The film is often cited as being very similar to Graduation Day (1981), due to a killer in a track suit killing teenage athletes with athletic equipment (most notably a javelin), nearly identical opening credit montages of athletic events, and the killer crossing out victims in a group photo. It is also similar in that actress Linnea Quigley appears in both films as a replacement for an actress who refused to appear nude on screen.

Spice Williams-Crosby's character kisses her girlfriend on the forehead due to a compromise with the other actress. Filming went on hiatus for Christmas break and when the actress playing the girlfriend returned, she advised the crew that she had become a Born Again Christian over the holiday break and refused to do the kissing scene.

The title was changed from "The Killing Touch" to "Fatal Games" after its release. Many of the cast and crew were unaware of the change. Spice Williams-Crosby was once asked about her experiences on "Fatal Games" by a fan and she denied appearing in such a film. It wasn't until later she realized they were referring to "The Killing Touch".

Scream Queen Linnea Quigley is credited as "Athlete". Actually, she was the nude body double for Lynn Banashek (Annie) during the massage therapy session with Sally Kirkland. If you watch closely, the shot of Annie's body on the massage table is from the neck down and all close-ups of her face are shot separately. This is due to actress Lynn Banashek's reluctance to appear nude on screen. Years later, Linnea Quigley and Sally Kirkland would reunite by chance on the same episode of The Chuck Woolery Show and recognized each other.

Filmed on location at University High School in Los Angeles, California. This is a popular filming location, also seen in Jawbreaker (1999), Valentine's Day (2010), Detention (2012), Pineapple Express (2008), Drillbit Taylor (2008) and slasher-parody Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th (2000), among others.