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  • This entertaining comedy begins like an old movie by Jean -Paul Le Chanois ,'"Agence Matrimoniale " (1951):an accountant (Jugnot) works for his bossy mom's marriage bureau;et 33,he is still under her thumb and his fiancée cheats on him with one of his friends ;he meets Barbara (Birkin) and falls in love with her ,but she prefers Julien ,a more handsome guy, who manages a zoo ;but this good-looking chap 's first two wives died (in mysterious circumstances?) and our accountant,Paul, is miserable and is afraid Barbara should meet the same fate as the alleged victims; as they flew to Morocco for their honeymoon, he follows them ;then the film continues as a spoof on films noirs : does the husband really want to get rid of his new wife?

    Is Julien a handsome smiling man a murderer? Sami Frey is convincing in a part which will remind you of that of Cary Grant in "suspicion" ,relatively speaking of course; only his motives remain obscure: there's no hint at a whole-life insurance ,for instance .

    Paul becomes the bride's bodyguard ,but Barbara is blind to what could well be murder attempts;she as clueless and as naive as her attentive escort is oafish .

    The supporting characters ,with one exception ,are funny: the wife who does not want a souk item anymore, after her husband 's bargaining ;the hypochondriac who mistakes Paul for a doctor and harasses him for a piece of medical advice ;on the other hand,gays may be infuriated: the so called tennis player looking for a partner is naive,dumb, demeaned ..

    In spite of this regrettable character,which should have been suppressed,this is a buoyant little comedy;filmed on location in Morocco,it takes advantage of its splendid landscapes.The three principals rise to the occasion.Jane Birkin 's part will remind you of those she played opposite Pierre Richard in the precedent decade.