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  • The brother series to "Transformers", two of many fondly remembered 80s cartoons that were based on popular toy lines. The difference being that the GI Joe toyline had been around for decades and seen many reduxes over the years. Prior to this series GI Joe was usually a doll that was the embodiment the Marines, the Navy, and the Air Force.

    This interpretation redesigned/redefined GI Joe as "the code name for America's highly trained special missions force." In other words, the commandos of the GI Joe company were responsible for fighting Cobra, the "ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world."

    GI Joe and Cobra both had a couple of different figure head/leaders. Originally GI Joe was represented by Duke (voice of Michael Bell among others), a tall blond guy with blue eyes. Later, GI Joe's official leader became General Hawk (voice of the late Ed Gilbert, who also voiced Baloo on "Tale Spin"), while Duke remained 2nd in command. 3rd in command was Flint (voice of Bill Ratner), the rugged warrant officer who later replaced Duke as the main character of the many countless GI Joe adventures. 4th in command was Beach Head (William Callaway, who also voiced Aquaman a few years earlier), a ball busting drill sergeant type. Later we met Sgt. Slaughter (voiced by an actual Professional Wrestler of the same name), who shared the ball busting drill sergeant role with Beach Head. Originally Cobra was led by the cowardly yet mysteriously charismatic Cobra Commander (voice of Chris Latta, who also voiced Gung Ho among other characters and also had the memorable of the whiny Star Scream Decepticon on "Transformers"), who was always butting heads with the iron masked Destro, who had a thing going on with the bifocal Baroness babe. Then we got Serpentor, a super strong test tube baby forged from the DNA of various tyrants plus Sgt. Slaughter (the latter's blood making him very tempermental).

    Other romances include Scarlett (BJ Ward, who recently voiced Velma in a couple of those Scooby-Doo direct to video features) being at crossroads between a relationship between Duke and the scarred, silent ninja Snake Eyes (comic books later made her relationship with Snake Eyes famous) and Flint's affection for the spear tossing brunette Lady Jay.

    Like "Transformers", this show had a cast of thousands on account of the constant new toys being made and many of the same voice actors worked together on both series. Not surprising, seeing as how they were made by the same companies.

    This and "Transformers" were probably the most violent cartoons of the era, seeing as how "He-Man & The Masters of the Universe" and "Thundercats" didn't get too heavy on the violence. GI Joe didn't feature deaths but people did get hurt (Duke was always getting into comas) and there were a number of shoot outs and fist fights. But what made people forgive GI Joe was that these guys would show up at the end of each episode to tell kids a moral or give a public service announcement about what to do if your house is on fire or you're confronted with drugs or how to fix up your bike or how to ask for help or simply encourage kids to be nice to each other and tolerant and find non-violent resolutions to their problems and disputes (this may explain why we had to put up with the pacifist army rescue doctor Lifeline).

    And like Transformers and countless other shows, quality of stories and animation often varied depending on the budget. But they did have some very memorable ones, and it sported heroes you couldn't help admiring and wishing you could either become or at least play sidekick to. Too bad you don't get 'em like this anymore.

    Long live GI Joe, the real American Hero.
  • It's remarkable that people in the 80s were inventive enough to make a series this rich in appeal and character, just to sell toys! I returned to this show after nearly fifteen years' absence, expecting it to be bland and lacking the rosy tint that so often glorifies childhood TV shows. I was in for a surprise when I rented a 4-episode video from the local Blockbuster. This show is just as good, if not better than it was.

    The Joes are likable, but the villains are the eye-catcher here. Cobra Commander, Destro, the Baroness, and Zartan are delightful and give the enemy cause such charm that one is secretly disappointed when they consistently bungle their schemes for world domination. Cobra Commander is the easy favorite for his arrogant and hypocritical personality, and his passion for the job is what really makes the show work. He is much more honest, expressive, and intense about his goals than any of the "Good Guys." Then we have Destro, who is the "Straight Man" of Cobra: smart and level-headed, ever-irritated with Cobra Commander's foolishness, but forced to go along with the program.

    Rounding out the enemy ranks are a host of clever characters like Zartan and Stormshadow, and the Lady in the Boys' Club: The Baroness with her intelligence and subtle sensuality, but just as much fire as any of her coworkers. Definitely puts the "bra" in Cobra and is one of many examples of what a fair and politically correct show this is. And the gals don't wear PINK, folks! Also you will generally not see a light/dark stereotype happening for good and evil in GI Joe. The Cobras and Joes are all multicultural and all dressed in random color arrangements. In fact it is even Cobra's ninja who dresses in white and the Joe's who dresses in black, and Cobra Commander and his troops are in red and blue. They reversed the color stereotypes that virtually every other cartoon series has strictly adhered to; This show is about good vs. evil, NOT light vs. dark.

    Now of course, it's not *perfect.* The Joes are often too good to be human, meaning that their triumph and infallible integrity seem to set their meters at "Superhuman" rather than, ironically enough, "Average Joe." And you just can't feel for Perfect People as much as you can for regular morons who can't catch a break. Unwavering integrity means that the Joes' dialog rarely strays from The Course: cooperation and scout-inspired helpfulness.

    This is unlike the Cobra characters, who are sometimes almost friendly and helpful with each other, then critical and insulting, then with unspoken consensus.Sometimes united in their smugness, other times in conflict about the correct course of action. The Cobras are more like real people, because they are not so perfect that they can't fail, or get enraged, or be confused or combative, and these states allow them a lot of interesting and character-deepening dialog. The Joes' limited emotional expression also limits their dialogue, and requires the "space" to be filled up. And GI Joe Filler is really awful. It is long strings of clichés and dumb metaphors that only make the Joes seem even more like ciphers.

    However, this is a great show because it depicts the struggle between good and evil (even though you may find yourself disappointed when the good guys win), and it does it with a style and maturity that blows modern cartoons out of the water. Yes, there are cheesy moments and some bad lines. There is the type-cast "Dignified Indian" character who isn't allowed to escape camera range without posing serenely and imparting something profound and prophetic and overwhelmingly Indian, while his bald eagle with inexplicably white wing feathers and brown tailfeathers perches nobly on his shoulder. And it doesn't make sense that the foley people were able to find genuine stock effects for said eagle and other animals such as cougars and crows and lions, but a *person* had to perform the whining and growling and barking for the Rottweiler in the show. And no one will ever understand how you can run through a dense barrage of laser fire without being grazed in the slightest, or parachute safely through the fireball of an exploding helicopter without the flames damaging the chute.

    But "GI Joe" is a nostalgic and wonderful TV show. It is full of goodness and morals, of justice and fair play winning the day over greed and cruelty. It is the shining example of what a better world TV provided for "80s Kids," what strong lessons it taught because it was intense and riveting. Every child everywhere would grow into a better adult for watching "GI Joe". They were what they claimed to be: "Real American Heroes" and stood for everything that parents continue to try to instill in their kids. They didn't pull punches; they told the whole story, violence and all, because to take that from it would detract from the power of the message: that we must fight evil, for the benefit of all people.

    I think I read it here, that "80s kids were made of tougher stuff"? And they were. And better stuff, too. Because they were built on shows like this.
  • This is one of the best 80s cartoons! It was always action packed and there was tons and tons of characters to like!The music was good and the color and animation was great!I recommend this to 80s cartoon lovers and you want to see classic animation then this is it!
  • GI Joe was essentially an advertisement for the toys; it, like the comic, was designed to tie in with the toy line, to support the storyline of the comic and toys, and to introduce new characters and vehicles.

    Given the constraints of the advertising medium, the show was pretty good. The characters seemed to develop over time, and there were identifiable (and diverging) personalities. Unfortunately, GI Joe suffers from the same problem may other cartoons that depict battle show; no one gets hurt or killed.

    I don't want to sound like a sadist or cheap thrill seeker, but one would think that a show depicting two large armed forces continuously battling over the globe would suffer casualties. Planes were constantly shot down, but no one ever died. Highly unrealistic, and with Robotech showing at the same time, GI Joe lost its edge. It may have been more popular than Robotech, but couldn't maintain interest for very long. ...and then there's the episode where Cobra has a high-powered laser, and- no, doesn't try to destroy Joe- attempts to carve the Cobra logo onto the face of the moon. What an effective use of technology and power! Graffiti!
  • This show was it when I was in high school. I lived, breathed and talked this show. I could mimmick all the voices, write my own stories with them and collect all the figures. This cartoon had it all ! Great stories, wonderful humor, incredible action and all the women were complete babes, especially the Baroness with her tight black body suit (almost a precursor to Michelle Pfeiffer as the Catwoman). The heroes were a lot like Hogan's Heroes or the A-Team; almost completely infallible and always prepared. Unfortunately, nothing this good lasts for long. GIJoe the Movie with Don Johnson and Burgess Meredith marked the end as the series was taken over by other producers and quickly ruined with stupid situations, bad stories, lousy animations and everyone's favorite characters eliminated. With that sort of damage, the legacy ended not with a bang (the movie), but with a whimper.
  • I have fond memories of watching G.I. Joe. I was in junior high when it became a regular series, and still remember coming home from school just in time to watch it.

    It has plenty of action, there's no question about that. Nonetheless, one would gripe that, despite all the battle scenes, no one gets killed. But I suspected that the producers had managed to sneak some fatalities into the show every now and then. For example, I recall one occasion where a Cobra trooper falls during a gunfight, only to never get back up. And at other times, some characters (mainly Cobra troopers) stumble near explosions. I believe that they pulled off some casualties in such a way that many viewers are unlikely to notice.

    One of my favorite episodes is the two-parter, "There's No Place Like Springfield." That's the one where Shipwreck supposedly had amnesia. It's a great mystery story.

    Besides Shipwreck, my other favorite characters include: Lifeline, Duke, Snake Eyes, Zartan, Dr. Mindbender, Barbecue, and Blowtorch.

    One interesting thing about Lifeline is that he is a medic, and refuses to touch a weapon. But one has to wonder why the toy action figure came with a pistol.
  • G.I. Joe(1984) is a show that I really enjoyed when it was on television. Its one of the few cartoons of the 1980s that I have fond memories of. It was a good promotional gig for the people who sold the toy figures. I'm shocked that nobody has made a live action version of G.I. Joe(1984) as the people in Hollywood seem to do with every other cartoon that was popular during the 1980s. G.I. Joe(1984) belongs to one of the best era in television animation.
  • I love this series. I developed an interest in it a couple of years ago and I've loved it ever since. THe battle between Joe and Cobra is very entertaining with colourful characters on both sides. I first saw the show when I was a kid. That was when the show was named ACTION FORCE in the UK. I now have the movie on video and the first half of Season One on DVD. The show has not disappointed me so far.

    There's great voice work from 80s voice maestros like Chris Latta and Neil Ross. The humour in the show is very appealing as well as there are constantly petty power struggles in the Cobra ranks. Perhaps the introduction of Serpentor wasn't such a good idea, but the show still had good moments. I heard a rumour that there may be a real life GI JOE movie. I hope there will be. If it's based on the Devil'a Due comic that would be good because what I've seen of that comic is great. Here's hoping.
  • As a skeptical TV watcher (especially of old stuff) this is one of those 80s "made-for-kids" cartoons that can appeal to youth of today, as well as be interesting enough for teens/adults to watch.

    This cartoon has the action, thrills and memorable characters that a 6 year old seeks, but has the literary complexity, subtle humour, and general excellent entertainment value that teens and adults would appreciate.

    The Joes, a diverse team of commandos, fight the evil forces of Cobra day in and day out. Each Joe brings a different attribute and personality to the team (personalities that come to life thanks to the talented voice cast - read the credits, you'll see!)

    The plots always entail an interesting and often elaborate storyline featuring a diabolical plot for world-domination by Cobra Commander and/or his subordinates (Destro, Baroness, Crimson Guard Twins, Maj. Bludd e.t.c...)

    The art quality is excellent - it has an 80s super-hero comic style to it which adds a lot to that nostalgic effect. The animation is satisfactory; it varies between episodes.

    Best part is learning the names (real and code) of all of the characters (good and bad), as there are literally tons of characters mixed into the salad bowl that is G.I. Joe, A Real American Hero.

    For you 80s toon a-holics out there, this is an absolute MUST HAVE in your library. I only wish it was still on TV for today's generation to see.
  • G.I. Joe, when I hear this word, my thoughts are going back to my early childhood when I was watching the great heroes defeating the "Free West threatening" enemy COBRA. And after I watched it, I always started to play with my G.I. Joe toys. I was building ambushes with the G.I. Joe action figures and when the COBRA forces came through it was always big fun. Throwing around the action figures, making noise and stuff like that. And the coolest character of G.I. Joe was Ponton. Everybody who watched this series knows Ponton. He was the best specialist en he just looked very cool. Too bad, in Europe aren't very much people who like G.I. Joe. They say that G.I. Joe is an "anti-Russian" and "arrogant American product". I don't mind what those hanger-ons say, I just want to say: G.I. Joeoeoeoeo!!!!!!!
  • This was without a doubt one of the best animated series at its most patriotic. I was in high school when this came out and I couldn't wait to run straight every afternoon at 3 to see what the Joes would go up against next,especially when dealing the evil forces of COBRA. This show was action-packed at it was right in there with some of best animated shows of the 80's next to "Inspector Gadget","Voltron", "Bladestarr","He-Man","Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends","She-Ra", not to even mention,"Thundercats" and "Transformers" & "The Go-Bots". After each episode,the JOES teaches kids important lessons along with Sgt. Slaughter and several other wrestlers including Roddy Piper which was very appealing. And like they say. "And Knowing is half the battle". Highly recommended! Catch it on Cartoon Network.

    PS-The day of September 11th,2002 lets hope that Cartoon Network has a day long marathon of this series.
  • This show was JUST PERFECT for the times of today. In these times of US versus Terrioristrs. The show was about a special anti terriorist teams used to battle cobra. A ruthless hi tech terriorist team. The storys was great. I watched this show reliegously when I was a kid. Watch reruns ar 1 am on weekdays mornings. Not on Friday. It might be on 10 PM. WATCH THIS SHOW!
  • hellraiser710 July 2020
    This is one of my favorite animated shows of all time. I was a kid in the 80's and I'm a fan of the G.I. Joe franchise, from that impressive toy line with all those vehicles. The comic book series, the Marvel and Image/DDW run to be specific, the current run from IDW is solid even though it hits and misses. Video games like the two NES games though my favorite on is the arcade game from Konami. Then there were those two live action films which I thought were decent, though yeah could be better (hopefully the upcoming ones will be). Though I mainly got into G.I. Joe because I was fascinated by all the 80's action films and TV shows like "MacGyver", "The A Team" and others, this animated show added to that fix and more.

    The animation I personally thought is great, it's sort of the same style that was used on a couple of other Hasbro show properties "Transformers" and "Jem and the Holograms" but that fine by my I don't want it any other way. I like the design of the background, vehicle but mainly of the characters that look human, at times you can almost forget your watching an animated program.

    The action is solid, it is just awesome as it's well choreographed and has more explosions than a Michael Bay film (thankfully he didn't do a live action film of this). Yeah, it's true despite all the shooting we never see anyone hit anyone which I'll admit as a kid I found strange, it's almost like you could just simply drop your gun and walk right into the firing without a worry in the world. Of course, we couldn't see anyone actually kill anyone since this was a kids show, so that couldn't be helped but that didn't deter anything in a way it just added to the charm of the show. Then there is also fist a cuff battles as well as some vehicular action to the mix.

    And of course, there is the music which is just fantastic, this show has some of the best music I've every heard in a TV series. From some action tracks during the episodes but mainly that theme song which has to me one of the best darn intros in any TV show and makes me wish the TV shows we have now have creative intros again. Where it's an ongoing action scenario which in a way perfectly sums up most of the show, telling you your in for big action. Of course, I remember those PSAs at the end of the episode which I always find amusing but also educational as they are informative of real danger and of course there is that famous last line.

    Though to me what the real ammo of the show are the characters and the storylines. All the characters aren't quite deep but are surprisingly all really solid and cool for both sides, though the only bad thing is a few might be underused like Snake Eyes sadly. Though that's understandable as the toy line has a giant roster so it can't be helped. But all of them have distinctive personality and even some bits of depth to round them out.

    But most importantly showed how human these people are, it's almost easy at times to forget your watching animated characters. Personally I like seeing this, it just goes to show that despite action heroes they were human beings and doing things that normal humans would do which made the characters a bit relatable and easy to emphasize and get behind with. This at times can make the show (even the comic series) a bit like a soap opera but in a good way because for one this series is actually good where most to all soaps are bore fests where nothing really happens.

    I'll just say a few of my favorite characters on the show. Flint and Lady Jaye, this two are one of my favorite fictional couples. It made sense we would have this as the 80's was full of a lot of these romantic danger duo shows like "Moonlighting" as you can say predated others with danger duos like "Castle" and "Blindspot".

    Anyway both are really solid, Flint is sort of like Jason Scott/Red Ranger from "Power Rangers" as he is just the strong and confident leader, I really love that he has sort of this touch and dry charisma which makes he all the more cool.

    Lady Jaye is also cool and kind of one of my favorite femme fatales as she is a strong woman that knows Martial Arts and is armed with Javelins. Like with Green Arrow and Hawkeye each of those Javelins do different things like some are explosive tipped and one can extend further to act as a pole vault, how the heck she knows which is which when she pulls one of them out is anyone's guess. Though the only disappoint is she doesn't use them enough. Her characters have charisma but is also has a bit of an impulsiveness which is both a strength and weakness as she can get too far ahead of herself or get too close to trouble.

    Whenever both are together I feel is when the show can be at it's best. It's always fun seeing the back and forth between them as they both balance each other out but also you can just feel the chemistry between them is almost hotter than the firefights and battles there in.

    Shipwreck this character is awesome, he is sort could be an animated equivalent to Bruce Campbell if he ever did an animated show. Much like with Campbell this guy just has some of the best lines and wise cracks. I like that this guy is really aggressive as he acts most of the time before he thinks which is understandable as lets face it if your ever in a intense battle you have your lucky to manage a micro second of though.

    He doesn't take crap from Cobra or anyone but is always ready and willing to get into action, as well as willing to fight anyone no matter the odds which never bother him even if they logically are against him. Even like that there is this little thing he has for Cover Girl, and both have a fun bit of a back and forth too, it's funny whenever she gives him a hard time more or less rightfully so. The only disappoint was that it was never developed enough which is one weak point for the show. Maybe if there was a third season, they could of but that didn't happen so oh well.

    The Baroness she is a villainous I don't hate and one of my favorite femme fatales. I remember as a kid (I said I was a kid mind you) other than any of the other females on the show, this was the one I just had an absolute crush on despite being on the other end of the spectrum. What can I say I have a thing for bad girls you can say this goes with what Steve Urkel once said "I'm crazy about you kid , I know your poison but I have no antidote." yeah that sums it up.

    There is just a lot to like about this girl from that black cat like suit that just form fits her body just oozes danger and sexiness. The glasses she wears which do nothing to hide her beauty, but you could say increases it more, show how sharp and smart she is which I always find attractive. She sly a spy for Cobra as she's most of the time in disguise gathering intel, sabatosh and infiltration. Can hold her own against danger but also has some sharp charisma and a bit of dark humor. I even like that with her there is this sense of warmth to her, which makes you feel she isn't all bad and there is something more going on inside her.

    The storylines are really good this show has some really memorable and creative stories which are in a way pulp action at its best as we see a slight mix of genre in the show and you could say essence as most pulp action stories of yesteryear were never concerned about the rules and were more concerned about fun and adventure.

    Each of the episodes was always something different, it was the episodic format but that worked to its benefit because you never knew where the next battlefield was going to take place or even be. I even like that the show tend to focus on certain characters or a singular character which really helped that particular character or set of character get rounded out but also shows how this series isn't just about teams as a whole but the people that make that team.

    Though my favorite ones were the arcs because from the stretched length there was more intrigue and elaboration on the plots which made you really feel a lot was a stake but also put certain characters to the test which made you feel their lives were truly at stake and the importance of their victory because they may not get another chance.

    Three favorites of mine are "World's Without End" which predates the TV show "Fringe" as the Joes venture into a dangerous alternate world where they've lost the war. "There's No Place Like Springfield" this sort of predated the film "Jacob's Ladder" (I said sort of) where Shipwreck thinks he's living the suburban life, but nothing is what it seems. Computer Complications this is one that is sort of a neo noir as it's about two souls that share deep feelings for each other despite on the opposite ends of the spectrum.

    G.I. Joe is a vintage animated classic that is a full metal jacket full of action, adventure and fun. Also remember knowing is half the battle.

    Rating: 4 stars
  • people rag on how liberal captain planet was,and its pagan undertones but fails to mention gi joes right wing ideology,and stereotypes during the reagan years.i'm not going to get into it.either way they was just cartoons.that aside i really liked the second season,and the movie,the battle android troopers was so cool.the action figurs was dull but the VEHICLES was the shiznit.

    to the people who wanted to know where cobra got their funding from.cobra got financial support from their lagitamate buissneses,and they also stole jewelry and money aswell.

    their technology advanced fast cause they didn't have any moral or ethics that limited them.wich means they had no limits in their exspirementation.wich makes cobra even more interesting
  • When you heard this Yo Joe! The Battle Cry of G.I.JOE you get the theme song.

    He'll fight for freedom where ever there's trouble. G.I. Joe is there. G.I.JOE A Real American Hero G.I.JOE Is there.

    It's G.I. Joe against Cobra the enemy Fighting to save the day. He never gives up. He's always there, Fighting for freedom over land and air

    G.I. Joe- A Real American Hero G.I. Joe is there

    G.I. Joe is the code name for American's daring, highly trained special mission force. It's purpose, to defend human freedom against Cobra- a ruthless, terrorist organization determined to rule the world.

    He never gives up. He'll stay til the fight's won. G.I. Joe will dare.

    G.I. Joe- A Real American Hero G.I. Joe

    One of the many beloved childhood shows for any kids of the 1980s and many good reasons.

    The Series feature many classic characters like for G.I.JOE: Duke, Scarlett, Roadblock, Flint, Snake Eyes, Lady Jaye, Will Bill, Cover Girl, Shipwrecked, General Hawk and many more while Cobra: Cobra Commander, Destro, Baroness, Major Bludd, Storm Shadow, Zartan, Firefly.

    The show feature a mix of action and SCI/FI stories which is a plus.

    G.I.JOE was done by the same studio who did the animation work for The Transformers.

    The story, animation and music of the show remains a real treat for those who grew up in the 1980s with the series. Watching it now it feels like being a kid again.

    The show remains a hit because of it characters and fans so whenever there's trouble G.I.JOE Is There

    YO JOE!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I recall watching the first commercial promoting the 1st comic book issue of G.I.JOE from Marvel Comics and all the toy commercials with animation. I also remember watching the M.A.S.S Device mini series followed up but the Revenge of Cobra the following year. It was not until somewhere between 1985 and 1986 that I finally found myself watching this awesome series and really getting interested in G.I.JOE and eventually reading some of the comics.

    Marvel and Sunbow productions did an excellent job with this series. Great story lines and great characterizations of both Joe and Cobra characters. For anyone whose never seen G.I.JOE, I highly recommend seeing this series. The best of G.I.JOE, namely the first two mini series and the entire first season are now on DVD. Back in the first season, you had lots of memorable characters, but among my favorites (and I'll save my top favorite for last) are Flint, Lady Jaye, Gung Ho and rhyming Roadblock, Shipwreck, Scarlett,Snake Eyes, Mutt and Junkyard, Alpine, Bazooka, and Quick Kick. I also love all the original Joes who only appeared in minor roles, but were prominent in the first mini series in 1983 like Stalker, Flash, and Rock N Roll, etc etc. But perhaps my all time favorite character who most symbolized G.I.JOE for me was Duke. He was my favorite right from his debut in the M.A.S.S. Device mini series. To me, Duke was the leader of G.I.JOE and in my honest opinion, the best leader, though I will give Flint credit as an excellent second in command. I really hated it in season two when Duke's role was greatly reduced to cameos.

    In season one, Duke and Flint were the established leaders. You had the maniacal Cobra Commander and Destro. I always enjoyed their scenes as well as the romance between Destro and the Baroness. Speaking of romance, the Flint and Lady Jaye pairing was one element that kept this show fresh along with Shipwreck as a scene stealer with his annoying parrot Polly. Other memorable villains included Zartan and his Dreadnoks, the Crimson Twins and Storm Shadow not to mention Major Bludd, who was all but eliminated in season two.

    In the comic books, Scarlett had a romance with Snake Eyes, who is clearly the most popular character in Joe history, but surprisingly, not in the cartoon. And in the cartoon, it seemed that Duke was Scarlett's potential love interest, which I didn't mind. My top favorite episodes had Duke and Scarlett together with Duke as the team leader in charge. My favorite episode focused on Duke and it was a 2 part episode called Synthoid Conspiracy. Other fun elements were interactions between Joes that were paired up together on missions like Alpine who was always annoyed by the show witted Bazooka. The there's Quick Kick, martial artist and stuntman and movie buff extraordinaire, and when Dusty and Footloose bickered and competed with each other over an attractive female scientist in Hearst and Cannons. Like I said, give season one and shot. This was the best era.

    But season two was a whole different matter. The mini series that told of how Serpentor, the Cobra Emperor was created and the second season were just not as good to me as season one. Hasbro definitely wanted to sell the new toys, so the new Joes and Cobras got too much emphasis. I got tired of Dr, Mindbender and Zarana very quickly, Zandar was new but barely featured. The only new Joes who were memorable were the new marine and navy seal, Leatherneck and WetSuit who were always bickering with each other. Action minded pilot Lift Ticket always in conflict with the pacifist medic known as Lifeline. And that's it. I felt Serpentor, his creation story and plainly the character himself was when the show was starting to get waaaay out there. The inclusion of Sgt. Slaughter was the only entertaining aspect and he was only in a couple of episodes and not used all that much. The G.I.JOE chain of command had changed. For reasons unknown, they finally included Hawk who in the comics was the real G.I.JOE leader and revamped his appearance so he wouldn't be mistaken for Duke. He's known as General Hawk in the cartoon. Duke is second, Flint's in third and fourth in command is shared by 2 drill sergeant types, Sgt. Slaughter and the annoying and arrogant Beach Head. The only veteran characters who remained the most active were Flint, Lady Jaye, Shipwreck and Roadblock because of his change in uniform. Duke, Scarlett and all other veteran Joes were either in the background or eliminated all together.

    Finally, the G.I.JOE PSA's were good and enjoyable. And most of the popular Joes were in them, some like Flint, Shipwreck, and Deep Six did more than one. I can understand why the likes of Bazooka did not do any PSA's due to his limited IQ ( and yet I heard he was very intelligent in the comics.) But the BIG question for me is, Why wasn't there a PSA with Duke?!!! Even General Hawk did a PSA I can recall.

    In closing, check out the first three mini series, the MASS Device, Revenge of Cobra, and the Pyramid of Darkness and the first season of the series. If you can, bypass the second season and the movie that followed. But even season two is better than that horrible series animated by DIC in 1990. Yo Joe!!
  • Where do you start on one of the most influential characters of all time. I can not stress enough how much fun this show is. Cobra is a terrorist force intent on taking over the world by any means they can. Cobra is headed by the self obsessed Cobra Commander. This guy built a laser to etch his face on the moon so the world wont forget Cobra. He makes Saddam look like a boy scout considering he not only brainwashed two U.S. towns but constantly overruns middle eastern dictatorships. If it wasn't for Destro his weapons supplier his character has developed wonderfully. The G.I.Joes themselves are led by Brigadier General Hawk but he is constantly in a meeting trying to prove to The Jugglers(Pentagon Beurocrats) that keeping the Joes around is a cheaper option than letting Cobra have its way. Cobra Commander detonated an explosive devise on the San Andreas Fault to raise an island up in the ocean so he could turn it into a legitimate country that gives him diplomatic immunity in the U.S. I have the utmost respect for Larry Hama who was the guy who got the ball rolling in the comic, action figure and cartoon series. Keep up the good work on this cartoon. Yo Joe.
  • Forget the toys!

    Yes this show was based on Hasbro's toys, but this show gave life and personality to the plastic figures!

    There were so many characters, so many personalities and an abundance of stories to tell. The action was non-stop and the plot lines were on the border of unbelievable. The writing quality is top notch, and at times filled with humour, satire, and sarcasm. (I love the old 80s colloquialisms and clichés).

    Like any cartoon created in the 1980s the artwork quality is also top of the line. Resembling american comic-style, All the characters are brightly drawn, and well animated (especially in the 1st season).

    The voice acting was ahead of the game, featuring the popular talent of that time (and now, still), Ed Gilbert, Frank Welker, Neil Ross, Chriss Latta e.t.c... you can tell they enjoyed working on the show together, just by the effort they put into it.

    My only regret is that Hasbro didn't renew their contract with Marvel/Sunbow for a 3rd season after the movie.

    It doesn't get much better than this folks. This would definitely be a show I would want my kids to grow up on....I wonder what happened to wholesome Saturday mornings/Weekday afternoons?
  • More than just a "half-hour commercial", G.I. Joe was a cartoon that not only reflected the world, but mocked it with a keen wit. From episodes about subliminal messages to cloning to chases around the globe for rare elements, G.I. Joe present well-written stories that remained believable even as things got a little ridiculous. All in all, the best cartoon of the 80s, and a real treat for kids of all ages to enjoy.
  • When I think of GI Joe it brings back to me fond memories of the 1980's. Although GI Joe premiered in 1983, I didn't start watching regularly it until 1984. By 1985 I had already been exposed to and was captivated by what is perhaps the best American produced cartoon ever made, Robotech. Robotech although produced in America, of course it had an extensive Japanese anime influence. After watching a mature series like Robotech, it's very hard to enjoy a very simple and juvenile cartoon such as GI Joe. With that said, I'll proceed to point out the flaws with this series .

    1. The first thing I didn't like about GI Joe is how the laser blasts don't count. In the typical battle scene you'll see dozens of lasers being fired at the joes and no one gets hit. To make matters worse they don't even take cover; they just charge straight into the line of fire. Cobra soldiers must have the worst aim in the world. (In Robotech each shot does count and most of the LARGE battles produced casualties.)

    2. Secondly when I watch an episode of GI Joe, I never feel that the Cobras have any chance of winning. With the exception of an occasional

    two part or five part episode most conflicts are resolved in a half hour.

    3. (Lack of an origin for GI Joe or Cobra) Why was the GI Joe force formed and why is it only an American Force(A Real American Hero?). Cobra is an international terrorist group, shouldn't the GI Joe force be supported by more than just America. Where does the Cobra force get it's funding to support it's activities? They lose vehicles by the dozens in a typical episode. I mean these things do cost money. So many little answers.

    4. (Lack of character and plot depth) This one ties in with number 2 and 3. This series is limited by the lack of an extended storyline. The advantage of having a plot play out over a several episodes is that you can develop relationships between the various characters, villains can actually win battles and you can give the impression that this series is more than a thirty minute toy commercial.

    I don't know what age group was intended for but given the rather idiotic and laughable "Knowing is half the battle" segments at the end of each episode, I'd have to say no older than twelve. I was 11 in 1984 and I remember even then I had the complaints listed above. My exposure to Robotech only made the flaws stand out more. Speaking of those "Knowing is half the battle" segments, some of them were pretty hilarious. I remember one where a boy was in his backyard swimming pool and suddenly he gets a cramp and out of nowhere the Joe named "Wet Suit" emerges from the pool to save him. He then gives him the tip of not eating before swimming and "don't swim alone and knowing is half the battle". Now my question is what the hell was Wet Suit doing in the kid's backyard pool? Geez he was even dressed in full scuba gear(which he NEVER takes off by the way) no less.

    In closing I have to say if you haven't been exposed to the many much better cartoons out there (mostly anime), then you'll probably enjoy GI Joe. If I watch it now it's for the nostalgia factor. Actually I highly recommend this cartoon for the laughs you'll get from the end segments alone. Well now you know and Knowing is Half the Battle.....GI Joooooooooe!! Ha, Ha, Ha!!!
  • G.I. Joe has always been one of my favorite shows and still is. I didn't really have a favorite character on the show, I pretty much liked everybody. However, I still think Transformers is better, but I like this show nonetheless.
  • This was...horrible.

    I grew up in the military (the Air Force) and knew what we did, why we did it, and what sacrifice was about. One thing is absolutely certain. We never, EVER used tactics or people like those found in G.I. Joe.

    Not only was G.I. Joe made in the Reaganomic era of "America, right or wrong", it pandered to the most basal of children's' feelings..."go ahead and hurt things when you get angry. Never mind the moral, social, emotional, international, financial and physical consequences of your actions."

    Give me a break, already. The only time I got a good look at G.I Joe as a child, I was completely bored with its lack of quality. The animation was cheap and effortless, the characters were insulting stereotypes, and the scripts were a ham-fisted attempt at shoving simplistic messages down kids' throats. Even worse, it was all packaged in half an hour of glorified uber-violence in which nobody ever died or was arrested for tresspassing, destruction of property and vehicles, or assault with a deadly weapon. No governments were informed of the Joe's actions, no diplomacy was tried, and no real-world reasons were given for the villains actions. This was the absolute peak of crap-tastic '80s propaganda.

    To top it off, each episode jammed a 30-second blurb into children's heads which said that violence solved nothing, all while repudiating the previous 20 minutes of gratuitous mayhem. Absolute hypocrisy.

    No wonder my generation grew up so physically violent.

    I recently viewed an episode (I can't remember where) and didn't know whether to shake my head in disgust, or simply laugh at its stupidity. To solve my dilemma, I changed over to Comedy Central.

    Recently, the 30-second PSAs at the end of several Joe episodes have been edited, spliced, and remade into comical spoofs of themselves. I find these non-sensical clips eminently more creative AND enjoyable than the actual television show. "Porkchop sandwiches!!"

    Yo-o-o Fenslerfilm!

    Yes, we need the military. Yes, we need them to be out there keeping America safe. And yes, we must be vigilant in the face of hate and ignorance. But we don't need our children learning about violence and conflict from "G.I. Joke". They hear enough about that sort of thing from the news.

    Now you know. And knowing is half the battle. (The other half is making wise decisions.)
  • I didn't exactly grow up with G.I. Joe,in the sense of being around for it in the eighties. I was born in 90', and I always rented the VHS that were available. So I loved getting the DVD sets a few years ago,as I finally had the chance to watch all the episodes. Chris Latta(voice of Cobra Commander) may very well be the greatest and most memorable voice in eighties cartoons, especially at his best in G.I. Joe. His voice is very obnoxious, and original, and his attitude and relationship with Destro always makes me laugh. Roadblock,Flint,Shipwreck and Alpine are some of my personal favorites, great voice actors. I definitely prefer Season One, stories were generally written better, they focused on better characters, and it ultimately lasted longer. The only thing that can be frustrating to me is, the countless animation flaws, there are many miss-colors. If they would have taken it a little slower, those mistakes could've been avoided. I see no other reasons to complain about the classic show, always will be loved by me.