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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Jackie and Anil were one of the hit pairings during 80s and 90s Their bonding made several films click, this was their first film together. Andar Bahar is a remake of 48 Hrs and it's directed by Raj Sippy who made Satte Pe Satta(too a remake). Andar bahar is quite watchable though it didn't work that time much. Anil and Jackie were 2 newcomers who had joined Bollywood a year back. The film has Jackie play a cop and Anil a thief, they combine to catch Danny. The film does have it's normal bollywood clichés of 80s but yet it's quite watchable. Anil's lusty character however does seem different for a bollywood film.

    Direction is decent Music by RD Burman is quite okay, the title song being catchy,rest are okay Raj Sippy reuses the background score of Babu in Satte pe Satta for Danny Danzongpa's character.

    Jackie Shroff fresh after the success of HERO, is decent as the cop a bit raw as in those days Anil Kapoor played a tapori in Mashaal too and does a superb job, their chemistry is awesome. Moon Moon Sen is good, Gulshan Grover is excellent Danny is superb as the villain, Kim(Danny's gf that time) is okay The film has cameos from that time actresses like Kaajal Kiran
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Bollywood remake of 48 hours starring Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte.
  • I first noticed the shave-less bloke so vouched by the youngsters in the eighties in this film and from here i have been a Anil Kapoor fan.A very smooth and rollicking comedy-thriller with a good plausible story.Jackie schroff is superbly teamed with Kapoor and the chemistry works wonders.Probably a take-off of a Hollywood movie as the main theme is foreign.Especially Kapoor's lust for the opposite sex!The direction,outdoor shooting and script are good.Music is average for 1984.Subsequent pairing of Schroff and Kapoor reaped well and it is sad we have not seen the two again now in their middle age.An enjoyable and amusing film for the escapist.