Among those who went on to fame from this show are: Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas, Martika, Mario Lopez, Shanice, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Eric Balfour.

Jennifer Love Hewitt was not the original actress cast as Robin. Partway through the filming of the 1989 season, the original actress was released and Hewitt was given the role (perhaps explaining why she was one of the few characters to not share their name with the actor playing the role.)

Following the filming of the 1989 season the show was put on hiatus for a year, with the series picking up again in 1991. Jennifer Love Hewitt and Kenny Ford were the only ones from Season 6 who returned to continue production. Hence the sudden change in the cast list at this time.

Stacy Ferguson is the longest running cast member of Kids Incorporated, appearing in the pilot and six seasons.

During her time on "Kids Incorporated" Stacy eventually went from being the youngest to the oldest.

Scott Wolf guest starred in one episode. He and Jennifer Love Hewitt later became costars on Party of Five.

In a 1987 magazine interview, Ryan Lambert revealed that the cast did not sing live on the show. They would go into the studio to record the songs. Their voices were then played over a loudspeaker and they would lip sync. Kids Incorporated sang live for concerts and appearances outside of the show.

Filming took place in the summer, from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM, so the kids didn't miss school.

With the exception of Stacy Ferguson Connie Lew, Devyn Puett, Richard Shoff, Mario Lopez, and Sean O'Riordan all of the original cast members including Moosie Drier had their absences written into the show.

Connie Lew replaced Stacy Ferguson as the youngest cast member of "Kids Incorporated".

When Richard Shoff joined "Kids Incorporated" there were six kids in the main cast. After Connie Lew and Ryan Lambert left the show the main cast went back to five kids.

Eric Balfour is the only cast member from the 90s to have his absence written into the show. Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kenny Ford, and Jared Delgin did not have their disappearances explained.

Ryan Lambert, Mario Lopez, and Richard Shoff were the only cast members on "Kids Incorporated" who knew how to play an instrument. None of the other cast members can play an instrument. They would mime playing instruments on the show. As of 1997 Haylie Johnson can play the guitar.

Renee Sands, Rashann Patterson, Ryan Lambert, Moosie Drier, Mario Lopez, and Kenny Ford were on the show for four seasons. Connie Lew, Devyn Puett, and Jennifer Love Hewitt, were on the show for two seasons. Martika, Sean O'Riordan, and Richard Shoff were on the show for three seasons. Jerry Sharell, Eric Balfour, and Jared Delgin were on the show for one season.

Richard Shoff is five months younger than Stacy Ferguson.