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  • Warning: Spoilers
    The film released during the time when Amitabh had entered politics. It is a remake of Kannada film Chakravyuha (1983). The film starts off with Amitabh being a cop, who then enters politics. His entry in politics and the scenes that follow are well handled During the same time Rajesh Khanna starred in a similar film AAJ KA MLA RAM AVTAR. The film has some well shot scenes like the beach fight, the climax when Amitabh kills all the villain.

    Direction by Rama Rao Tatineni is decent Music by LP is okay, Again Kishore sings for Big B, Abhimanyu is the best number.

    Amitabh Bachchan though looking aged does his job perfectly, Sridevi(with voice dubbed) is good, this is their first film together. Kader Khan is good, Utpal Dutt is good in his part too, Ranjeet is okay rest are okay
  • This was one of the first Amitabh movies I've seen, my cousin first introduced me to it and I've thought it was one of the best ever since. The plot as well as the songs are fantastic, and the fight scene on the beach is the best I've seen in Indian cinema. I'm surprised it's not available on DVD yet, as it certainly ranks up there with Amitabh's other hits (such as Don, Naseeb and Sholay).