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  • Kate & Allie was one of my favorite shows when I grew up. It was also one of the few NYC based sitcoms filmed in New York City. Jane Curtin and Susan St. James play divorced best friends who live together after their divorces with their children in a Greenwich Village apartment. Of course, the apartment is unrealistically huge and is only affordable for the millionaires. The writing is genuinely funny and worth while to watch. It was one of the best comedies in the eighties. I remember when CBS's Monday Night was the place to be with shows like this on the air. Those days are long gone now.

    As for the rumors that they were supposed to be a couple, maybe that would be on television today. Sadly, it's not uncommon for sisters with their children to live together. I always assumed that Kate and Allie were more like sisters rather than best friends.

    Back in 1984, two divorced women living together with their children would not have sparked the controversy. They went to high school together and they dated men as well. Their arrangement was platonic but they were family without anything offensive. Maybe they should have written them as sisters to avoid the controversy. The network insisted the show ending with them going to separate beds at the end of each episode to avoid that speculation.
  • I first stumbled across KATE & ALLIE back in 1988, when the series was being transmitted by our national broadcasting service. At first I didn´t find the premise all that promising - two divorced mothers and their respective offspring sharing an apartment and their lives in New York.

    I must have watched the initial episode at least 12 times before I decided to keep the recording.

    What made me change my mind? First of all, there were the sterling performances by most of the actors, Jane Curtin and Susan St. James in particular. Slowly I began to appreciate that this series was not only funny, it dealt with real, everyday issues in a non-preachy way.

    And finally - what REALLY convinced of me of the show´s high quality was the Queen of Deadpan herself, Jane Curtin. (So called by John Lithgow, her co-star in the current hit series "3RD ROCK FROM THE SUN, no less!) She can make even duff lines shine with her spot-on delivery.
  • "Kate & Allie" wasn't just a typical sitcom. It has a certain level of importance in the History of Women on Television. Show creator Sherry Coben clearly wanted to tell the story of independent females making it in the city. And the program's producer/director Bill Persky was partially responsible for another iconic independent TV woman: Marlo Thomas' Ann Marie from "That Girl." You might say this scenario was one possible evolution of that character.

    Kate McArdle (Susan Saint James) and Allie Lowell (Jane Curtin) were two divorced women with kids, who were friends from school. Kate was a struggling travel agent with her daughter Emma (Ari Meyers) and a ne'er do well actor as her former husband. Allie was a Connecticut Doctor's ex with two: Jennie (Allison Smith) and Chip (Freddie Koehler) and presumably a decent alimony settlement. In order to help each other out, they all lived together in a sprawling street level duplex apartment in Greenwich Village. Kate had a bedroom, Allie had a bedroom, Chip, the lone bit of male representation, had his room and the two girls shared a room. What was the rent on this place in the 1980s? There was a slight "Odd Couple" element to the story lines, as Kate tended to be free-spirited and fun, and Allie typically was conservative and more realistic/pessimistic. Their ex husbands would occasionally appear but the focus was always on the two women, the issues they dealt with and the problems they faced trying to have careers and raise their kids well and even sometimes have a social life in New York City.

    The charm of the show was in the chemistry of the players. There was a real sense of family coming from the five regular performers and that helped to create a believability that came through on camera. Somehow though, when Ari Meyers left the program, the spell seemed to have been broken. In the episodes where Ari was no longer a part of the cast, the program seemed to lack something. Perhaps the writing suffered, and the story lines fell into more typical sitcom style areas. The setting also changed as the women moved from their homey/funky Village digs into some sterile skyscraper, and the show only lasted one season after Ari's departure.

    This was one of only two prime time series that were shot in New York during this era of television. The other was "The Cosby Show." "Kate & Allie" filmed at the iconic "Ed Sullivan Theater," which has been home to "Late Show With David Letterman" since 1993.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I watched the premiere of Kate & Allie in March of 1984 (along w/ Martin Mull's less spectacular "Domestic Life") and in just the first episode I found a funny intelligent sitcom that was not "cute kids and confused adults".

    It wasn't preachy (Cosby Show),nor was it silly. The kids had brains but still acted like normal everyday kids/teens. Jane Curtain and Susan Saint James are perfectly cast to play two single,intelligent women who,while they do date,are not preoccupied by "finding a man".

    I would say this has to be one of the greatest shows that CBS had to offer after the end of it's 1970's triumphs. Newhart was great too but it was too easy to compare it to his original. Designing Women was 2 seasons away so,in between is Kate & Allie.

    The most unforgettable episode is when Allie gets stuck across town somehow with no money and no way home. She ends up walking home nearly 100 block,looking a mess which makes people think she's a homeless woman. That show was partially filmed in the actual city of New York,which made it all the more amazing. That's an Emmy winning idea if I ever heard one.

    You could have knocked me over with a breath when it was canceled in 1989! Yes,6 seasons but in real time only 5 years and 2 months? It seemed they had so much more to say about these characters. Especially with Chip growing up.

    One of my favorites is when Allie has to talk to Chip about sex and Chip becomes horrified & embarrassed that his mother not only knows these things but can say them out loud and has engaged in it. I love his line at the end of that scene after she leaves. "My mother said "condom"! " That's a classic! ...and so is this show and just like someone else mentioned,why is this not in reruns? ..or on DVD? This was and is quality television! A 10 star rating all the way!

    5/18/2006: Kate and Allie,Season 1,is now out on DVD! (Fall 2006:Can now be seen on the " I. " Network.
  • Kate McArdle (Susan Saint James) is a single New York mom with Emma (Ari Meyers). She is divorced from the well-meaning but unreliable actor Max and working as a travel agent after a bohemian life. Her childhood friend Allie (Jane Curtin) gets divorced after 14 years from surgeon Charles Lowell who has moved on with girlfriend Claire. She was the submissive conservative housewife who had never worked outside the home and is going back to college. She moves in with Kate taking her kids Chip (Frederick Koehler) and Jennie (Allison Smith).

    The first season is a six episode mid-season replacement. Jane Curtin is doing her comedic turns. It is a terrific start to a good sitcom. The show is bolstered by the compelling female friendship of Kate and Allie. Their daughters form a cute parallel friendship. It uses the new landscape of divorce. It has a sweet humor without going too silly. I also like the cold opening sequences of Kate and Allie talking on the streets of New York. They're like little nuggets of 80's New York street life. The kids started doing those openings when Susan Saint James got pregnant during the filming of the fourth season. The show does flatten out over the years. Ari Meyers leaves the show during season 5 for college and Allie marries Bob Barsky in season 6. The lost of Emma leaves a hole in the chemistry. There is always a threat of a guy breaking up the show and its original intent of life as divorced women together. Eventually, TV writing is pulling the show apart and it becomes more constructed. Anyways, six seasons is a pretty good run. Maybe it could have transitioned into a spin off of Emma and Jennie going off to college. If the show has to have a marriage, it should have been one of the girls. The show eventually runs its course. Binging this some thirty years later, it's amazing how much of it comes back to my memory.
  • KATE & ALLIE is one of the truly intellegent and mature sitcoms--an oxymoron?--on TV. As a New Yorker in love with my adopted city, I particularly appreciate the somewhat claustrophobic atmosphere of the program, especially in that cramped Greenwich Village apartment. Every week, the show would begin with a prolog with the characters actually filmed in the city. But most of all, I'm impressed with how Susan Saint James had matured as an actress. Her earlier TV characterizations as Peggy in THE NAME OF THE GAME and Sally in McMILLAN AND WIFE were of one-dimensional bimbos, but her portrayal of Kate McArdle is a well-rounded depiction, with shadings and nuances. She made Kate a real human being, one that could be seen any day in the subway or supermarket.
  • I wonder who I could write ??? OR who All who Liked the show

    a Lot could write ??

    WANT "Kate & Allie" to Start on "TV Land

    from Beginning of Show thru all the Allie & Malcom episodes at least. I LOVED 82% of THIS SHOW,

    PLEASE TVLand, begin carrying this great sit-com

    Thanks and Thanks everyone who comments.!!

    I Need 10 lines for this to post, but I can just repeat myself

    because I want to start my collection of Kate & Allie And

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  • I used to watch this show when I was growing up. Although I don't remember much about it, I must say that it was a pretty good show. Also, I don't think I've seen every episode. However, if you ask me, it was still a good show. I vaguely remember the theme song. Everyone was ideally cast, the costume design was great. The performances were top-grade, too. I just hope some network brings this series back one day so that I'll be able to see every episode. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that I'll always remember this show in my memory forever, even though I don't think I've seen every episode. Now, in conclusion, when and if this show is ever brought back on the air, I hope that you catch it one day before it goes off the air for good.
  • I loved Kate and Allie.

    I haven't seen it for years but I remember it being funny and smart, and the first show that had divorced women just getting on with things.

    In '80s Britain if you were from a single parent household you were nothing but a criminal in the making! - this show was the tonic to all that stuff and nonsense, and I have very warm memories of settling down to my weekly slice of New York life.

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  • Godai-kun22 December 2008
    All of those who would like to see this series again should be aware that it is currently playing Monday through Friday on RTN: The Retro Television Netork. It's a small syndicated network a lot like TVLand. Most markets that have it are carrying it as a digital subfeed, so you will need a TV with a digital receiver or a digital converter box to see it.

    The network's website can be viewed at

    Note sure what else I can say to extend this to 10 lines, really. Just wanted to issue a "heads-up" since I see that there are some "Kate and Aliie" fans reading this site.
  • nhfotofreak30 January 2007
    I love Kate & Allie but I really love Allison Smith. Not only as Jennie Lowell, but anything the girl does! I would really love to see Kate & Allie put back on the air so that I can enjoy more Allison! You gotta admit...she can not only sing but she's great all the way around! And the episodes where she sings...melt my heart! My favorite episode is where she sings "Goodbye To You" to Howard. Remember that one? She can sing to me anytime! And the one where Allie works for that TV station and Allison sings "Tomorrow" 150 times! Loved every last one! Laughed so hard and then fell apart when Allison started to sing. WOW! Anyway, just wanted to not only express my love for Kate & Allie but especially Allison Smith. Love ya, Allison! NHFOTOFREAK!