Detective Sergeant Rick Hunter's (Fred Dryer's) badge number is 089, Dryer's jersey number when he played for the Los Angeles Rams.

During season three, the producers decided to kill off Sergeant Bernie Terwilliger (James Whitmore, Jr.). When Fred Dryer got wind of his fellow actor's demise, he objected. The script was quickly revised and Robert Firth, who played Riley Causland in the previous season, was brought in to take the fatal bullet. In an odd twist of fate, Whitmore ended up directing the sequences.

Detective Sergeant Rick Hunter's (Fred Dryer's) and Detective Sergeant Dee Dee McCall's (Stepfanie Kramer's) nicknames for the first two seasons were "The Head Hunter" and "The Brass Cupcake", respectively.

Detective Sergeant Dee Dee McCall's (Stepfanie Kramer's) badge number was 358.

Detective Sergeant Rick Hunter's catchphrase through the series was "Works for me".

Detective Sergeant Rick Hunter's house at the beach was filmed on the Strand, in Hermosa Beach, California.

Detective Sergeant Rick Hunter's blue car is the same car seen on Hill Street Blues (1981), season six, episode eleven, "Two Easy Pieces". One of the clues to this is a spotlight mounting hole on the driver's side windshield pillar.

Over the course of the series, Detective Sergeant Rick Hunter would change his service weapon from a 9mm semi-auto to a .44 Magnum to an IMI Desert Eagle (first time used on any cop show), back to a revolver, then back to a semi-auto pistol. Despite all of these handgun changes, the gun shown in the show's introduction never changed from the 9mm semi-auto.

The fictional television station that broadcast the news on the show, KXRX, had the same call letters of a real radio station in Seattle, Washington, KXRX 96.5 FM.

In season seven, the uniforms worn by Detective Sergeant Rick Hunter (Fred Dryer) and Officer Joanne Molenski (Darlanne Fluegel) indicate their ranks. Hunter's rank is Sergeant II- three chevrons with one rocker. Molenski is a Police Officer 3 + 1 as indicated by two chevrons with a star under them. Technically, Hunter as a detective should have had a lozenge indicator under his chevrons.

The footage for the opening montage in the early seasons came from various points in season one. For example, the judge's gavel was from episode seven, "Pen Pals", where Hunter was charged with a homicide.

The reason behind Rick Hunter always getting a junk car was because the scripts almost always called for his car to be destroyed, it would get expensive to constantly wreck roadworthy cars. In reality, all police cars are held to a very high standard of maintenance and functionality.

Hunters handgun in Season 1 was a Heckler & Koch P9S Sport, a rare and expensive competition handgun discontinued in 1984. It had many unique and revolutionary features such as a barrel with polygonal rifling, a delayed roller lock action, combat trigger guard,, adjustable trigger pull, adjustable sights, barrel weight, over travel stop and was available in both 9mm and 45 ACP.