sheinfeld. I guess that while the women were watching for George Clooney, I was watching for Cory and Julie. Conchata Ferell was as good in this show as she is on Two and a Half Men. I really wish it had lasted longer.
  • The series E/R was marvelous and I would be so pleased if it made it into syndication so we could enjoy it over and over.

    Seinfeld and M*A*S*H were marvelous too, but by now I can recite the dialog along with the actors.

    Bring back E/R!!! Well, I tried to submit this comment and was told that it didn't have enough words.

    That's the first time in my life I've ever been told that. So I'm adding words to this post, but I really said it all when I wrote "Bring back E/R!!!"

    And here's another line of text just so this message conforms to the guidelines. Sheesh!
  • max84325 March 2014
    What I remember most about E/R was the diverse cast. It was one of the first TV shows that really looked like the America I knew, similar to the one seen at the Port Authority bus station in New York City - reminding me of all those who arrived here through Ellis Island and elsewhere.

    I was so surprised E/R only lasted one season - thought it was excellent and although I wasn't a big television person in those days didn't miss an episode.

    Elliott Gould was excellent as were all the actors cast. Writing was funny - it takes a lot to make me laugh out loud, but E/R did. Miss it.
  • I remember this show being shown very late night on UK television, on ITV, if I recall correctly as it was 20 years ago and I loved it. Funnily enough I had a crush on George Clooney then and followed him through Roseanne and onto the ER we all know and love. Anyway, I recall that it was really set in the ER itself and never ventured out out of that setting much, if at all. I always stayed up for it, even though it was on well after 10.30 pm, which showed how much I liked it as this was in the days before I owned a VCR. What I wouldn't give to see it again, just to see if it were as good as I remember. Has it ever been re-shown on US TV?
  • Elliot Gould, of course, created the role of Trapper John, in the film, M*A*S*H. Wayne Rogers played a slightly different Trapper John on the television series, M*A*S*H. Why neither actor was offered the title role on TRAPPER JOHN MD will forever remain one of the great mysteries of semi-contemporary television. Supposedly, it was because the latter series took place thirty years after M*A*S*H, but then, Pernell Roberts, who played a completely different, mature and tranquil TRAPPER JOHN MD wasn't that much older than Wayne or Elliot.

    In any case, as soon as TRAPPER JOHN MD became a hit, the television series HOUSE CALLS debuted. This, of course, featured Wayne Rogers as a doctor character who was exactly like his interpretation of Trapper John. Then came this series, E/R, in which Elliot Gould played a doctor character who was exactly like his interpretation of Trapper John. Like I said, too many Trappers!