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  • I love this series, it was a childhood favourite and I still am a fan of it. The animation is decent enough with the odd understandable inconsistency, with the robots wonderful to watch and the backgrounds and colours quite bold and fitting. The music is great, memorable while with an essence of complexity in some of the orchestration, the narrative is cool and does justice to some outstanding if simple story ideas. The writing is intelligent and humorous, in short enough to satisfy anybody who watches the show, and the characters are some of the memorable characters in a cartoon series for me, especially Megatron and Optimus Prime. This is helped hugely by a top notch vocal cast with Frank Welker and Peter Cullen born for their roles. All in all, an excellent cartoon that has something for everyone. 10/10 Bethany Cox
  • Ah, what a gem this was and still is! Sixteen years later, this series still has not lost its sparkle. This is due to the obvious care that was put into this production. Kudos to the animators for successfully animating a slew of WAY cool transforming robots (which, I am sure, is not very easy to do). Kudos to one of the best voice casts ever assembled for a production for bringing the characters wonderfully to life. (The cast list reads like a miniature "Who's Who" among voice artists.) Special thanks must go to Frank Welker, who brought Megatron (among other characters) wonderfully to life. And then, of course, there was the Autobot leader who became so beloved by kids everywhere that he rose to the status of genuine icon for many a child: OPTIMUS PRIME. Now, I liked "Beast Wars" and thought that Gary Chalk was good as Optimus Primal, but the one TRUE voice of the REAL Optimus Prime will ALWAYS belong to Peter Cullen. They could not have gotten (nor will ever get) a person so perfect for the role as him. He brought both gentle warmth and fearless commanding to Prime, and those traits are what made him last, in my opinion. Here's hoping the series will continue to do the same.
  • STAR RATING:*****Unmissable****Very Good***Okay**You Could Go Out For A Meal Instead*Avoid At All Costs

    Golly gosh,is Transformers really nearly 20 years old?This timeless celebration of colourful good machines versus bad machines is a piece of genius.I was channelsurfing today,and saw this on one of the channels.It was an episode I remember called The Revenge Of Bruticus.That holds your attention as well now as it did when you were a young kid.In fact,strangely enough,it almost seems better caught up in the pretentiousness of adult life.I would be very happy if they made a big hollywood blockbuster movie adaptation of the series,even though this would contradict my movie laws no end.Maybe the heartless marketing moguls at hollywood should leave this old classic alone,and let it stand the test of time in it's current posistion.*****
  • Transformers is the greatest cartoon show ever made. The toys were outstanding. It makes the cartoons of today look like trash. The first seasons of Tranformers were the pinnacle of childrens entertainment, with supercool characters and awesome well built toys. Even the toys make the toys of today look like garbage. The toys hand a lot of die-casted parts. The cartoon had a good straight-forward plot. Everything went well until the movie where they killed all the best autobots and subsequently killed the transformers, afterwards the show was never the same and the toys started becoming all cheap plastic with simple designs. But the glorydays overshadow the dark. Transformers will forever be immortalized in the hearts of millions.

  • Words can't even express how passionate I am about "Transformers." The recent DVD releases have let me revisit the entire series, and it's been one of the happiest experiences of my life. I wasn't entirely surprised how clearly I remembered individual bits of certain episodes (rare character appearances, etc.) as I watched them, even though I hadn't seen them in 15 or 20 years.

    The following are my season-by-season impressions:

    Season One - In the cold light of retrospect, this is the one that holds up the least well. There are too few characters (or the same ones are spotlighted too often,) the action is generally tame compared to later seasons, and the stories are too campy and repetitive. The one standout episode is the last one, "Heavy Metal War." My guess is that they weren't sure if it would be back next year, and decided to pull out all the stops.

    Season Two - My sentimental favorite, because it had the best characters (my favorite Autobot was Tracks, my favorite Decepticon was Starscream - yes, he'd been around since Season One, but he was spotlighted more in Season Two,) but the quality level is so uneven it can be frustrating. The first few episodes are basically a continuation of season one, as no new characters are introduced yet, but these include two of the series crown jewels, "Atlantis, Arise" and "The Insecticon Syndrome." Once the new characters started rolling out (pun intended) the episode-to-episode quality still fluctuated, but there were still plenty of keepers.

    Season Three - Very underrated in my opinion. Yes, it's a shame that a lot of the best characters were either killed off or re-invented in the movie (which I didn't like - it had no story) and that their replacements were a pretty boring bunch (except for Cyclonus.) But the quality of the writing was much more consistent (the five-part season opener, "The Five Faces of Darkness," was everything the movie could have been,) some familiar characters really blossomed (Grimlock was so cool,) and the show had a darker tone and more action, changes which sat well with me (most of my favorites of the earlier episodes were along those lines.)

    "Rebirth" - The three-part series closer. Too much like an average Season Two episode. The DVD has an excellent interview with writer David Wise, who genially explains why it didn't turn out as well as it could have.

    My dream come true would be if there were a brand-new series with the Gen 1 characters. I just hope they don't start until I've broken into the industry, so I can write for it.
  • Along with "G.I. Joe", this was my one of my favorite cartoons as a kid. It deals with Optimus Prime and his Autobots in their never-ending battle with the evil Decepticons. Yes, the show was a commercial for the unending line of toys, trading cards, and other merchandise, but it was the best commercial EVER in my mind. The adventures were thrilling and I couldn't wait to watch it every day. The show was greatness personified until after the movie. Everything that came afterwords only tainted the memory more and more. Armada being the pinnacle of ass. However watching anything before the movie still remains pure gold and instantly takes me back to my wonderful childhood in the glorious '80's.

    My Grade: A
  • Cartoons like Voltron and Thundercats are good by their standards, but Transformers blows them all away. Like it's follow ups, Beast Wars & Beast Machines, this show was designed to sell toys. But Transformers and the future series are much better them some people say. The reason the show ended in the first place is because sales for the toys dropped a lot, so the show was cancelled along with the comics. It's the classic good versus evil show. All the characters are great, especially Optimus Prime. Transformers is a number 1 show.
  • IrockGswift17 February 2004
    This is one of the most popular cartoons of the 80s. It was original and not follow the trend of Hanna-Barbera's copycat mysteries/adventure cartoons a decade earlier. Automobiles that become robot fighting machines,producers couldn't be more creative then that. It was all action which us kids grow into after watching Superfriends or Spiderman and the amazing friends. I remember collecting some of the action figures then giving them away after they became out-dated. Though still a classic and one of the best cartoons of that generation.
  • One of the best cartoons to come out in the 80's along with G.I. Joe and Visionaries.

    This story is about two waring Robot factions, The Autobots (the good guys) lead by Optimus Prime, and The Decepticons (the evil nasty pieces of work) lead by the maniacal Megatron.

    The show starts off with the Autobots leaving their home planet of Cybertron to find a new source of energy to win the war, having depleted their own planet of energy they set off in their space craft (known in the comics and the Beast Wars TV Series as The Ark) to find new sources of energy to help win the war and replenish there own planets energy supplies, but unknown to them The Decepticons already new about their plan and set off to follow them in their own space craft, The Decepticons ambush The Autobots in space and board there ship but the ship is caught in the magnetic pull of earths atmosphere and the ark crashes into a volcano and lies dormant for 4 million years, before an eruption re-activates the ships computer (teletraan I) which rebuilds and reactivates The Transformers giving them Human vehicles designs and the war starts all over again.
  • Transformers, for me were the coolest toys as you could actually do something with them, hey they transformed. The cartoon was a very good compliment to said toys. It followed the story of the Autobots who were good and the Decepticons who were well not good. They raged most of their battles on earth and the show was at its best during the first season and parts of the second season. The ones that occurred after the movie were pretty good, but then I thought the headmaster and target master miniseries that would mark the end of the Transformers generation one was very weak as it was nothing but one big toy commercial and featured many Transformers that were never introduced before playing a rather large role. My favorite episodes usually involved the Decepticons called Constructicons. Six robots that formed the super robot Devastater. They were my favorite toys as a kid and I actually still have them. The show was not without other problems than just the weak ending. A lot of problems stem from problems with the plot and origins of some of the robots. Apparently, they didn't think a kid could remember how a robot was introduced so they created a new origin. Such as Devastator. Clearly introduced in season one as being created on earth they would in a later episode show them having been on Cybertron and they were good guys no less. Also, it was clearly shown you could make a new transformer on earth, but in later episodes it was shown you had to use a special device to infuse them with personality. Still, the problems were not enough to steer me away from this cool cartoon.
  • Transformers generation 1 is regarded as the best transformers series by fans, it is the one that started it all, but does it really hold up to today's standards? Here is a review of huge transformers fan who grew up with transformers animated, prime and beast wars, what I regard as the best 3 transformers cartoons. Transformers generation 1 was a 20-minute toy commercial, designed solely to sell toys. Granted every transformers series is designed to sell action figures, but the way they handled g1 is absolutely disgusting. Right from the very first episode you are introduced to about 20 autobots and 20 decepticons. All you know is that they crashed on earth to continue their long, long battle. There is barely any character development ( at least according to the first 30 episodes that I watched, and god I had an awful and painfully long time). The dialogue is absolutely ridiculous, and nothing really happens, the deceptions find a source of Energon on earth, they attack, the autobots defend, and so on and so forth. The plots make no sense and some of the characters decisions make absolutely NO SENSE!!. While I love the generation 1 designs, at least the posters and the fantastic master piece figures, the animation is horrible and rushed, that's because they wanted to air as many episodes as possible to sell as many toys as they can. I swear to god, and believe me, every time I woke up at night and I could not go back to sleep, I would watch a g1 episode, and I swear to god, it WORKS, I would sleep half way through. I highly recommend it to any one NOT BORN WITH THIS CARTOON as an alternative to sleeping pills. I was very excited to see what the fuss is all about, but even my little brother absolutely despises this garbage. Watch transformers prime, beast wars, or animated. Read the IDW comics, but for any new comer, stay away from this. I know that many will dislike this review, solely because I disagree with their opinion that is blinded but nostalgia goggles, but this is awful, one of the worst transformers incarnations that are over-hyped for no objective reason.
  • Maybey I shouldn't even call this a children's series, because the show was written on a more adult level. One of the reasons for Transformers success was that while it was written for kids and had plenty of corny dialogue, for the most part the series was written on a 13 year old's level. Other '80s cartoons like He-Man, She-Ra, Voltron and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were written on a 6-8 year old's level. It makes a big difference for a shows longevity.

    Those of us that grew up with Transformers can STILL watch the show into adulthood, while it's harder to watch a show like He-Man when you're all grown up. The '90s had the same mistakes, making the Power Rangers written on a even lower level, probably that of a 4 or 5 year old. But the Transformers having a 13 year old's mentality is what made this show a success. It had well developed characters(for this genre anyway), interesting story arcs, humour and great dialogue.

    Even now at 26, I thoroughly enjoy Transformers. Heh, I was 8 years old when the toy line came out(before the TV show) and 9 years old when the show premiered in 1984. I watched this series all through elementary school from 4th-6th grade. This series was completely aimed at people my age and/or around my age. It wasn't until the MOVIE came out in 1986 and I was 11 years old that I realized that I was one of "the older fans". I felt the need to mention that, because I realize that many of the Transformers fans are about five or six years younger then me. Not that much of an age difference now I know, but back then it was a big difference. I was born in '75, and during the theater showing of the MOVIE('86), there were indeed plenty of kids my age(10, 11, 12, 13 and even 14) and/or around my age(7, 8, 9) in the theater, but the auditorium was loaded with 3, 4 and 5 year olds who missed the series original run, but were there for the MOVIE.

    Lots of kids that were born in the '80s most likely missed the shows original run(or ability to truly enjoy them) because they were like 1, 2, 3 or 4 years old when the TV series came out. However they were old enough to see the MOVIE in 1986 because they were then 4, 5, 6 years old......but these guys missed out on the great discussions an 8, 9 and 10 year old can have on the toys(which came out first), well written stories, humour and finely developed characters of Transformers. There are advantages to being one of the "older Transformer fans". :)
  • This review that I'm going to write about is on the DVD collections of Transformers. Here they are:

    Season 1 Boxset:The Beginning of Generation 1 I bought this box-set during summer of 2002. I really like all the episodes that were in order. My favorite feature on the special features disc was Botcon 2001. It was my first convention which I liked. I had some fun at that convention and got an autograph form Ernie Burns of N.R.G. that performed the song,"Instruments of Destruction", from Transformers the Movie. I think this is the perfect series to add to your collection. In closing, after season 1, see season 2.

    Season 2 ,Part 1 Boxset:The first part of season 2 This Season picks up after the first Season. This season has some great episodes including The Autobot Run, Dinobot Island Part's 1 & 2, The Master Builder, and more. My favorite feature in this Collecton was the Interview with Michael McConnohie, the voice actor who played Tracks and Cosmos. Also I liked the scenes from Botcon 2002. In closing, after this part, see part 2.

    Season 2, Part 2 Boxset:The 2nd Half of Season 2 This part picks up after the first. My favorite characters are Tracks and Smokescreen because they were in most of the episodes. I saw these episodes before on Transformers Generation 2. My favorite episodes in this collection are Autobop,and The Gambler. This box-set is a must get for your collection. In closing, after this season, see the movie

    Season 3, Part 1 Boxset:The Beginning of Season 3 What I like about this box-set, it picks up after the movie. In this season the new leader of the Autobots is Rodimus Prime. Ever since the movie, some of the best Autobots have died,they are "Prowl, Ratchet, Wheeljack, Windcharger, Ironhide, Huffer, Brawn, and Optimus Prime. This box-set also has scenes from Botcon 2003. It also had the History of the Autobots,and the Decepticons, also had info on the Preadicons. I also like the Public Service Announcements because the Autobots teaches kids on some good tips to keep safe. And they use the same phrase from GI-Joe :"Now you know, and knowing is the half the battle". Also Frank Welker takes the role of Galvatron that Leonard Nimoy did in the Movie. In closing, if you have seen the Movie. Then get this collection. You will see what I mean.

    Season 3, Part 2, Season 4 Boxset: The end of Generation 1 In this final Half of the Transformers, the war rages on. In the Episode:"Ghost in the Machine", the ghost of Starscream visits Unicron and asked to get his old body back. He had to steal the eyes of Metroplex, but he has broken one of his eyes. He stole the other eye from Trypticon. In "Grimlock's new brain", Grimlock became smart and created the Technobots. What I also like about this final collection is the 2 part saga:"The Return Of Optimus Prime" when we last saw him in the Episode"Dark Awakening", he destroyed himself by ramming into a Quintesson warship. But somehow he managed to survive. But it was great for the Autobots to have their old leader back. In Season 4, it was the beginning of the end in the 3-part"The Rebirth", it was the first time I got to see the Headmasters, and Fortress Maximus and how Spike saved Cybertron from Destruction. So in closing, we hoped you enjoyed seeing the entire series of Transformers Generation 1. If you don't have this one yet, get it. You'll see what I mean

    In closing to this review on the seasons of Transformers, add them to your collection. You will see what I mean!
  • I liked the first season! But as the show was deliberately set up as an advertisement to promote toys, and with every progressive season more and more new characters arriving on the scene, it lost itself.

    Dialog that is not even remotely funny, but is obviously written as intending to be so.

    Behavior and mannerisms in newer characters that is down right stupid, while original characters were still entertaining, it was annoying to see them have to deal with the total idiotic behavior of the newer ones.

    Can't watch it anymore. I stopped about 3 episodes into the 3rd season.
  • transformers g1 is the first incarnation of the transformers in television history, and the beloved show of all fans, if you ask someone what is the best transformers show, they say g1, and that's it, no hesitation whats so ever, but is it really that good?, can some one watch it right now and admit that it is awesome?, the answer to that is unfortunately no, yup, you just read that, no. transformers g1 benefits from its 80's era where many of the TV shows where a 20 minute advertisement for their toy lines: GI Joe a real American hero, teenage mutant ninja turtles and many others, fans love g1 because they remember holding that optimus prime action figure while watching that episode where he kicks the decepticons butts which is really what happens in almost every episode, characters come in and die just like that for the sake of selling toys, there are so many characters and i mean so many, you get like 20 of theme in just the first episode( you can count them), i do find certain guilty pleasure watching this, and there are some good episodes here and there, but the transformers is far, so far from being perfect, it has a good animation and some good stories but so many were wasted. it is better than so many incarnations but definitely does not match transformers series such as beast wars, animated, or transformers prime, and this is where the problem kicks in, people bash all the other transformers iterations as they are not as good as g1, but the problem is they will never be pleased as g1 is the first, g1 is the cartoon they grew up with, period, they even bash transformers prime as is not as good as g1, really?, really?, yeah. i know that this review is gonna get some hate, but from an objective point you all know what im talking about, go watch a random episode from g1, animated, prime and beast wars and tell me which one is the best and which one is the weakest, i kinda feel sorry for Hasbro for trying to please the transformers fandom throughout the years and god most of them are unbelievable children dressed in a 40 year-old body.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Many cartoons inspired in toy-lines where made in the eighties, but not many of them resisted the test of time.

    The original "Trasformers" cartoon is one of those shows, that despite all the flaws that could have (It was, after all, a product of its time) was highly entertaining and had an interesting cast of characters, which were the most appealing element of this franchise, and made it survive among the decades.

    The backlash caused by the death of several characters done in the movie just serves to show how the viewers were attached to them: In that way, "Transformed" proved to be more than a simple cartoon done to promote a toy line. It had created (Probably in a unintentional way) several iconic characters, that were not only easily recognizable, but also have many likable traits that made this show to win the appreciation of the viewers. That's the main reason why new cartoon series based in the "Transformers" (Each one of them with different quality and entertainment value) are still being made until this day.

    The spirit of the story and the characters remains among the different decades, because it was very appealing, with many potential to exploit. Some of the animations that came later gave this a more mature approach, such as "Beast Machines" or "Transformers Prime", while others gave the same story a more lighthearted approach (such as the animated series done in the year 2007) but all those shows always tried to achieve the same essence of the original, because that was the key of the success of this franchise. Some of those series were good, others bad (And others were very, very bad) but the original one will be always my favorite, the one that started all my love and interest for this franchise.
  • The Transformers Cartoon from the 1980s is easily one of the greatest cartoons of all time. There are just so many classic and awesome transfomers out there. I really am a fan of transformers but just the first two seasons are what does it for me. After the animated movie was made I really did not watch the series much. I did like the new live action movie though. These first two seasons are great though. All of the classic characters are there. Optimus Prime, Ironhide, Soundwave, Megatron, Starscream, Ravage, Grimlock, Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Sludge, Skywarp, Prowl, there are so many that I could not begin to list them all. The show is great, awesome dialogue and lots of action. My personal favorites were always Grimlock and Soundwave. Frank Welker is the greatest voice actor ever. TO conclude this series of Transformers is The Transformers at its peak and at its best.
  • The Transformers are the greatest cartoon show of all-time.

    The Transformers had an awesome storyline with The Heroic Autobots Lead by Their Leader: Optimus Prime!! battling The Evil Decepticons Lead by Their Leader: Megatron.

    Transformers were the perfect example of Good Vs. Evil. The Show had Awesome stories and great action.

    Here are my all-time favorite Transformers Autobots: Optimus Prime, Jazz, Bumblebee, The Dinobots, Springer, Cliffjumper, Hound, Tracks, Smokescreen, Hoist, Prowl, Mirage, The Arielbots, Beachcomber, Seaspary, Ironhide, Trailbreaker, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Warpath, Skyfire, and Blaster.

    Decepticons:Megatron, Soundwave, Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage, Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, Starscream, Thundercracker, Blitzwing, Mixmaster, and The Combaticons.

    Optimus Prime,In my opinion The Greatest Good Guy of all-time, Optimus Prime is everything that a true leader/Hero should be: Brave, Fearless, Caring, will help the innocents in need, Fights for what is right, Will stop at nothing to beat the forges of evil.

    Megatron in my opinion, the greatest villain of all-time, Megatron is Cold, Mercyless, and Danger, Megatron give a new meaning to the word Evil.

    This show is bad to the bone.

    Transformers Will always be The Number Greatest TV Show And The Greatest Toys of all time.

    Check this show out.

    Optimus Prime: Autobots, Transform and Roll Out!!!!!
  • It's probably been about ten to fifteen years since I last watched an episode of the Transformers. I remember it being a very involved storyline with lots of history and amazing subplots. Of course, when you're only 7 or 8 when you watch the shows, it always seems better then it really is. However, just today, (I'm now 22), I got a chance to watch a couple episodes and I was thoroughly impressed! The voice acting was really well done and not at all very cheesy. The animation was what I remembered and really good. And last but not least, the backgrounds were amazing and awe inspiring! As for the story line, it was very engaging and intruiged me to watch more episodes to find out how this happened and where that transformer came from. Another technique the cartoon used was to have "special" transformers. Those transformers that were rarely seen and sometimes only talked about. Occasionally, brief history was given about the transformer, but not enough to know the whole story behind them. This made for a very intruiging and interesting cartoon. Definitely keeps me wanting to watch more.
  • This is one of my favorite animated shows of all time, it's also another childhood relic of mine, but also my second favorite "Transformers" cartoon in the franchise. I've seen this cartoon when I was about seven, I loved it then and even as an adult I still love it along with the other generations of kids and adults, the franchise is just timeless and continues to grow with no end of the road in sight.

    The Transformers were a phenomenon in pop culture, from the toy line which are just all well designed, I still love having them on my hand to play with. By their nature the Transformer toys were two toys in one as they are both robot and vehicle as one. Transforming the toys back and forth was fun and a bit of a challenge as they were sort of like a physical three-dimensional puzzle, though once you figure it out and practice a bit it comes naturally. And of course, there are the video games (the three games from "Activision" and that one from "Atari" are cool), as well as the comics my favorite is the run from IDW. But of course, there is this cartoon which is the real kicker as it truly was the one that helped start it all and is what really got me into the franchise. The animation is awesome, I really love the character animation and detail of the robots. The music and sound effects are also great, whenever I hear that series of sounds when they transform it is just music to my ears. However, I really love the theme song which is one of my favorite theme songs of all time, though my favorite version of it is in season 2 as it just has a few more lyrics that gave it more flavor.

    But this is a show where it's more style overtopping substance, yeah there is a plotline but with only a minimum amount of development, we're all in for the action. The action is just awesome it's just simply fun seeing both factions of robot's duke it out in a combination of both vehicular and robotic warfare. As we see them not just shooting and punching each other out but transforming back and forth from vehicle or robot form which in a way shows some creativity in combat.

    Both the autobot and deceptacon characters are just awesome as they are all unique and have personas, I really like how the motives of both are drawn out and colorful the ensemble truly is, you can literally route for both factions which fits as we've always played as both sides with both toys.

    The Autobots are cool as their robots that change into automotive vehicles. Optimus Prime he's my favorite Autobot and fictional heroes. He's played well by one of my favorite voice actors Peter Cullen, he is Optimus Prime much as Peter Weller is Robocop and Christopher Reeve is Superman you don't want any other. Always loved his voice which just sings out strong authority, determination and command, yeah, he's straight laced but in a good way.

    Really love the design of him and his color scheme which is kind of patriotic as there is a mix of red, white (ok, some white) and blue which I feel perfectly reflects his character. Let alone the fact that he's a semi, it just says he's a force to be reckoned with and nothing will stop him. But what I really like about him is despite his strength in both position and combative skill, it's his sense of humanity and consciousness that truly surpasses. He cares about his teammates and all life around him but also is a person aware of his limitations, yeah, he could easily take over Earth with the Decepticons if he wants to but he doesn't because he doesn't desire power and even if he had it would never be nor feel right.

    The Decepticons are equally cool may 'be at time more so as they change into vehicle of destruction which rings true to their title.

    Megatron is my favorite Deceptcon and one of my favorite fictional villains. He is voice perfectly by my favorite voice actor Frank Welker whom is just a master of vocals. This is just my favorite voice acting role from him, his voice just sings absolute menace and ruthless determination, it really gives you chills almost as he's a power monger that is just completely focused and set on his nefarious goals and does anything even resorting to dirty tactics to accomplish them.

    But what makes him ruthless is how he will let nothing stop him, he will kill anyone to everyone that stands in his way or lay woe to anyone that tries to overtake his position much as anyone that defends their reign on the Iron Throne. Really love the design of him, with that powerful arm canon of his, but he does my favorite transformation as he changes into a hand gun; how the heck he can shrink down to size for any of his fellow deceptacons to handle is anyone's guess. But that transformation perfectly reflects what kind of of person he is a destructive force that will destroy anything in its line of sight.

    Starscream he another one of my favorite fictional villains as his character whom is played by another of my favorite voice actors Chris Latta, despite being a number two he's not content as he is just constantly scheming to get to the top fast. I always like the rivalry between both Megatron and Starscream which is blackly fun and funny most of the time, it's sort of like the rivalry much like anyone constantly fighting for the Iron Throne. It's always kind of funny as Starscream's schemes most of that time fall flat due to his Achilles' heel which are his power lust, egotism, and even a bit yellow.

    Soundwave (also played by Frank Welker), he's awesome as he has a little platoon to command which consists of three mini transformers each made as tape cassettes he shoots out all unique in function and feature from Laser Beak a small tetradecyl whom acts as intelligence, Rumble infiltration, and Ravage a mini panther covert attack. But to me what I really love is that voice which is just music to my ears as he sounds like a Cylon from "Battlestar Galactica."

    Shock Wave he's awesome despite not really in this animated show much is cool, I really like his voice which has that coldness. To me he's sorts of an evil Vulcan as he's a person that operates on cold logic. He also transforms into a gun which looks a lot bigger and more powerful than Megatron's, which in a way is a little hint on how he might be more powerful than him.

    If you're a fan or rookie to the franchise, or even just simply a fan of vintage animation then this is a great place to start or worth a test drive. Like any well-preserved vintage car, this show looks and runs well and has plenty of millage for fun.

    Rating: 4 stars
  • macianciolo23 November 2018
    The movie is killer, the show hasn't quite aged gracefully. I'm a Transformers fan though and through and got into the franchise in conjunction with this and Transformers Prime. The show is so 80's and cheesy yet enjoyable. The franchise wouldn't be what it is today without this show. Not a must watch, but still enjoyable though some episodes are better than others.
  • Although there were a lot better series, I liked it a lot. One of those series that we all see when we are younger, quite captivating, full of action, adventure and science fiction. I must also congratulate the child of this rather original argument. Highly recommend.
  • What a great series this was , i rushed home from school everyday to watch it , it had everything in a cartoon and the voice overs were epic i still watch this day on netflix and its still just as good as it was when i was a kid !! Way better then the live action junk michael bay puts out
  • Another cartoon show I've watched when I was a little kid. I don't remember too much from it, but did remember it to be very entertaining and adventurous.

    There are plenty of good guy vs. bad guy action as the Autobots and the Decepticons continue their Cybertronian War on Earth; the Decepticons want to strip Earth of its vast energy resources and the Autobots seek to protect the Earth's people.

    Endless battles of transforming machines and creatures - pretty good excitement for any kid and definitely a memorable 1980s show that spawned several motion pictures well into the 2000s. And, who could forget the robotic-sounding catchphrase: "Transformers, robot in disguise."

    Grade B
  • For me, TRANSFORMERS is a cultural thing. It's larger than the '84 TV show and taps right into childhood. It's like the '89 Batman where I can't separate that period sentimentalism from the actual thing. I sit down and watch this, and I'm plugged back into the formative years. It's kinda funny to think of the show as an adult because it was the direct result of the early '80s FCC deregulation, paving the way for half-hour toy commercials as kids' programming. But that's the Lisa Simpson in my head talking. Hasbro's campaign worked, and I've been a fan for 30 years . . . even with the show's dodgy production values and toy line that was both overly complicated (I was constantly referring to the instruction manual) and inconsistent with the animated characters.

    But the show worked its magic on me with a vengeance. And there are certainly bigger fans out there than myself. People who've spent years collecting the various iterations, series and live-action movies. But if we're talking the G1 stuff, I'm all over it. And there are other shows from that time that were better produced, but none that hit as precisely as this one. That link between TRANSFORMERS and being a kid is ironclad.

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