Anil Kapoor's third encounter with Subhash Ghai was of an unpleasant kind. Anil had gone to his house accompanied by Sohanlal Kanwar to fight with him. IAnil was upset because Subhash was insisting on a higher billing for Jackie in Daddu (Raj) Sippy's Andar Bahar. Jackie was the hero of Subhashji's Hero. But Anil thought it was unfair, because he had started working in 1979, much before Jackie. When Anil had questioned Daddu Sippy, he said Subhashji would ask Jackie to walk out of his film (Andar Bahar) if he was not given higher billing. Anil tried reasoning with Subhashji, but he was adamant. "By the time Andar Bahar was ready, Hero had been released, and it was a big hit, while Anil's Mashaal was a flop. So in the publicity designs of Andar Bahar, Anil's face was relegated to a corner, while Jackie's got blown up. In its wake, Anil had to accept second billing to Jackie in Rajiv Rai's Yudh as well.

Michael Sembello's " Maniac ( Flashdance) is featured in the movie. The song appears when Moon Moon Sen is exercising.

Anil Kapoor and Jackie Shroff teamed up for the first time in this film. Their pairing gave many hits in the 80s.

The movie was inspired from Hollywood flick 48 hours staring Eddie Murphy.

Actress Kaajal Kiran and Anita Raj make cameos in the film.

Satte Pe Satta' s background music is used in the film .In particular " Babu"'s theme music.

Parikshit Sahani character name in the film is Ajay Sahani which is his real name at the start of his career in films he acted by the name of Ajay Sahani in few films.

Kajal Kiran and Anita Raj make cameo's in the film.

Jackie Shroff' second film as a hero after the hit Hero 1983.

Debut Hindi film of Moon Moon Sen.

The title music of Kaalia was used as the title music of Andar Bahaar.

Background music of Pukar was used in a few scenes of the film.

The romantic background music between Ranjeeta and Amitabh in Satte Pe Satta was used in the fuse scene with Jackie and Moon Moon Sen. That same music was later used to create the song Do Deewana Dil Mile from Kudrat (1998).

There was speculation in the media that Subhash Ghai demanded Raj Sippy to show him the film. This was due to Jackie being his protegee. Ghai rejected this claim and said that he did not even see the film. He did meet Raj Sippy but only to tell him to keep a eye on Jackie while he was dubbing. Ghai felt Jackie needed improvement in his dubbing and delivery. But Raj Sippy told Ghai that Jackie had done a fine job and there was no need to coach Jackie for the job.

This was Moonmoon Sen Hindi Debut. Sadly, she didn't click.

The intro music of Blondie 's song "Call Me" was recreated for the film. It was during the Anil and Jackie fight when Anil puts Jackie in the boston crab wrestling move. Raj Sippy loved the original song and had it redone for the fights background music.

Moon Moon Sen's voice was dubbed by Haibiba.

During the shooting of the film Anil Kapoor and Raj N Sippy had a ugly argument causing them never to work together again. Anil and Jackie were shooting a scene when Anil decided he did not give a good shot. Anil yelled cut and ask for a retake. Raj N Sippy saw this behavior and was angry to the max. He told Anil he was the director and he decided when to yell cut and when to ask for a retake. Anil was embarrassed by this and went back to his changing room. Raj N Sippy decided he had enough of Anil as he kept trying to get a edge over Jackie in all their scenes.

Anil Kapoor's name appeared third in credits after Jackie Shroff Moon Moon Sen.

Subhash Ghai was producing the film and had to intervene to sort the issues Between two actors and considered Jackie Shroff's name to be above as Hero was solo hit.While Anil Kapoor still considered his seniority.When Anil Kapoor's Laila 1984 flopped his market value became down and he agreed to Raj Sippy on how he would give credits.

Film got delayed by 8 months due to credit issues between the two lead heroes as to whose name should come first.

Anil Kapoor started his career in 1979 but first lead role was Woh Saath Don 1983 which was two hero film.While Jackie Shroff's first lead role was in Hero 1983 which was a solo hero film.Hence Raj Sippy wanted Jackie Shroff's name to be above Anil Kapoor.

Released on Bakrid weekend in 1984.

Clashed with B R Chopra's Aaj Ki Awaj. While Aaj Ki Awaj proved a major success Andar Baahar remained average at the box office.

Jayshree T dances to the song Mungda from Raj Sippy's film Inkaar 1977 when Anil Kapoor visits her brothel.

The song Humko Toh Yaari Se Matlab Hai Had two versions a Happy and sad version.

The Anil-Jackie pairing in the movie was considered to have gay overtones and the scenes they did for "Humko To Yaari Se Matlab Hai" were considered homo-erotic.