[while B is brushing his teeth]

Female Street Hawker: Damn those cops! Always after the hawkers! May God punish them all.

[B spits on the street]

Police Chief B: Are you deaf, meatball girl? Those were criminals that were shot to death!

Female Street Hawker: You bastard! Criminals are humans! Aren't they also human beings? How ungrateful you are! Without them, you're going nowhere! Come with me to sell the meatballs!

Police Chief B: You bitch! I'm guessing it's beaten you. Run into these criminals one day, and see if you have all of your money and your jewellery taken away, including your clothes, your bras, your underwear! See if you get dragged to a roof and raped by them one by one!

Female Street Hawker: [throwing her bag of meatball while cursing him] Go to hell! You son of a bitch. Cursing me like that early in the morning. You'll pay!

B's Mother: Be very careful while you're on duty.

Police Chief B: OK, Mom. Stop with all the lectures. When I practice shooting, I hit the targets with 23 out of 24 shots.

B's Mother: Amen. I pray to God everyday that you never miss.

Police Chief B: I didn't have enough fun this morning. Now, I want to continue the fun.

Apache: Chief B, we were just chatting.

Police Chief B: What? Chatting? What is this, a coffee shop or a playground?

Police Chief B: Such important things, and you don't inform me. We've been friends since childhood.

Blacky: To inform you is to get arrested.

[while three suspects are being questioned for the street fight]

Police Chief B: You bastards. Now the fight is over, and you wanna keep your mouths shut.

[after the suspects claim their weapons leaving only a machete]

Police Chief B: Well, whose is this?

Suspects: Not mine, not mine.

Police Chief B: Could it be mine? Have a guessing game and decide.

Injured Suspect: Ah sir. I have a headache. I want to see the doctor.

Police Chief B: The royal police is no nurse.

Injured Suspect: [after being told to write down his address] Sir, I don't know.

Police Chief B: So, you can't read or write, but you can fight?

[threatens to hit him over the head]

Injured Suspect: Don't beat me, sir! I'll attend evening school tomorrow!

Police Chief B: Hey, don't bring the pager.

Inspector Yip Che-Kit: Why?

Police Chief B: Two reasons. One: if it beeps while you're working, the whole mission will be ruined. Two: avoid suspicion.

Inspector Yip Che-Kit: What suspicion?

Police Chief B: Using it to warn our targets.

[while B and Kit climb to a window]

Inspector Yip Che-Kit: Master?

Police Chief B: What "master?" Call me B.

Inspector Yip Che-Kit: Chief B, we'll have to write a report if we use guns.

Police Chief B: We won't tell. Who would know? You're afraid of everything. The gangsters in there all have guns. They could shoot at us anytime.

Inspector Yip Che-Kit: You're right.

Police Chief B: Now, get your tuition fees ready.

Inspector Yip Che-Kit: What tuiution fees?

Police Chief B: That was a lesson for you.

Druggy Shing: I've ordered the food.

Police Chief B: Why so generous? You won't do anything without a purpose.

Police Chief B: [about Druggy Shing] I have to send a longer bait to catch a big fish.

Police Chief B: Old boy, in training school, we were taught that cops are never blackmailed.

Police Chief B: Sheung Sir, though I am not guilty legally, I feel that killing an innocent kid casts a shadow on my mind constantly.

Inspector Sheung: It was an accident. Be careful in the future.

Police Chief B: Careful? Kit was very careful. I've been carrying this gun for over 10 years. Now, I'm beginning to feel its pressure. Maybe I'm too tired. Sheung Sir, I want to rest.

[drops his gun and badge on the table]