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  • What many negative people fail to point out is that Kids Inc. was nominated for many Emmys, and its stars won Youth In Film awards several times. It ran for 9 seasons because it was clearly a fan favorite.

    Kids Inc. gave countless numbers of kids the chance to live out their fantasies and contained none of the sex or violence that runs rampant on TV. Instead of whiny, 5-octave-too-high tunes like Kidz Bop, it featured REAL kids, who actually sang. In its later seasons, it dealt with topics that actual kids were dealing with, and didn't downplay them. They used music that was current AT THE TIME, and judging the show out of context is not right. Unlike other live-action kids shows, the small, recurring casts gave us a chance to identify with the characters and watch them grow.

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  • Disney or MGM should bring the reruns of this show back on the was such a good show and unfortunately back in the day when Disney was a pay channel, not many kids could watch the show (I only caught it when we got the Disney preview). Now that Disney is a regular cable channel, at least show the reruns so that kids today could see what it is to be a REAL teen band that actually plays instruements.
  • Kids Inc. may sound like a kids show but it's good for all ages. Its very entertaining watching the kids sing and dance on stage and dealing with problems. The show was on the Disney Channel but is now canceled. it was good while it lasted.
  • KIDS Incorporated is what would have happened had the 90210 gang been a kids band in the 80's.

    The KIDS were actually a neverending Menudo-style lineup of tweenie-boppers, who performed as the house-band at a Peach Pit style malt-shop/hangout for rugrats. They sashayed across stage in their large, over-sized, neon colored blouses and tight black leggings. They rocked out on their guitars and keyboards, with enough dramatic energy to suggest that they thought the instruments *really* were plugged in, and they *really* were playing them. The KIDS covered our not-so-favorite hits from Casey's Top 40, and we tuned in every week to see which songs they were going to put to a slow torturous death.

    KIDS gave us Marta Marerro, before she washed the 20 lbs. of 'L.A. Looks' out of her hair and became pop-goth princess Martika. I prefer the old Martika, in all her satin jacket, giant brooch-wearing, neon leg-warmer glory. She was sassy and saucey and we worshipped her and her Crayola make-up, and we kept hoping her pirouettes would go awry and she'd fly off stage.

    And you had to love "The Kid" (no, he was not played by Prince). "The Kid" marched around with attitude and threw shade and impersonated Diana Ross. Luvvem! There was also this dude named Riley, who made way-awesome yogurt-frappe' and seemingly loved steroids. I think he owned or managed the club or something. He helped the KIDS through life-altering crises like:

    *Which song should the band do tonite-- "We Got The Beat", "Rhythm Of The Night" or "Gloria?"

    *Stacey is like, sooooo tired of being a back-up singer. If she doesn't get to sing lead, like, NOW...she is going to barf out her retainer and go solo!

    *Ohmahgawd...there's a leprechaun next to the gelatto machine and he's all like, "Where's me lucky pot-o-gold?" (I loved that episode...the leprechaun was "Isaac", the evil dwarf guy from "Children Of The Corn"!!!)

    Damn I miss this show. We hated the KIDS and we loved them too. We sang along with them and then secretly wished the roof would collapse on top of them. The Saturday morning TV universe is a stark, empty void without KIDS intoxicated.
  • Random fact: in the last season you can see me in the audience in two episodes.

    Anyhow, that aside, as a preteen, I adored this show and it's cast of regularly vanishing performers. Some have gone on to great things, Stacy is in Black Eyed Peas, Martika did quite well on her own, Haylie Johnson pops up on TV occasionally, Reneé Sands(trom) is in the group "Wild Orchid," and then there's TV darling Jennifer Love Hewitt.

    Looking back at this show, I suppose it was all a bit silly, but it was harmless enough, and is ripe for a revival. How about it, Lynch Entertainment?
  • I remember when Kids Inc. The first time around when it was aired on Sat. evenings at 7. The show was sappy & sweet But it let pre-teens get a tast of the music of that time. It was innocent and glad we had it. Now youngsters get a tast of pre-teen strippers like Brittney and Christina. Kids Inc. was Right place right time!!!
  • As someone who was born in 1985 I have many found memories of Kids Incorporated. I only caught the later seasons, and maybe some of the earlier ones on reruns, but I know that when I was a kid I really liked it. It's one of those shows that, if you weren't around back then, you're probably going to find a lot to criticize. The kids all sing songs that were popular at the time, and sing them pretty well IMO. Some of them are even still around today. Jennifer Love Hewitt, Fergie, Mario Lopez, and Eric Balfour to name a few. Aside from the music, the kids also dealt with problems, and helped each other to solve them. I hate to repeat myself, but it really is one of those shows that you had to be there for in the beginning. The fashion and hair are pretty awful, but I view it as a sort of time capsule. A way to revisit a time long ago. If you're part of the 2000's crowd, and can look past the fashion and hair, and enjoy it for what it is, then I applaud you. It really is a good show.
  • This was one of my favorite shows as a kid. I gotta tell you, I haven't thought about this show in a long time until I went to and saw the intros. It brought back my love for the show and some very cool memories. I remember the kids hanging out in a mall-like setting and the kids singing like they were rock stars in a huge concert hall. I do not remember a lot of the kids on the show or the skits but I do recall the show being a lot of fun with a lot of awesome music. I liked Jennifer Love Hewitt and wanted to be her. lol I also recall having a big crush on Ryan Lambert(he was such a cutie with those big, beautiful brown and killer smile). I wanted to be on this show so bad, that I would often daydream, pretending to be one of the kids on the show, singing and dancing. I would love for this show to come back. It was very positive and up lifting and made everyone feel good. Disney channel, bring this show back!! God bless
  • While it lasted the show was a lot of fun. The show portrayed kids in a rock band, performing a teen-dance club. Also the kids dealt with promblems such as a being too shy to ask someone on a date, or having a friend that likes Shakespeare while you only want to listen to rock and roll. A neat concept, at the time. Only disagreement with the show was the songs. By the time the show received permission to have the kids sing the songs, they were not as popular.
  • I have never seen this show I would like very much to have a chance to see it. I've written to the Disney channel and requested that they bring this show back on the air. I've also written to the Hallmark channel and asked that they bring this show back. I read about this show before and I hear it was a big hit. This show was such a hit that there has been an online petition to have it brought back on the air. I've signed the petition myself even though I've never seen the show. I also wrote to the KSMO WB 62 network as well asking them to bring this show back on the air. I always tune in on the Disney channel to see if they have brought back the show.
  • delarosajlinh16 August 2018
    My favorite show when I was little. Only thing I have issues with is the number of episodes that is listed next to the cast are completely wrong. Fergus was on way more episodes than 46. The hundredth episode was in 1989 season and Fergus has been on it since the pilot episode. Ok rant over
  • Growing up the same age as the kids on the show, I thought it was the best. My sister and I sang along, we loved the outfits, the hair, and ESPECIALLY the music.

    Yes, It's possible if I were to view this again, I would be as embarrassed to watch it as I am to listen to my old beloved New Kids on the Block albums. But, with my naive love intact, I say, bring on the DVD box set. I'll buy 'em all!

    Kids' Incorporated back then is similar to what movies like "High School Musical" are to kids today. It's not meant to be groundbreaking television, and no, the kids (clearly) don't play their own instruments.

    But with three of these child stars still on the celebrity scene today (Fergie, Mario Lopez and Jennifer Love Hewitt,) you would have to agree that those kids were talented. It's not their fault they came of age in the 80's!

    Plus, the 80's are back.
  • To me, Kids Inc is the 80's. It was the show to watch and dance to. It represents not only the music, but the clothes,and issues of that decade. There is no other show more deserving to be on DVD. Those of us who grew up watching it, learned to sing the 80's songs, by kid rated versions to classic favorites. Many stars were born out of that show. I know Jennifer Hewitt as Love Hewitt and saw Stacy Ferguson grow up, just as this generation has watched the Olsen Twins. I loved to see the stage costumes as well as the outfits they would wear for the entire show. It was also neat how they would break into a song that fit so perfectly with the story line. I pray this show comes out on DVD. It is the perfect way to show this generation, how much fun we had growing up in the 80's!!!!
  • Yeah I remember the show some anyway. I do sort of remember watching it on Saturdays or in syndication or something back in the mid 80s, then later seeing it on the Disney Channel previews. (How long did Kids Inc. run, a decade?)

    I remember those corny kids and their pop songs, especially the boy who called himself "The Kid"...and who I thought was the person Michael Jackson was referring to in the 1983 song 'Billie Jean'. You know the lyric: "...She said I am the one, but 'The Kid' is not my son..." (although 'The Kid' seemed to act like he was, Jacko. lol)

    Anyway what happened to some of the kids after the show? I know Jennifer Love Hewitt went on to 'Party of Five' and other teen/young adult movies, etc. Stacy went on to pop trio 'Wild Orchid', which the only thing I ever saw them do was host this show called "Great Pretenders" (Sat. mornings on ABC Family from 1999-2001) where kids under 18 could lip sync to their favorite pop/rock/or oldies tune, and even dress the part. Someone else mentioned Matinka, and I even noticed Mario Lopez was a dancer on 'Kids Inc.' before he was 'Slater' on 'Saved By The Bell', but what did happen to everyone else? (Obscurity obviously.)
  • I used to watch this show religiously on the Disney Channel in California when my now 17 year old son was little. I loved it and even though it was cheesy, I have no shame in being a fan. The kids were super talented and years later, I would see different ones 'pop up' in various places in the world of music and performance. One such was Martika and her hit "Toy Soldier". Also, Wild Orchid, a girl-group trio, was members of the Kids Inc. cast. We can't forget Love Hewitt who later became known as Jennifer Love Hewitt. The plots usually involved some sort of problem that they would solve. Of course, they would always learn a valuable lesson from each of their dilemmas. The children were portrayed as loving friends and showed kindness to one another instead of shallow, back-biting brats that we see a lot of now. They also did high quality covers of all kinds of pop music. My favorite was the time they did "Pink Cadillac". I wish they would bring it back.
  • I used to watch the show all the time when I was a kid. It was on the Disney Channel. I don't know if you noticed, but Jennifer Love-Hewitt was on the show, as was Stacy Ferguson, better known as Fergie, the girl who sings the hook on the new Black Eyed Peas Album song Shut Up. I think it's pretty funny that anyone out there is trying to get the show back on the air, but I'd watch it again. So basically, I'm all for the show, although you must obviously realize it was good to a 12 year old kid, who also thought Beverly Hills 90210 had great writing and great acting! But I did like the show, it made you feel like kids could get together and do anything...(I was like 11). The theme song is good, I can't believe you'd be interested enough to read all "10 lines of text" but if you are, you may also be interested in finding the theme song to the show, which is pleasantly 80's style "you can do it!" type-sounding.