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  • gah01529 July 2006
    I remember Punky Brewster, this was another gem that came under the helm of former NBC executive Brandon Tarkitkoff. I'm a guy and I used to watch it religiously as a kid during it's first few years on NBC. No I'm not ashamed to admit that I liked this goofy girl targeted show, hey I was just a little kid myself. Punky Brewster first aired in 1984 (that year of the 80's were everything seemed to happen), regularly clocking in on every Sunday night. And not only did I have a crush on both Solei Moon Frye and Cherie Johnson, but I loved their bright primary color schemed clothes and the non-condescending (to children), informative story lines. The series also perfectly captured the mood and feel of the mid 1980's. You can watch these early episodes and tell it was from that 1984 and 1985 time period. When the father Henry tries to get Punky to go to sleep and tells her something along the lines of, "but I let you stay up to watch Silver Spoons AND Knight Rider!", it will bring warm feelings and a smile to the face of everyone who had a childhood in the 80's. Apparently there was a real Punky Brewster, a childhood friend of Brandon Tartikoff's that made a guest appearance in one episode. Punky's dog was even named "Brandon", which was an in-joke that I somehow understood even as a child.

    There was some stupidity here and there, such as one episode where Henry asked Punky's friend Allen for advice on performing CPR on a girl in critical condition. Henry's an adult, so why is he consulting a 7 year old boy for life saving medical advice? Even if he didn't know CPR himself, he could get help instead of relying on a small child. I wouldn't think about stuff like this as a kid, but today it seems more absurd. Like cartoons of the era, the series tried to empower children and give them more weight and wisdom then they would usually have in the real world.

    But I have to say I did not like the later years of Punky. Once the show left NBC and went into cheapo syndication, it lost a lot of the magic and charm. The series no longer seemed to be about grumpy old Henry (played wonderfully by George 'Police Academy' Gaynes), and both his and Punky's adjustments to a non-traditional family. Instead all became about Punky, Punky, Punky. When it was on NBC, Punky Brewster was a show that could be watched by most people and of both genders. But the late 80's years had Solei Moon Frye inevitably getting older and lose a lot of her cuteness/innocence. The quality of writing seemed to go down when it was off NBC as well. Punky and the other girls turned into mean spirited, gossiping, boy crazy pre-teens. The kid who played Allen (the only recurring male child) had no room in such a show and was subsequently booted. I really liked Allen too, because I remember that kid being my male eyes into world of Punky.

    The show degraded into a primarily chick targeted TV show, which resulted in a heavy loss of it's male audience as well as whatever adult audience it had. I guess they couldn't avoid Solei Moon Frye and the other girls getting older, but I wish more of an attempt was made to keep the series a bit more balanced with the Henry storyline. Still, for anyone that spent most or all their childhood years in the 1980's, Punky Brewster is an important part of pop culture lore for us. High school kids in the 80's had "The Breakfast Club" and "Fast Times at Ridgemont High", but elementary school aged children had Punky Power.
  • I grew up on this show. I remember putting my hair in pigtails right before it started. And I don't know how many times I was Punky for Halloween. I have bought the seasons to watch with my daughters and they LOVE it. I watch my 10 year old when we watch it and it is so neat to see her love it the way I did. It's a good learning show for kids as well. Punky learns to say no to drugs. Gets a lesson on cheating, lieing, stealing and much, much more. It also shows a lot to do with family and the love of other people. Punky came a long way after her mother leaves her and it shows that children of a not so good home life can over come it all with love, friendship and laughter! If you have young children and you liked this show it is just a good and funny to re-watch with them if not better.
  • I posted the first comment for Punky Brewster when I was at least 10. Back then I missed the show more than I do now, though it would be cool to see it again. I exaggerated when I called this Soleil Moon Frye's best, because the only thing I've seen her in besides this is an episode of the Wonder Years (though if ever see her in Sabrina reruns, maybe that'll change). Anyway, Punky was a great show, especially for young kids who wanted a positive role model. My favorite episode has to be the "Miss Adorable" one. I watched that tape of it so much it isn't even in good condition anymore. If it comes back, maybe I'll tape it. For now, I have the memories (and the theme song, for that matter) in my head.
  • I only "discovered" this series last year, when it had a brief run on early morning TV (very early indeed). I like Punky a lot. She reminds me of me. I was just like her, growing up in the eighties, being a cute little tomboy, etc. In fact this show is the quintessential eighties TV show and that's why I love it. Punky Brewster is a much better sitcom than the majority of the trash that was around in the 80s. I give it 8 out of 10.
  • "Punky Brewster", while primarily geared to children, was an entertaining staple to the traditional 80's sitcom offerings. Centered around a young orphan and her older foster father, the show featured laughs, tears, lessons in life, and 30 minutes for watchers to kick back their feet.

    While Soliel Moon Frye was the ultimate carrier of this show, the supporting cast, in my opinion were underrated....a lot of strong talent and great chemistry evident. The funny jabs between Betty and Henry was a throwback to the "Jefferson's" George and Florence. (Interesting to note, Marla Gibbs and Susie Garrett are sisters). Alan was a funny child actor, playing the roll of the goofy pre-teen boy possibly just beginning to discover girls (ahead of his fellow boy classmates) and playing along with them as friends and trying to entertain them with his humor. Margaux was amusing as well, with her sassy yet funny views on the wealthy lifestyle (Her facial expressions were hilarious, as were some of her over the top party dresses and comments on various situations...her arrival via helicopter to summer camp took the cake). And Cherie...ever the sidekick...charming and reliable. During an episode where she finally came to terms with the death of her parents,her dramatic performance demonstrated how strong a child actress she really was, conveying emotions and playing the part with every everything she had. I am amazed she was not seen in larger rolls after this show.

    In general, this was a fun show, and despite being a kids production, it featured some talented players who managed to catch the attention of at least this viewer.
  • To be honest like many others, I actually watched the cartoon as a kid first before I even KNEW that it was a live action TV show when they put it on the Family Channel. (Back before Fox bought it and then sold it to ABC)

    When I finally got to see the live action show I figured it was based on the cartoon. Not that it mattered, I liked this much better. I don't think I really liked Glomer actually. Though when I saw the live version the first time I was curious as to where he was and relieved he wasn't there.

    I would watch this religiously when it was on the Family Channel after school. This was a couple years after they stopped syndicating Small Wonder and it filled the void left by that loss.

    I'm amazed at how Soleil Moon Frye turned out. She was a cute child who grew into a beautiful woman. She hardly looks the same!

    She was on VH1's "I Love the 80's" (hich reminds me, I really do love the 80's.) last year and I finally caught it last month. When I saw her as an interviewee and read the little caption at the bottom and it said who she was, I was like, "Get out of here. That's her?" She was on an episode of Saved by the Bell a while ago (Ok, so it was over 10 years ago.) as Screech's gold digger girlfriend. (Oddly enough, it's not credited on IMDb.) and she still looked like she did as a kid. Amazing.

    The father figure, George Gaynes, was perfect in his role.

    If they put it on DVD, I would probably think about buying it, but I'd much rather take it one at a time on Nick at Nite. Now. If only they'd pick it up.
  • I loved the show Punky Brewster. I've seen each and every one of the episodes. I loved how she always wore very colorful clothes(and different shoes by the way), that funky bed that leaned over when she got on it, her very colorful room(along with the colorful window and shade),her dog, her friends, her treehouse, and the way she brightened up the room when she walked in. My favorite episode was the 5 parter when Henry has a heart attack and Punky has to go to "Fenster Hall" until Henry can get back on her feet. Little did they know Punky was going to be adopted by a rich snobby couple. I wish they would put the re-runs on family channel so I can record them and cherish them for the rest of my life.
  • I was just watching vh1's I love the 80s and remembered Punky Brewster. I was hooked on that show and I even had a Punky doll. She had such a unique style and attitude towards life. I don't think there was another character on tv that empowered young girls the way she did. I was just a little kid when the show was on and because I hated my first name I decided that I wanted to be known only as Punky. So to this day, 18 years after the show premiered, I am still known as Punky. Who wouldn't want to embody her image! The best episodes were when Henry got really sick and Punky was taken away by that rich couple. I was soo worried that Punky would never see Henry again, weren't we all?! Oh yea, they need to bring back the reruns!
  • While 80's fashion was a little wonky, at least all the networks were cranking out shows left and right. Punky Brewster was an abandoned little girl with a golden retriever. So an old guy takes her in, gives her a rainbow colored bed and numerous other comforts for the tomboy. Watching TV as a kid, she was the first girl I ever had a crush on. Now Soleil Moon Frye can be see on VH1's I Love the 80s and she is hot. Anyway, for some reason they can't make fun shows like this anymore. They've either lost the power, the will or have become very lazy. She should definitely make a comeback like "Punky Brewster: Working Woman".
  • I LOVE this show!!!! This was a show that the whole family could watch. This show is about a little girl named Punky Brewster. She is found living in an empty apartment by the manger of the building Henry Warnimont. At first Henry did not want to have Punky around. But then he got to know her and love her. And they became great friends. So he decides to be her foster father. I love this show so much that I went out and bought Season One and Season Two. And I hoping that real soon that Shout Factory will come out with Season Three. If you love this show as much as I do. Then I suggest that you go out and buy Season One and Season Two. Also I love the theme song.

    Here Are The Lyrics: Maybe the world is blind, Or just a little unkind. Don't know.

    Seems you can't be sure Of anything anymore. Although,

    You maybe lonely and then, One day you're smiling again. Every time I turn around, I see the girl that turns my world around. Standing there...

    Every time I turn around, Her spirit's lifting me right off the ground. What's gonna be ? Guess we'll just wait and see.
  • I remember the episode where Punky wants to be an astronaut, but hears of the death of the female teacher, among others, who were killed during that 1984 rocket crash, and all her friends discourage her. I'll never forget that episode!

    Also, growing up, I wanted a treehouse JUST like Punky's ...well, I was hoping I could make it better than Punky's treehouse, because changing my room into hers was out of the question for my mom!! There was also an episode where Punky learned sign language from a deaf friend...this was also unforgettable.

    Everyone in my age group(who were between 4 and 9 in 1984) who watched "Punky" were consumed by her...I don't care what they say!

    All I can say, today, at 21... Long live Punky Brewster!
  • khorwat200530 October 2006
    The timing for this episode was perfect. My daughter, then, 9 or 10, was curious about the Santa thing, she was definitely asking questions. This episode gained another 2 years of magic for her, well me really. I was touched beyond belief with this episode. I sat with my Daughter and watched this with her, it was a magical episode. I think we watched it another 6 OR 7 times over the course of the holiday season. I felt it should have been a Holiday special every year, along with the Frosty's, Grinches, Rudolph's etc. I am now purchasing this boxed set for my Grandson, who is turning 9 soon. I can't wait to sit and relive the wonderful experience of this episode again. Truly one that shouldn't be missed and should be watched by all family members, together!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Punky Brewster (1984-1988): Starring Soleil Moon-Frye, George Gaynes, Cherie Johnson, Susie Garrett, T.K. Carter, Ami Foster, Casey Ellison, Eedie Deezen, Dody Goodman, Lyita Chapel...Created By David W. Duclon Whatever happened to child star Soleil Moon-Frye ? Many child actors have a history of turning to drugs and live a sordid life. Soleil Moon Frye was possibly the first face I remember seeing on television as a child of the 80's. I don't recall when she was on TV. I'm guessing it was 3 in the afternoon after school or perhaps 2pm. She played Punky Brewster, a lovable orphan who is abandoned by her mother and adopted by the generous Henry Warnimont. She had a cute dog named Brandon who was able to perform various tricks and who was often quite human in his mannerisms. Punky represented the definition of the 80's girl. She dressed like Cindy Lauper in colorful, threadbare clothes of her own design, and although by today's standards her clothes are really a bunch of colorful rags and there is nothing "punk" about her, Punky had her own style and she was proud to be herself, unlike today's youth who imitate their coolest idols. Punky had her share of misadventures, often clashing with the snobbish, well-dressed Margot Kramer (Ami Foster). She had an irrepressible spirit, even when things were bad. This show catered to mostly pre-teen girls. I knew several girls who adored Punky and dressed up like her. She is an 80's icon really. I remember one particularly powerful and moving episode: Punky's elementary school teacher turns out to be Sally Ride, who died in a rocket explosion. She would have been the first woman astronaut. Thi show had a lot of heart and I shall never forget it.
  • "Punky Brewster" was a show that first focused on important values for growing up like honor and obedience and being kind and respectful towards yourself and others (even if they are different from you). I remember watching the episode where Brandon was hit by a car because Henry scolded him for eating his stamps and Punky and Henry had to go to the vet. I cried because it was sad. I mean would you want to see YOUR dog hit by a car? OK moving on. There was also an episode where Allen made fun of the school janitor because she would sometimes get caught up working and pretend to be playing the violin with the feather duster. That episode was about how to accept others for who and what they are, even if they are mentally challenged. There were a lot of good episodes in this series, and I am really taken aback that some people think otherwise. I was born in 1982 myself, and grew up watching "Punky Brewster" and learned about morals and values. We had good TV shows back then. True, some TV shows/cartoons nowadays are good and they try to teach kids that it's OK to be different and that it's OK to have friends who ARE different. Also someone commented on the show was somehow fading when Punky became a preteen? Of course the producers and writers are going to focus around Soleil becoming a preteen and teen. Of course, in movies we see now, actors who are 25 portray characters who are 18 and 19, but back in the 80's, TV shows and movies were true to the decade and true to the actors who played them (at least the shows *I* watched). TV shows often have to grow and develop new plots and storylines as the actors get older because who would want to see a pre-teen Punky still pretending to play cops and robbers when she was 6 or 7? Nobody would tune in then. I could comment more about this and other shows and to the people who refuse to open their eyes and narrow minds, but I'd be here all night.
  • I watched Punky Brewster from the time it aired on the NBC network to the time it ended. Eventually, the show was brought back in reruns on the Family Channel now called ABC Family. Soleil Moon Frye gave a great performance as Punky I can't think of a better Punky Brewster than her. I've written to the Disney Channel, KSMO WB 62, KCWE 29, and even the Hallmark Channel requesting that this incredible show be brought back on the air. I really enjoyed this show and I really want to see it again. I even listen to the theme song on the internet, I also know it by heart. Other viewers want this show back on the air as well. I also called Columbia House video store because they now have all your favorite sitcoms from the fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties, and nineties where you can buy them. I asked them if they had Punky Brewster but they didn't have it.
  • This is a family sitcom that I happened to catch on TV when I was a kid, remembered it being a heartfelt series about girl Punky Brewster who befriends Henry Warnimont, who adopts her.

    I loved the chemistry and family relationship between Punky and Henry - very heartwarming and touching to watch. It definitely represents the true meaning of family and innocence, all the while bringing in some comic relief as well.

    Good acting, good episodes, and an overall good series for the most part whose lead actor serves as a good role model for children.

    Grade A-
  • jpratt-9862828 February 2016
    It is a great show. It is also funny. All the star did a great job on the show. Soleil Moon Frye has made the character Punky Brewster come to life. She I really funny on the show. I wish I could see more of her. George Gaynes also did a great job as portraying the part of Henry, Punky's foster father and adoptive father. Cherie Johnson was also great doing the part as Cheri Johnson Punky's best friend. Susie Garrett also did a great job playing the role of Betty Johnson, Cheri's grandmother. Ami Foster also did a great job as Margaux Kramer, Punky's snobby friend. Even Sandy the dog did a great job as playing the role of Punky's dog Brandon.
  • This is another one of my favorite TV shows of all time right next to TV shows like "Small Wonder", "Charles In Charge", "The Wonder Years", "Married With Children", "Family Ties", & the 1970s live-action TV show "The Amazing Spider-Man"! This is quite possibly one of the greatest TV sitcoms of all time!

    Even my 9-year-old sister loves this show! For those who've never heard of this, a little girl named Punky Brewster (Soleil Moon Frye) who gets abandoned by her mother in a supermarket. She takes her dog Brandon and tries look for someone to take care of her for numerous weeks. She finds an old photographer named Henry (George Gaynes) who just so happens to adopt her and they both change each others' lives in ways that are nothing short of hilarious!
  • I love Punky Brewster! I grew up with her!! What happened to the Seasons on DVD? I already have seasons 1 & 2. I am waiting on season 3 and the rest of the show on DVD!! Please come out with them soon!! I will buy them just like I have the others. This show brings back a lot of childhood memories for me. I want to be able to pass this on to my children. Now a days, the shows on television for children are not appropriate. They need to bring back the family shows like this one. I don't even see reruns of this anywhere on television. I remember growing up on this show, Full House, Little House On The Prarie, etc. I see reruns of these shows but not Punky! I don't understand why not! Bring Punky back!! I want to see more of her on DVD and on television!
  • I really enjoyed the show! I was upset when they canceled the show and didn't give us a warning but that's o.k. I just wish they would show reruns on cable! I mean I wanted to be and dress just like her. Her style, clothes and attitude was great I mean I was young but I knew what was going on. My favorite episode was when her friend was introduced to punky and they became the best of friends I thought that episode was so cool! I wondered where she purchased her purple vest I wanted one so badly but I couldn't get one my moms kept telling no I couldn't get one so I tried to make one out of old clothes and It turned out o.k. but It wasn't better than Punky.I wish that she would make a come back in the future and show some one some of her best television shows.
  • This show was so much fun. I suppose it could get on your nerves but it was never meant to be taken overly seriously. I was a kid when it first came out and I've seen every episode. That is probably the reason I like it so much. And I love Soliel Moon Frye, she is still pretty cool. THis is just a fun little show from the 80's that is just meant to be enjoyed.
  • I absolutely loved this show and I really wish they would put reruns on tv. I know a lot of my friends would love if they put more reruns of shows from the 80's on tv!!!!! There are so many shows I used to watch and wish I could tape them or order tapes of these shows from somewhere, so I could watch them over and over.
  • Punky Brewster was an excellent show when it first came out in the '80s. Soleil Moon Frye was a great Punky, and this will always be her best. I didn't watch the show until it came to the Family Channel, but it's still a great show. But currently, it isn't on the air. My favorite characters were: Punky (of course), Henry, Cherie, Margeaux, and Betty. Too bad it went off in 1988, and it isn't on The Family Channel anymore. Please come back!
  • Punky Brewster is a strange little show. Sure it is the typical kid moves in with a person or persons. Usually it is a long lost parent like in "Silver Spoons", some other relative like an aunt or something, or in the strange case of "Different Strokes" an employer. This one has a little girl who calls herself Punky living by herself in a vacant apartment. Well she is soon discovered and starts living with the elderly old curmudgeon and begins to melt away the ice around his heart. Of course that is how it would go, I would not be much of a television show had he sent her away to live in an orphanage where she in turn escaped and begin a life of crime. Well that may have made for an interesting show, but it would have to be one of those shows that HBO or Showtime puts out. Well the girl makes friends and tries to teach the kids at home valuable lessons such as do not go in abandoned refrigerators. Granted that lesson is rather pointless today as any child who can not escape today's magnet fridges is probably special and should never be left alone. She also teaches the importance of not going into old caves with your friends otherwise they end up looking horribly stupid saying "Punky" in a sinister voice while fighting strange glitter men. Okay, so the lessons are rather lame for the most part. The show had some good episodes to it though as there is an excellent story arc of her getting adopted by some evil rich woman and her put upon husband, but there are lots of stupid episodes too. It is also kind of funny that the guy playing the curmudgeon is also the head of the police academy in "Police Acdemy", the one that got the special surprise under the podium.
  • I saw Punky Brewster reruns every afternoon when I was a kid and I loved that show.

    I thought it was a great show. Looking back it is dated and the laughs aren't there but it is still a good family show I would like my girl to watch someday.

    I really liked the old guy character, he was such a nice guy and I like the actor too because he seems nice.

    I also liked the animated series they had for the show but I barely remember it and I think it didn't last long, I actually saw that before I saw the regular live version of Punky Brewster.

    It's nice to see Soleil Moon Frye is still working too.

    Great show, 10 out of 10!
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