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  • I know that Who's The Boss? is a fondly remembered show of the 80s, yet I don't think it ever got the credit it deserved. Although it blends in as a sitcom just like the many others of its decade, I believe it stands alone in other ways. The cast is highly talented and the chemistry was amazing. Especially between Tony Danza and Judith Light's characters. No one can beat the quick wit of Katherine Helmond's Mona, and it takes a heck of a good actress to make the character what it was. The sexual tension between Angela and Tony is what everyone seems to remember when they discuss this show, and the writers kept it going for seven years before the characters finally confessed their love. I think this long running courtship makes the show stand out because it was done so well and so believably when in reality the concept is quite farfetched. Throw in a couple of cute and funny kids who developed into great actors themselves, and I think you have one of the BEST sitcoms of the 80s. Long live the reruns in cable!
  • This is an incredibly entertaining sitcom, one of the best ever of the family comedy genre. Actually, there are two families here who sort of merge into one, both physically (sharing the same house) and emotionally (sibling spats and so on, but genuine care & concern).

    The series revolves around a fairly affluent, divorced New York City advertising executive, Angela Bauer, who lives in a lovely colonial home in Connecticut with her rather shy & insecure young son, Jonathan. There are frequent visits from her man hungry mother, Mona, who eventually moves into an apartment over the garage. In the meantime, Angela hires an unusual, macho appearing Italian housekeeper hunk from Brooklyn, Tony Micelli, who is anxious to give his teenage daughter, Samantha, the greater opportunities that accompany a suburban life. Tony & Sam move in and the two families combine, so to speak.

    The relationship between Angela and Tony makes this series. Angela, the serious career woman, begins to rely heavily on Tony not only for domestic management, but also as a surrogate dad for son Jonathan. In the process Tony and Angela become best friends, share both laughs and tears, and exchange advice on everything from clothing styles to parenting to love interests. Naturally, romantic feelings develop between Angela and Tony and the chemistry & sexual tension of this unconsummated relationship are at the heart of the ongoing story. There are some pretty funny situations...Angela & Tony kissing after becoming a bit tipsy, Tony inadvertently walking in on Angela as she's just getting out of the shower, a scenario where the pair are forced to sleep in the same bed. Are you getting the picture? This ongoing situation is just so much more entertaining than modern sitcoms where everyone hops into bed straight away.

    Judith Light and Tony Danza are both magnificent in their roles. Light plays the workaholic, uptight Angela to perfection and no one could possibly impart more charisma to housekeeper Tony than Danza does. Katherine Helmond is brilliantly cast as the vixen mother, Mona. Danny Pintauro plays the cute Jonathan and Alyssa Milano puts real pizazz into her portrayal of Sam, a pretty & very social teenager who, typical of her age, is constantly on an emotional roller coaster and keeps the household in a state of continuous uproar.

    This is a brilliant and hilarious series with a clever, unique take on the employer / employee relationship.
  • chescagab14 February 2007
    I've recently discovered this show through a bunch of DVD's of all 8 seasons. Out of all the sitcoms I have ever watched, I must say they don't make comedy like they used to.

    The acting was great and the cast fits perfectly. Tony Danza as a warm, caring but overprotective father. Judith Light as an uptight, conservative executive. Alyssa Milano and Danny Pintauro played the children perfectly. What was interesting is how the characters evolved so well as the times changed. In the latter parts of the episodes, Angela has learned to be more relaxed. Sam and Jonathan have become more like siblings as evidenced by their fights in some of the episodes. The only character I didn't like was Billy, but it's great that they got rid of him. The kid was a good actor, it's just he didn't 'fit'. The family was formed by this time as being Tony, Angela, Sam and Jonathan with well-timed comments from Mona, so to introduce a kid that late didn't bode well for the chemistry.

    The plot was well written with the sexual tension between Tony and Angela being apparent as early as the pilot episode. I liked how it eventually developed and the suspense of Tony and Angela getting together made me watch more episodes. I thought the transition from being friends to 'maybe something more' could have been developed further, but the ending was so sweet! Watching the ending made me think that "Who's the Boss" really came full circle. This is the first time I have ever seen this show, and I can appreciate the feelings Tony and Angela have for each other and how difficult this was to express at times.

    Although it was a comedy and it had its corny moments, it was really very touching with the right amount of laughter and suspense. Definitely one of, and arguably, the best comedy of its kind. They should do a reunion episode!
  • I love Who's the Boss, and I would absolutely rate it as one of the best sit-coms ever, even though I have rarely if ever seen it actually given this credit. Maybe I am biased because its my favorite show. Or maybe because I spent my childhood watching it, and for me, this show encompasses so many memories of the 80's, along with Cyndi Lauper, Garbage Pail Kids and Jelly shoes. But, actually, even though I am biased in a sense, I could still be right. I have never seen another sit-com that has had me on the edge of my seat, so awaiting the next episode. I have been lucky enough to see Who's the Boss on cable recently to refresh my mind, and it is only better now that I am old enough to appreciate the relationship between Tony and Angela. I can also appreciate the characters more in-depth, and I can analyze why Tony and Angela are the way they are, why it is so hard for them to admit their love to each other, and I can finally appreciate it when they DO declare their love for each other... If you are a romantic, you'll love this show! It has sweetness, laughter, romance, goofiness and much much more. There are a lot of very good sit-coms that can offer one or a few of the aspects that Who's the Boss offers, but only WTB has it all. To top it off, the acting of mostly everyone on the show is excellent, especially Judith Light and Tony Danza. If you love to watch great couples and you're sick of the sappy soap operas (which were only good when Judith Light was on OLTL, LOL:-) then you have to give WTB a chance. You'll get hooked. And this show definitely should have gotten MUCH more recognition!
  • Who's the Boss? is no exception to the classic family sitcoms of the 80's and early 90's. It was a really great show and it was definitely Alyssa Milano's best acting job to date. Just like everyone else said I was also too young to realize the chemistry between Tony Danza and Judith Light but now that I watch reruns on Fox Family I understand it more. Mona was just a hilarious character to the show and I'm glad she was on it. It was definitely an underrated show. It lasted for a healthy 8 or 9 seasons but isn't quite as popular as the other sitcoms of it's time which is truly sad.
  • This show is one of my favorites to watch in re-runs. The quality of acting among the main characters elevated this to a level close to that of a good stage play, rather than that of the throwaway sitcoms that are so prevalent in prime time nowadays. The writers and actors together did a wonderful job of creating and maintaining emotional and sexual tension between Angela and Tony. It's so effective that in certain parts of some episodes I can feel the heart-pounding, did-he-mean-what-I-thought-he-meant, oh-my-gosh-I-think-he-really-likes-me tension right along with the characters in the show. And that kind of emotional effect just doesn't happen often with TV shows. It shows especial skill that they were able to maintain the chemistry and tension over an eight-year period, without it wearing thin or becoming too predictable.

    Judith Light is a wonderful actress. It is a mystery to me why she has been stuck in the realm of made-for-TV movies and infomercials since the end of this series. I think she belongs on the stage, personally. And to me, Tony Danza will always be Tony "oh hey, hey oh!" Micelli.

    They never should have brought in Billy, though. He was a cute kid, but at that point the show foundered for a while. It did recover in the last season and the final episode actually leaves me in tears when I see it.
  • I am so glad to see reruns of this show again. It is so much fun to watch, and it's nostalgic. I like all the characters except for Danny (when he was older his voice sounds....well we won't go there) As the seasons go on, though, Angela and Tony are the main focus of the show anyway. I don't get the whole Billy thing, why do shows always do that? It's almost a guarantee that it's going to be dead in its track within a year or two. Anyway it did run for a long time, and I love the final episode. You get to decide how they end. They need to do a reunion show.
  • This show warmed my heart for many years. At first, I must say that Samantha was my favourite character. I'm sorry but everything was just a little too perfect for her. I loved Jonathon, and Mona, I guess is my favourite now. She was the bubbling brown sugar of the show. Between Angela and Tony, I do think that they should have hooked up sooner, I wish I saw their wedding. It could have easily run for ten years, but what can you do? I think the mistake that got the show cancelled was marrying Sam off too fast. I despised her husband from the moment I first saw him.
  • Who's the Boss? was a hit television show that was too great for words, but I guess I have to use them. I love the spectacular acting of Judith Light and Tony Danza. Their characters were in love and nobody could have played love better. The way they could look deeply into each other's eyes on the set, and act as if they couldn't breath, couldn't talk, couldn't move, all they could do was love. Katherine Helmond played the boy-crazy mother so well. She has this zany, saucy character that would be far too dificult for some, but she knew how to act as if every guy that crossed her path was the hottest man alive. Alissa Milano played the character of a young teenager better than TV has ever seen! She could go from mad, to sad, to excited, to happy, to any emotion within a matter of seconds which is a vital talent when are playing the part of a young teen. Danny Pintauro was the perfect young, annoying, little brother type, "King Cobra"... it was as if he transformed into Jonathon and really felt the part. He probably loves snakes as much as Jonathon did, after acting so much, so well, it tends to rub off oen, ten being the best, one being the worst, I would give it 20! WHO'S THE BOSS? ROCKS!!!!!!!n you. The clothes were very nice also. The perfect outfits to go along with the perfect hairstyles of the 80s. TV has never seen a TV series so well planned, produced, directed, acted out, or anything. If I were to rate Who's the Boss? on a scale of one to ten, ten being the best, one being the worst, I would give Who's the Boss? a 20! WHO'S THE BOSS? ROCKS!!!!!!!
  • I adore Who's the Boss! Who's the Boss is suspenseful with Angela and Tony's relationship, and adorable with all of the childish problems of Sam and Jonathon. Plus, the boy cray Mona reminds me of a teenager. I think the acting skills of the cast was remarkable! Judith Light played the perfect respectable business woman. She could go from uptight and angry to love sick over Tony at any moment... And Tony Danza could do the same. He could be angry or sad or whatever and then transition right into "oh Angela... you... you look nice." And he wasn't very hard on the eyes, if you know what I mean. (Also, Light and Danza played great drunk people.)Alissa Milano played the best teenager TV has seen yet. I would know... I am a teenager myself. She could make her self laugh, cry, look angry, or have any expression needed at any moment! The part of a teenage girl is very demanding and she played it well. Danny Pintauro played a cute little kid. He was always happy which was very important. And Katherine Helmond could not have played her part any better. She could yell like an out of control teen, she could act like an grandmother/mother. She was amazing. As you can see, Who's the Boss was a sensational series
  • Our parent's generation was full of ethnic and religious generalizations which dominated the population's thought patterns, particularly in urban areas, today that is no longer the case!! In 1984 there was still a smattering of ethnic stereotypes that many people identified with on a fondly familiar level!! "Who's the Boss" combined the prevailing philosophies of today as well as the values of yesteryear!! I thought Tony Danza was the best part of the show...Italian Americans have a culture all to themselves, and reminiscing about the way things use to be was homogenized into a value system which exists today!!

    The whole genre is set up whereby old values clashed with modern situations!! The big bread winner in the household was a female, she was employing a male housekeeper...This male housekeeper was a semi-professional athlete, so he was very much a man!!! The mother was a party animal, and the kids were victims of their respective environments!! It was a case of W.A.S.P meets WAP.....I could identify with this combination totally, I am half one and half the other!! Together they sound like an insect repellent!! I use the term WAP kiddingly and with no disrespect!! For purposes of comic relief, all value systems were exaggerated!! This show exemplified the adjective "cute", and was enormously popular...Stars like Grant Aleksander contributed to the show tremendously!! They helped make it very entertaining!!!

    Today, a show like "Who's the Boss" could not make it!! The show encompassed an antiquated association of human nature through religious and social upbringings!! The ideas of the 1980's embraced a nostalgic ethnicity recognition which correlated to a bygone era's sociological pattern of living!!! Today, all such stigmatic associations have been aggregately obviated in American Television programming!!... I think that "Who's the Boss" was one the last bastions of programming that used innocuous cultural labeling as a humorous element to be incorporated into a television show... It was a great idea for a great period in American history (The 1980's)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I saved reviewing this show until ION ran the whole series through from this past fall to last week. Mainly because in the '91'-'92 season, I missed that moment where they finally get together at the carnival. I did see a handful of shows that season and thankfully did see the rather simple finale's ending of Tony returning to Angela and they kiss. Of course,that was over 15 years ago.

    Now that I've seen pretty much the whole series again,I can say honestly that I still like this show greatly. Time has made some of the things I liked as a teen & 20 something,not as likable though. Like Tony's "Oh hey,hey oh" in almost every show makes me roll my eyes now. Mona's insults to her daughter,Jonathan who was funny when he was little is not as funny in his teens.

    The only other thing is,although the growing love relationship between Tony & Angela was written well,it seems in some shows they make a point that was made sometime ago and you just want them to say I love you already.

    The greater things stand out though,which is how these two very different families blend in over time with each other. Starting right with the very first show (and the memorable second where Tony sees Angela as she gets out of the tub!) Also,the comedy with it's innuendos (far less than Three's Company thankfully),well written situations and certainly the story lines that really mean something. Whether about love or parenting or about embracing one's roots or that a family is a group of people who love each other.

    Danza's very funny,which we knew from "Taxi' but here he's not playing the Italian stereo-type (aside from that "Oh hey). He's the epitome of a tough male type but isn't fearful of that "feminine" side. (Despite being laughed at by his Brooklyn peers.

    The comedy at first comes from just what the title implies,it seems that while Tony is the employee,he seems to and wants to be in charge and control of almost everything.

    Including his daughter who while she loves her dad,wants him to let her grow up and think for herself. Milano's more of an actress than a comedian and she plays the emotions of an evolving young woman just right.

    Danny Pintuaro (who turned 32 01/2008)was a very cute kid and performed really well. later in his teens his scenes are still good but his acting is a bit bland. Proof not every kid actor can be a Ron Howard.

    I love Judith Light's comedic talent too,especially for someone who once did daytime TV soaps. It's not as apparent as in Lucille Ball but she can be a pretty good physical comedian as well as a good comic actress.

    Katharine Helmond who played trusting & naive' Jessica Tate on the ground-breaking "SOAP",came back to ABC in a character that was a complete 360 degree turn. She's the prefect foil for her seemingly straight laced daughter.

    Who's The Boss may not get the applause that other long running Emmy winning shows get,but fans of the show know it's all good clean fun. (END)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is the only sitcom that a person can watch for 7 years and not get bored! This show is wonderful for kids and teens to watch and grow up with the characters, I personally rate this show PG (MPAA) for mild language and some not-graphic sex-related dialogue.


    The writing is excellent and the ideas are great, the story is easy to follow and simple. The acting is WONDERFUL, I mean look at Alyssa Mylano, while Sam, her character, changed from a tomboy to an unpopular teen to a mature MARRIED woman, she was able to act all 3 of the "Sams", and Danny Pintauro's character, Jonathan, changed from the smart good boy to a teen that can't stop thinking about girls, Tony Danza and Judith Light, well, they act excellently, and the emotional tension between Tony and Angela was very well acted, and Mona is always a treat!

    Enjoyment: 5/5 Violence: 0/5 Family Viewing: 5/5

    Rating: 5/5
  • The best part of this show was the chemistry between the stars - I rediscovered it about three weeks ago - now I watch it every night. The romance is so neat and I love Tony Danza in anything that he does - and it turns the table - rich girl, poor boy find love, not the other way as it always it. It's a great funny relaxer after a hard day at work.
  • I've recently seen some of the older episodes in reruns on cable. I was too young to appreciate the sexual tension between Angela and Tony during the series' original run. But looking back on it now, I realized how sharp the writing was and how well it emphasized the chemistry between the actors. I believe the show was taped in front of a live studio audience, and their applause at the end of each episode was well-deserved.
  • This was a good show. Although I never say it when it was still a regular series until the last season I've seen every episode in re runs and it is a very innocent humorous show. Katherine Helmond was the most interesting as Mona she could come out with one liners like that and Tony Danza and Judith Light also had their moments. It never quite got the praise it deserved however with really no major award wins in it's run. I thought it was much better than Golden Girls which was on at the same time and racked up them emmy's oh well that isn't always a barometer of true success. It was on for 9 seasons and was a considerable hit. Although not the best comedy to come out of that decade it was still fun to watch.
  • I discovered this show through a family member and I was hooked from the moment I started watching. This show is full of laughs, emotions, romance, life lessons and heartwarming moments. The complete series should be on DVD! This show deserves such much more recognition for other generations. I would go as far to say that it's one of the best 80s sitcoms out there! I'm so glad I was introduced to this show because I love it. I keep checking TV if the reruns will show again. That's how much I want to see the full show again. The natural chemistry between Tony Danza and Judith Light is so strong and powerful. I've never seen chemistry as strong as that between romantic leads in a TV show. Katherine Helmond is hilarious. Her one liners always crack me up. Alyssa and Danny do great jobs as Jonathan and Samantha. Both are cute and likable characters.

    Everything and everyone just clicks in this show and I love it. The acting is really good. Especially from Tony Danza and Judith Light. There are so many different emotions you can draw from this show. I also love the 80s feel of the show. Shoulder pads and all! I wish I could watch this show properly and straight through. I got Season one on DVD and I still have hope that they'll release the other seasons too. I would buy the whole set if the brought the whole series on DVD. It's well worth it!

    Great show! It's definitely a must watch! (If you're lucky enough to get reruns on TV!)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Tony Danza really became a household name fresh from his stint on "Taxi" as he plays yet another character named Tony. A single father who was in the major league playing for the St Louis Cardinals and his young teenager daughter whom he calls Sam, short for Samantha played by Alyssa Milano.

    He becomes a housekeeper to uptight executive Angela played with greatness by Judith Light. And her shy and insecure son Jonathan, played by "Cujo's" Danny Pintauro. And her single sex vixen own mom, played by "Soap's" Katherine Helmond.

    Really a funny show. And a main stay over in the 80s comedy blitz! Where TV was that!
  • This sitcom started with a "tender" label but ended being extremely witty, sassy and well written.

    The unlikely relationship between all the characters probably gives the wrong expectations because it could be considered as a 100% family show without double sense jokes or mature situations. It proves everybody wrong and surprises!

    I really liked the chemistry between Danza and Light. Danza was extremely funny, I don't know what happened with him in the 90s! But my favorite character was and will be Mona. She was extremely witty, and played with the double sense fantastically.

    This is a t.v. series that doesn't gets the right apprecitation and worst of all, it's underrated.

    Please give a chance to this sitcom and let it charm you. But start watching it from Season 2. The first season is dedicated only for family.

    Ohhh I almost cried with the series finale! It was heartbreaking for those who really felt sympathy for the characters.

    A must see!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As an 80s child myself, this effort was one of America's memorable sitcoms during a decade where the TV industry was saturated with the likes of The Cosby Show, Family Ties, Facts of Life to name on our TV screens. Who's The Boss is undoubtedly one of the best family-based sitcoms ever: a divorced but wealthy career woman, going by the name of Angela Bauer, -played by Judith Light- lives at home with her son, Jonathan and whose mother, Mona occasionally drops by to pay a visit. Angela hires a hunky, ex- Major League baseball player, Tony Michelli- Taxi's Tony Danza- as her housekeeper: he brings along his daughter, Samantha, played by Charmed's Alyssa Milano and the pair move into Angela's house.

    Angela is uptight-some would say pretentious and is yet a well- educated, intelligent and ambitious woman, who at first, is so tied to her work that she doesn't seem to have time to relax and have fun with the kids. Tony on the other hand, is a fun-loving, humorous, New Yorker, whose mischievous and larger than life persona springs to life from the very first moment he enters Angela, Jonathan and Mona's lives. Amidst the positive effect he has on not just the kids and Mona, but Angela especially. And it is down to his effect on Angela, that as we see as the series progresses, she becomes less uptight and more sensitive, caring and loving, in addition to being more assertive and confident. Both as a mother to the kids and towards Tony, particularly as her feelings towards him develop further on, from employees, to friends, and then onwards as lovers. The emotional and sexual tension between Angela and Tony is well developed and the writers and performers did a good job in projecting that chemistry and making those characters believable, to the extent to which we as the audience, wanted to root for them to get together.

    Thus, the fact that Who's The Boss, managed to sustain the interest in Angela and Tony's relationship throughout the 8 seasons, without it diminishing the standards this show has set is a testament to the quality of the writing, the humour and the performances themselves.

    Today, Judith Light is well known to many of us for her role as stern, no-nonsense, Claire Meade in ABC's Ugly Betty, but here as Angela, she is wonderful as she plays against type as a down-to-earth, sensitive-yet modest career woman and single mother. Personally, for me it was refreshing to see a younger Judith, looking beautiful and elegant throughout this sitcom.

    Having seen Ugly Betty and Who's The Boss, I can understand why she is considered by many people- within the TV industry and outside of it- as a great character actress. She has this ability to play certain roles that are as varied and diverse, as well as ones that challenge her acting capabilities. Her level of experience on screen and stage, not to mention her knowledge of this business, from an acting perspective makes her one of the most well respected and under rated actresses around today. And with 'Who's The Boss?' Judith hardly puts a foot wrong; she looks radiant and glamorous as the attractive Angela. Tony Danza is as charismatic, charming and witty as he is as Tony and together, the pair make a great sitcom couple.

    There are many sitcoms which encompass the romantic pairing of two characters, but not many shows are able to develop that chemistry and relationship further along throughout the duration of the series and in a way that makes sense to its viewers. 'Who's the Boss?' with Tony and Angela, on the other hand, did just that, courtesy of the performances given by Danza and Light. It was at times amusing, interesting and touching, without being too sappy.

    Overall, this was an underrated show that never got as much recognition that it deserved and is a likable take on the employer/employee relationship; a theme that was employed during the first 2 seasons of the 90s LL cool J and Debbie Allen sitcom, In the House. I have to admit I didn't like this show when it first came out, but as I watch the episodes as a 20 something person, it made me appreciate Who's The Boss more, as well as to understand and getting used to its humour.

    As I said, the 80s was a great cultural period for Television in the States, and 'Who's The Boss?' was one of those shows that best reflected and represented American family life and culture during that decade, in the way that it did.
  • Wow, the show Who's the boss took my breath away the relationship between Tony and Judith was great they had my heart pumping so hard when they got close but I also love that they always keept the suspense and always went back to Judith being the boss, the respect and friendship they had, the kids Alyssa and Danny were a big success of this show because they were smart and individual kids, but Kathleen was awesome she stole the show with that energy she had she played that role like anybody I have never seen I love the cast, I truly felt in love with Tony Danza I have seen him before in Taxi but in this show he was the best, to tell you the truth every episode leaves me day dreaming the love was well shown.
  • nfuller20 September 2002
    I admit to being a hopeless Anglophile. I love the British Antiques Roadshow MUCH more than the American version. I like most Britcoms better than most American sitcoms. (My favorite britcom is "May to December").

    Still I think that "Who's The Boss" ranks with the BEST of the Britcoms. It can hold it's own against any of them!
  • 'who's the boss' is currently showing in singapore's channel I at 6pm on weekdays. it bring back memories of the 80's. the lifestyle then wasn't that much different from now. i like the cast. they all acted very well.
  • hellraiser711 February 2019
    This show is another of my favorite sitcoms, it's also another childhood relic of mine as this was literally the very first one, I ever seen, if you can believe that when I was about seven. I really liked watching it then and as an adult I still like watching it now. Though I also feel this show is also an under the radar gem as it's one that is under credited in the comedy genre.

    It seems like the basic sitcom setting however what made this show unique is how it really switched things in the familiar dynamics we commonly saw in the sitcom. For one thing this was two families coming together but were single parents but here we have a father and daughter and a mother and son. The second both were from different classes with the mom the upper middle class and the dad the middle or working class. And third it was job occupation where the father was in the housekeeping business and the mom is the one that goes out to some white-collar job as well as position employee and employer. I personally liked these things because it broke the typical clichés and stereotypes, but also seeing how these dynamics came together clash but at the same time fill in the gaps in something that's been vitally missing in the dynamics.

    That theme song is one of my favorite theme songs of all time, it fits the show perfectly as it reflects on one of the themes of the show. It's the kind of song I could just download onto my iPod and listen to and I also feel the theme song is something we sorely need back once more.

    The characters are all great as their all well rounded and play off each other well. Mona is my third favorite character. I really love how despite her age she doesn't let it slow her down as she is just energetic and slightly spontaneous as she's a person that simply follows her heart or whatever she feels like doing and just does it. She fiercely independent as she doesn't give a crap about what anyone thinks except herself, which I can emphasize with along with those other things as I'm that way myself. She's funny as she has this witty crass charisma to her, but she also does help provide needed wisdom when necessary.

    One of the things about Mona is the fact that she has a dream and she is following it going to collage regardless of her age. It just goes to show it's never too late, if there is something you want to do in life do it, it's only too late if you do nothing at all. In a way it's the same case with Tony despite his circumstance is really trying to do and be something more in life.

    Second favorite character is Tony, Tony Danza whom I think is an underrated comedic actor is great, in a strange way you could say this show easily could have been a "Taxi" spin off as his character in this show is a bit similar; though in this show I feel the character he plays is more well-rounded has a bit more going on.

    He a common struggling guy whom is doing his best in raising his daughter while providing well at the same time. He's got a laid back sometime energetic charisma; I like how sometimes he can be a little insecure sometime which makes him carry a load of worry even though by its nature it's no big deal; which is understandable as we've all had those bad insecurities to deal with.

    I even like how he really does put joy in the lives of the other family Angela, Mona and Johnathan that has been missing in their ordered lifestyle, which is common in most sitcoms where there is always a colorful character that puts fun into another character's joyless/dull existence. But most importantly is selfless each of them out of certain dilemmas they can't help themselves out of, which is always the most important thing about family.

    However, what I really like about him is how he's not really a person with big dreams but he's a person with big ambitions. He always believes the life can be better or their can be more to life and that he can be more. I really love how he's a person whom is not just working hard but trying hard as we see him try different things out not just to make extra money but to find himself and be more than what he is. Yes, he doesn't always succeed but he never stops trying and is always getting somewhere in life. Which makes him relatable because that's what most to all of us do in our everyday existence in fact that is part of what life is about trying hard and doing our best.

    I even like his chemistry with Angela which does become something more, I really like how it's handled which feels a bit realistic as both have their ups and downs. And it really feels it could go either way, but even if they're not meant for each other one thing will never change and that's their friendship. Both truly do respect one another and yes like any friends there are agreements and disagreements along with differences, but both all the same do support each other when needed and fill that missing piece to each other's life which is what friends do but also what a couple does.

    Though my favorite character in the show is Sam played by Alissa Milano. This girl was literally the very first actress I had a crush on. She is just one of the hottest women on the planet and a bit of an underrated actress. This is still my favorite role from her, despite being a tomboy she's not a stereotypical one. What I like about her is how honest with herself she is, she does and likes doing most things guys do and doesn't hide it, she's mischievous sometimes and has a sort of sharp snappy charisma.

    But she is also open about certain things as she is somewhat curious about the culture/subculture of the girls. What I really like about her is how much she really evolves and grows not so much just physically (which she did will let's face it) but emotionally and characteristically. As she grows up, we see she becomes a bit softer, but most importantly more mature and her perspective on life and what she wants in it gets bigger, though she maintains a characteristic or too as she doesn't let herself conform to stereotypical social norms.

    And that's really what makes her character endearing as she's a person that wants to grow up and do things her way which really is how any of us really do grow up by learning to be our own person, which is the other theme of this show.

    The best boss in life is ourselves.

    Rating: 3 and a half stars
  • This show is my favorite show ever. I am a 10 year old kid in 2016, yet this show is still my favorite. I ordered every season from offer and I have them all. Mona can always make me laugh. Who's the boss is by far my favorite show. So since this needs to be ten lines, and I have nothing else to say, I will just write that This Show Is My Favorite Show Ever. I love this show. Tony and Mona are my favorites. My two favorite episodes are the one when they go to Maine for Christmas and the one where Sam gets drunk at a frat party of course all thanks to Bonnie. So overall this is my favorite show, although I do still watch full house on nick@nite. So that is my review for Whoa The Boss and thanks for reading.
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