Nick Lassiter: That information can only come from one source; you got a man inside!

Inspector John Becker: We 'ad a man inside.

Nick Lassiter: They killed him, right?

Inspector John Becker: If it was going to be easy, I'd get my missus to do it.

Inspector John Becker: Cooperate and you're a free man, Lassiter. Cross me and you'll do twenty hard years.

Peter Breeze: Besides, we're gonna be in this war, soon, pull your own weight.

Nick Lassiter: I'm standing in a frame, Breeze, you're gonna wrap me in the flag, too.

Peter Breeze: You have to do it.

Nick Lassiter: No I don't, Breeze. There's men with guns in there.

Peter Breeze: They've got 'em in Sing-Sing, too.

Smoke American Car Thief: Hey, you know, kiddo, I like London. You know I did my research before I came. I came because I found out it was my kind of town. I mean the cops don't carry guns. Now the cops still try and chase the bad guys; but they don't find it necessary to kill him when they catch him. I call that civilized. That's one of the reasons I left New York to come here.

Nick Lassiter: You going shooting?

Kari Von Fursten: It's not shooting, it's killing. The birds are driven; there is no sport.

Nick Lassiter: Why shoot them?

Kari Von Fursten: I like to kill them. Don't you?

Nick Lassiter: Yes, but with a club while someone holds them down.

Inspector John Becker: [Lassiter is identified after a police line up] Alright. Rudolph Valentino stays. Everybody else, get out.

Nick Lassiter: What happens if they catch me? You gonna bring on the cavalry?

Peter Breeze: Well... if they catch you in the embassy there's nothing we can do. That embassy is Germany, you might as well be in Berlin.

Nick Lassiter: That's comforting.

Peter Breeze: I'm sorry, Lassiter.

Nick Lassiter: Bullshit.

Kari Von Fursten: Have you ever killed anyone, Mr. Lassiter?

Nick Lassiter: Tell me about Berlin.

Kari Von Fursten: Berlin... for me it is the only city. Well Shanghai can be pretty interesting.


Kari Von Fursten: Who did you kill?

Nick Lassiter: Intersting in what way?

Kari Von Fursten: In diversions. In amusements of a particular nature. Women with animals, drugs, little boys, pleasure... and pain.

Kari Von Fursten: [fixing Lassiter] Do I shock you?

Nick Lassiter: I don't know. Is my hair turn white?

[they both laugh]

Kari Von Fursten: I like you more and more.

Nick Lassiter: Why do you do that?

Sara Wells: What?

Nick Lassiter: Eat my food.

Sara Wells: I like it better.

Nick Lassiter: If you wanted the chicken, why didn't you order it?

Sara Wells: I didn't, I wanted the veal.

Nick Lassiter: Then why eat off my plate?

Sara Wells: This way, I can have both!