Eban Krutch: Sir, this weather will wet the men's powder. Our muskets won't fire.

John Laurens: Then you must use your bayonets, sergeant. Trenton must be taken.

Knox: If this attack fails, and we're trapped in Jersey, it's all over.

Gen. George Washington: It's all over in any event if we don't try.

[in front of a row of huge cannons]

Gen. George Washington: Gentlemen, let's bid general Howe good morning.

General Clinton: I pray that on the march to New York, Washington attacks us. I'll turn on him and crush him in one blow. Then let the French try to save him.

Gen. George Washington: I want Arnold. I'll hang that traitor if it's the last thing I do on God's earth.

George Mason: You can't ignore history, George!

Gen. George Washington: Oh, by God I can! If only it would ignore me.

Eban Krutch: You reenlisted?

Colonel Joseph Reed: A few months of good food, warm bed and warm wife was all I could stand. I had get back to the hunger and misery brigade so I could have something to complain about again.

[Eban moves to reenlist]

Colonel Joseph Reed: Have you lost your senses? You've done more then your bloody share!

Eban Krutch: [of Washington] What if everybody quits him? What if he quits us?

St. Pierre: This is how it begins. We are striking the first blows in this very room. Major, you and I will be starting a war.

[addressing a meeting of mutiny-minded soldiers]

Gen. George Washington: Gentlemen, you'll permit me to put on my spectacles, as I have grown not only grey but also blind in the service of my country.

Gen. George Washington: No punishment is too great for the man who builds his fortune on his country's ruin.

Baron Von Steuben: [to Continental Soldier] Chest in! Chest in, gut out!

[to Hamilton]

Baron Von Steuben: What is wrong here?

Alexander Hamilton: You've got it backwards, Baron, it's "chest out, gut in."

Baron Von Steuben: Oh, gut in, not out. Like Von Steuben!