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  • shaofutzer15 February 2005
    If you're into kung fu movies and aren't looking for something to take seriously then watch this movie. I'm not going to go into details because it is so much better to go in not knowing anything about it. I was completely stunned 3 minutes into it and the feeling never left. This is truly a bizarre film. Full of cheese-tastic special effects and some surprisingly good action, this film will not disappoint if played during a party or friendly get-together. Everyone I show it to reaches a state of near self-urination. It is truly a unique experience that has not grown old after all these years. The glam-rock heroes and flying bloodsucking plastic skulls that look like dollar store halloween decorations are pure joy. Please take my word for it and watch this movie if you can find it. Buy it if you have to. Seriously.
  • Jiu zi tian mo (Nine Demons) is another Shaw Brothers kung-fu flick featuring a later line-up of the Venoms. In this tale of sorcery and martial arts, Joey (Ching Tien Chee) bargains for the aid of demons to rescue a friend and seek revenge for the death of his father. But was it too much of a price to pay? With lavish sets and costumes, director Chang Cheh takes this movie from your typical kung-fu setting to the strange. The demons are fairly poor (flying skulls that suck blood), but the action is super. The story builds to an amazing final battle!
  • A young man, Gary, make a pact with the Dark Prince of Hell in order to get revenge for his father's dead. He granted unearthly powers and a necklace containing nine demons who aid him. Gery manages to fulfill his needs but the demons' thirst for blood is so cannot hold and Gary makes new enemies who are out to stop his evil rampage.

    I remember when the first time I watched this flick, I'm just a little kid. On that time, this movie is succeed to either entertains and frightened me, because it sort of mix of Wu Xia and Horror movies. I'm so amazed by this.

    And right now, I wonder how it still can amuse me. Defenitely worth watch for everybody that claimed him/her self as Wu Xia fans.

  • PIST-OFF26 August 2020
    It's like that time you got so sozzled out of your mind that all memory has been wiped and you keep getting extravagant but conflicting stories from those who were there. That's how this bizarre movie feels. A movie like this would be perfect fodder for MST3K because it doesn't even realize how nutty it is. Another reviewer states that the less you know going in on this the better. That's probably good advice. A car accident is fascinating after the fact but you wouldn't want to watch knowing that one is about to happen. You're gonna want some alcohol and some strong inhalants for this twisted tale of kung fu demonology. Just don't lose your nerve 10 minutes in.
  • poe-4883315 October 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    THE NINE DEMONS is one of Master Chang Cheh's lesser efforts, to be sure, but that doesn't mean it's unwatchable: it has its moments, but obvious budgetary constraints hamper it. Joey (Joy?) (Choi?) (Oy...), played for all he's worth by Chien Tien Chi, quite literally goes to Hell, where he proceeds to make a deal with you-know-who... In exchange for his soul, Ol' Scratch promises to help Joey exact some revenge- which he does, with the aid of the Nine Demons of the title: eight kids with a thirst for human blood and their beautiful babysitter (my take on it, there). The great Lu Feng turns up and turns out to be Number One on Joey's hit list, but manages to take out Joey's brother, Gary, before the final showdown. It's this final showdown that makes THE NINE DEMONS worth watching: it takes place on a pond, with Lu Feng and his minions surfing around on mini-skis, and there are some genuinely interesting moments (a la, FIVE ELEMENT NINJAS). The use of Western names for the leads, however, has never seemed so ridiculous. It would be interesting to see a subtitled (rather than dubbed) version.