Breaking It... A Story About Virgins (1984)

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A narrator shows the first sexual experience of various people, from a teenage boy's encounter with an older woman to a high school student's seduction of her teacher.


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1 December 2007 | Nodriesrespect
| Breaking and Entering
What the title suggests is being broken here refers to a girl's maidenhead, more commonly described as her virginity. That's right, sports fans, well before long-running (try interminable) video series like CHERRY POPPERS popularized the matter there was already an entire movie out there devoted to this subject, treated with all the cavalier carnality one would expect the adult industry to attribute to such a pivotal event in a young woman's life. Seriously though, this proves one of the better latter-day efforts from film-making duo Svetlana and David Frazer, a furtive final flicker in the wake of the euphoria of their Ginger Lynn Hawaiian movies (SURRENDER IN PARADISE being first among equals) as they hit the downward slope by milking their BAD GIRLS franchise for all it was worth, interspersed with direly over-plotted nonsense like ANOTHER ROLL IN THE HAY. As adult "auteurs", they had all but invented the girlie show, vehicles almost solely intended to show off brand-new starlets, and by the mid-'80s they had it down to a science.

Following an utterly believable pre-credits deflowering of perky Bunny Bleu by her equally blond and just as inexperienced beau Shone Taylor (who played Sharon Kelly's son in Kirdy Stevens' TABOO V), future filmmaker Paul Thomas narrates this series of quite literal "coming of age" vignettes, assisted by his cute and as of yet unspoiled niece Roxanne Rollan, best remembered for Frazer and Svetlana's PINK LAGOON. He will have her out of her clothes and on her back for the flick's climax. First up is the notorious Traci Lords, Ms. Underage Porn herself, glowing with pubescent health before hair and make-up lacquered her into semi-android super-stardom. She's a high school honey with the hots for sex ed teacher John Leslie who initially resists yet ultimately buckles under pressure. Her dad Jamie Gillis gets to do the honors with his daughter's classmate "Nancy Rivers", actually Penthouse Pet Jody Swafford who made a handful of adult features – including Bill Milling's glossy ALL American GIRLS II – changing moniker on every occasion. By whatever name you call her, she's quite a stunner with that white lacy dress uncovering tanned perfection in a scorching scene that nicely builds from tentative tenderness to full throttle passion.

Ravishing Rikki Blake was usually a bit of an ice princess in fare like Bob Chinn's underwhelming BLONDIE or even Bruce Seven's original kink-fest LOOSE ENDS but is practically seething with erotic enthusiasm in the next sequence as her lover's lane rendezvous with Peter North gets interrupted by patrol cop Marc Wallice. Taking her – on Peter's instigation – to the "Get rid of the virgins' virginity" club, they're joined by popular Susan Hart (traditionally "just one of the girls" until she wowed fans in Michael Carpenter's scalding MAKE ME WANT IT) and Heather Thomas whose other most significant credit's for Bobby Hollander's fluffy CAMP BEAVERLAKE. To even the score, we're introduced to a male virgin as Tom Byron learns the ins 'n' outs of sex with an older woman from smoldering seductress Rachel Ashley, unforgettable star of Edwin Durell's magnificent EVERY WOMAN HAS A FANTASY, a scene rather dampened by questionable chemistry between mismatched performers. Fortunately, P.T. and Roxanne bring up the rear in most satisfying fashion.

Besides the pretty young lasses, these filmmakers also had a reputation for smooth production quality, and BREAKING IT certainly perpetuates this notion. Though mostly confined to bedrooms after the exotic outdoor splendor of the Hawaiian landscapes, their regular DoP Jean Petrov makes the most of limited resources, celebrating the flawless nubile beauties with soft, hazy lighting. In the end, this may be no more than eye candy for avid admirers of young girls but it succeeds in fulfilling its admittedly low aspirations with a degree of style and – even more importantly – sexual fervor that most of its countless competitors can't touch.

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