Jack 'n Jill 2 (1984)

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19 October 2017 | lor_
Sequel is very entertaining mix of sex and comedy
After more than 30 years (and that's how long since I watched it again), Chuck Vincent's sequel to his hit "Jack 'n Jill" stands up thanks to a witty screenplay (co-authored by the talented Rick Marx), sharp direction and able cast.

It depicts the marital issues of Jack Wrangler and wife Jill (Sam Fox, delightful as always), he an advertising honcho and she a shrink. They're into swinging, and Taija Rae steals her scene as a bossy lady when the group sex at a loft down on Varick St. gets heated.

Comedy perhaps dominates over the XXX content, with a clever first sex scene wherein on their anniversary Jill returns home with friend Mitzi (bombastic Latina De-Ahna) to find Jack all trussed up and gagged. She thinks it's a present of BDSM role-playing, and while De-Ahna is magnificently servicing the "Macho Marauder" (to quote NY tabloid headlines), Jill is yapping away while Jack sits helpless in bondage. She eventually saves the day by knocking out the burglar when he blows his cover by trying to steal their framed photographs, but not before Vincent milks the scene for all it's worth.

Main story line involves mate swapping with a client played by Jerry Butler and his luscious wife essayed by Carol Cross. When the re- jiggering of couples continues without permission, and they finally cross paths at a favored terrace cafe (with comical cameo actor-as-waiter played by Scott Baker on hand), the foursome ends up before a divorce lawyer arranging for two trial separations.

Cross moves in with Wrangler, and Sam with Butler, leading to disaffection, with Sam taking to drinking and Cross favoring a beautiful lesbian lover (Gypsy Lee) over new partner Wrangler. Happy rom-com ending has Jack & Jill reuniting at Baker's terrace cafe to start over, right on cue.

Besides the humor, sex scenes are ably executed, including a marvelous and surprisingly convincing outre special effect sequence as a deep- throat specialist lover for Butler is observed as Sam lies in a drunken stupor, imagining a human mouth where the girl's pussy should be located. Similarly, the girl is fantasized sucking a foot & a half long cock (plastic dildo prop) where Butler's dick should be.

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