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  • You know, I liked this movie, and I am looking to buy a copy of it eventually. True, it's not the greatest movie, but hey, it's RICK SPRINGFIELD, and that's the real reason I went to see it in the first place!

    It's a light-hearted movie, entertainment for his fans, and has a rockin' soundtrack, where Rick really shines.

    Did I read correctly that another reviewer says he's a "no-talent"? Oh please. As the saying goes, he has more talent in his little finger than a host of other singers/actors/whatever have in their whole bodies! Very gifted songwriter, excellent performer (have you ever been to a concert?), and a d*mn good-looking man to boot! You can't ask for much more. Rick's been in the business for a long time, and may he continue for many more years!

    Rock on, Rick baby! ;-)
  • If you were a teenager in the 1980's, as I was, you probably would've liked this movie. I'd taped it off the TV and watched it probably 10 times, although I haven't seen it in 20 years. It would likely be impossible to find it on DVD now. The plot line is fairly simple and the characters rather wooden, causing you to look forward to the performance videos. It does have some sweet moments however. I wanted my hair styled just like Rick's when I was 17 or so. I even took the video to the hairdressers for her to see, but couldn't match it. The soundtrack is a collection of great eighties Rick music too - Love Somebody is an underrated classic.
  • Jamie Roberts (Rick Springfield) is a pop music superstar. He gives concerts, gyrates across the stage, and the crowd, mostly women, swoons. But, this gets old after awhile and he has been feeling somewhat restless. Borrowing a car after a show, Jamie gets into a minor traffic accident with a pretty schoolteacher, Diana (Janet Eilber) and he likes what he sees. However, she doesn't care if he is the richest man out there, she likes Tony Bennett and sane lifestyles. Nevertheless, when Jamie shows up below her apartment building in San Francisco and has a Tony-lookalike serenade her, she can't help but invite the good-looking singer into her apartment for an evening. Yet, she doesn't see any future between the two of them and tries to resist the start of any relationship. But, Jamie is relentless and they begin to go out as a couple. Can a teacher of troubled children who scorns "top 40" music really be a good match for a rock star? All right, I know, this film is the definitive guilty pleasure, for its strengths are mainly the looks and voice of one Rick Springfield. He has a smile that melts hearts and his goofy yet sincere portrayal of a rock star goes a long way to making the film attractive to a mostly female audience. Eilber is pretty and competent as the love interest and the supporting cast is quite nice as well. As for the setting in San Francisco, it is gorgeous, the costumes are nice, and the production values are strong. Yes, the plot is somewhat silly and unbelievable but the direction keeps the story going. The soundtrack, too, will either be very appealing or dismissive, depending on whether you are a fan of Springfield's. In short, if you adore little Ricky but you have never seen this film, get it soon. Toes will curl and chests will sigh over the Aussie singer's rare movie appearance.
  • I agree with another person's comments that Rick was not given much to work with. Rick is a very talented actor and this movie WASTED his talents, other than the sequences with him singing in concert. The chemistry between his character, Jamie Roberts, and social worker Diana Lawson is very lacking. She looks old enough to be his mom, even! I thought the band didn't even need parts in the script. They were used as props anyway. I did like the character of Nikki, Jamie's ex-girlfriend, who tries desperately to get back together with him, but continuously gets rejected. This character could have even played a bigger role in the movie.

    However, if you are a fan of Rick's (as I am), it is a must-see. The music is the best part of the show, and once again Rick triumphs in this field! The song "Love Somebody" (performed in a concert sequence at the end of the film) makes the hour and a half long movie worth renting or buying.
  • rickwiched13 November 2006
    The previous poster states that Rick has "no-talent". That is such a ridiculous statement considering Rick is a Grammy award winner and i'm sure has had more top 20 singles than the poster has! So, what I would like to comment on about this movie is that I enjoyed it. Is it a masterpiece? Of course not, but the music was great and there were some funny and touching scenes. It was entertaining and that is all I ask of a movie.

    In my eyes Rick is very talented. The previous poster should remember that old saying that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Obviously a lot of other people see Rick with the same eye as I do. :-)
  • If you are going to go through all the trouble of making a movie, how much more of an effort is it to make it somewhat clever, or at the very least moderately fun? This looks like a quickie vehicle slapped together to capitalize on Rick Springfield's 80s popularity. It was his era; he could have belched the alphabet and it would have gone gold. Expanding on that theory, we have "Hard To Hold" as the cramp-producing result.The woman he is pursuing is all wrong for him; you cannot possibly get what he sees in her. She is totally unsympathetic, unlikeable and miserable, seemingly in a chronic PMS state for the majority of the movie. Someone should have given Patti Hansen more to do, as her character lends the only semblance of crediblity to this career-squelching morass of mediocrity.
  • ...the album was killer! Great soundtrack, top chart busting hits, and one talented musician. So if you're expecting the movie to be as great as the soundtrack, let me shoot you straight. Hard To Hold is a movie that is going to rely heavily on his music, and also rare concert clips, rather then concentrate on a story line. Same formula was Purple Rain, which if you think about it, about sums up this movie. If you take Prince and all the great music out of Purple Rain, the movie is a piece of crap, am I wrong? Same goes here, we got Rick Springfield, a great 80's teen icon, in a movie with a weak story line. It is what it is. It's trying to be a romance movie, but the flight just doesn't take off. What do you want? And if you think a rock star can get any girl he wants, think again, because this one is giving him a run for his money. A survivor of a car accident, she doesn't have a clue who he is, can he win her love? Tune in Tokyo, actually, tune out Tokyo, go back to...whatever you were doing, there is nothing to see here. I'm a hard critic, but I am a fair critic, and I say the music backing the film up earns this silly nonsense of a film up with a whopping 4 out of possible 10 stars.
  • preppy-312 December 2006
    James Roberts (Rick Springfield) is the lead singer of a successful band. The band also has his ex-girlfriend Nicki (Patti Hansen) who has a nasty disposition and temper. Roberts than meets cute Diana Lawson (Janet Eilber) in a car accident...and immediately falls in love. Naturally she doesn't know who he is...or care. Totally predictable complications ensure.

    Caught this drivel in a movie theatre way back in 1984. Springfield was big with teenage girls back then and the theatre was packed with them. More than half walked out before the movie was half over! It's truly that bad! The script is moronic and painfully obvious--all the characters act like idiots. Also the acting wavers. Hansen and Eilber are actually pretty good but Springfield....OK--he tries. He REALLY tries and it gets embarrassing to watch. He just can't act but, back then, he was a very attractive man so at least he was fun to look at.

    The movie does have its bright moments--Springfield bares his butt two or three times (within PG boundaries) and I DO like the soundtrack. At that time the song "Love Somebody" was a monster hit and it's played twice in the movie. Also the concert sequences work very well. But the sappy love story and bad acting by Springfield do make this a chore to watch sometimes. I can honestly only give it a 3. It's not the worst movie I've ever seen but it's definitely down there. And--really--teenage fans of his walked out on this!
  • I really liked this movie because sometimes you really like bad movies. He was really cute and she was not good in her part at all and you had to wonder what he saw in her and what was lacking in his life that he needed. Was it stability. She was really dull. Did he like neurotic girls? Did he secretly think he was a fraud and she made him feel like she saw through his facade? Ok it was just a dumb movie. But it was sweet and happy and reminds me of being 13 again with the world in front of me.
  • Hard to believe I was 14 when this movie came out. Maybe that has something to do with why I see this movie thru rose tinted glasses. Rick's always been a ageless musician, the music is fantastic, the movie itself has just the right amount of cheese to be entertaining. Hard to Hold is just another reason to love the 80s.
  • I had never even heard of this movie and decided to record it today. I thought it was sweet. I love Rick Springfield too and I especially loved that it took place in San Francisco. The scenery was wonderful and they hit all the best spots in SF down to my favorite hotel, (pre-remodel) The Fairmont. It looked great and so did he! I'm watching his concert scene again and am having flashbacks. I didn't think I even missed the 80's until I see him again. Mm, this "Love Somebody" song is awesome! He looks just like an old boyfriend of mine. What is Rick doing now? The hardest thing about this movie is picturing him with that fuddy-duddy therapist. Oh my gosh, I didn't think I could like a bi-level haircut again! He's dreamy. Think I can get my husband to try that?
  • petegutz228 March 2006
    I got dragged to this movie "way back when" by my then girlfriend who was a HUGE Rick Sprinfield fan. I remember looking at her half-way through the film and telling her that she would NEVER drag me to ANY Rick Sprinfield movies ever again.

    Not that Rick was a bad actor - there really was no acting in it by him. He played himself - the charismatic, always in demand and hyper-popular rock-star in love with rock-n-roll and the ever bright spotlight of fame.

    The plot was non-existent...

    The supporting cast was pathetic...

    And his leading lady cried and sobbed her way through her scenes...

    This movie almost took my life. I mean seriously, it was that painful to endure. Kidney stones were less painful than this tripe! If you are morbidly depressed and need to see people in a worse place than you, watch this movie and then count your blessings that you were NOT a part of the production of this celluloid manure pile!
  • Rick Springfield enjoyed a great run in the early 1980s, what with a starring role on the top-rated TV soap opera "General Hospital" and big radio hits such as "Jessie's Girl" and "Don't Talk to Strangers". Unfortunately for Springfield, his break in the movies came after much of the hype had already quieted down. His 1983 album "Living in Oz" was a commercial disappointment, and when the cinematic "Hard to Hold" appeared a year later it seemed like yesterday's news. The plot has something to do with a grown-up pop star behaving like a teenager around a sexy, teasing, but reluctant female (she's no fan, which causes me to wonder why the women in these movies who play hard-to-get always get the hero's attention?). Larry Peerce directed, and it's his most innocuous assignment since his early years in television directing "The Green Hornet". Actually, "Hornet" was more sophisticated than "Hard to Hold". Springfield bares his 'assets' and plays to stadium crowds, but in reality he had already lost his magic touch. NO STARS from ****
  • This was a great "bad" movie. It really captures the mood of the 80's. It's easy to look down on movies like this. But it's not as bad as everyone says it is. Would you really buy this movie expecting "On the water front"? Rick is OK. Does every movie have to be an award winner? It does actually have a good premise. Some of the music (concert scenes) could be better--but it's not Rick's fault. For all those who graduated in the 80's--rock on! I love Rick's character. It's actually realistic.I wish someone would remake this film with a hip-hop feel. I think it would work on that level. Someone call M&M. He is a great actor.
  • kim-56230 January 2006
    This movie wasn't the worst movie made. Don't go to see it if you want to have deep thoughts! We are NOT talking Masterpiece Theatre! If you are a Rick Springfield fan (and there are a lot of us!) you will love this. Rick Springfield is NOT the worst actor around. It has a good story and GREAT music! It is a good love story. What normal woman doesn't fantasize about a famous, gorgeous, and nice man sweeping her off her feet?!?! Perfect 80s fun! Patti Hansen (Keith Richards' woman) is nutty and beyond, but it worked for her character. The most important reason to see it? A scene involving Rick Springfield that MAY or MAY NOT stay on! Bottom Line -- this movie is the perfect thing to watch when you want to have a bit of fantasy and not get hit over the head with how artistic or political it is.
  • The leading man, Rick Springfield did a good job with the lousy script he had to work with, but the casting could not have been worse for the leading lady. The actress (Janet Elliber) was ugly as dirt and looked about 15 years older than Rick, and there was nothing likable about her. She was supposed to be a mental health professional, yet she was extremely unbalanced and seemed to have a number of personality disorders. Patti Hansen gave a good performance as the jealous ex girl-friend, but her role wasn't developed enough to improve the film as a whole. Also, this movie came out before the PG-13 rating came along, so the editing is extremely choppy in places since the producers were trying to avoid an R rating. I think it definitely could have been better, and there are a few good scenes, particularly when Rick's character Jamie is performing on stage. Most of the music on the soundtrack was written and performed by Rick himself, and some of the songs like "Love Somebody" and "Don't Walk Away" are really memorable.
  • This movie could have been better but because of the limited nature of the story line I think that people didn't get the chance to see what a good actor Rick really is.

    The story to me seemed to be half done in that it couldn't decide whether to be a comedy or a drama. And I just couldn't feel the chemistry between his character Jamy and the love interest Diana (Janet Eilber) While I think that Patti Hansen's character of Niki Nides got unfortunately left in the background, and left under developed due to the material each one had been given to work with (or the lack of it).

    The soundtrack for this movie had some of Rick's best works on it written by him. No small feat and it also had some other really standout musicians on it (Peter Gabriel, Graham Parker, and Nona Hendryx) And the real shame in this is that the movie was so poorly done in the wriitng, directing, and some of the other character actors involved it managed to somehow sink the soundtrack where by unfortunately and VERY unfairly sealing Rick's possible fate as a washed up teen idol. Which is NOT the title that a man of his talent deserves How sad!
  • More like "Hard to Stomach." Springfield shows another facet of his no-talent in this plotless film about a rock star (Creative!) who tries to find love in a stuffy teacher. Who cares?