Debut feature film as a producer for Cassian Elwes who is the brother of Cary Elwes who appeared in the movie.

The film was a remake of a A Yank at Oxford (1938) and was made and released about forty-six years after that original film.

The make and model of the classic red sports car that Nick De Angelo (Rob Lowe) drove was a 1955 Ford Thunderbird [40A].

Final theatrical feature film of actor Hugh Morton who died before the film was first released.

The character of Lady Victoria Wingate (Amanda Pays) was loosely based on the real-life Princess St├ęphanie of Monaco.

The picture was a loose uncredited remake of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's earlier hit A Yank at Oxford (1938) but produced independently for MGM in the negative pickup deal financing manner popular during the 1980s.

First of two cinema movies that leads, actor Rob Lowe and actress Ally Sheedy, both appeared in, the second being the following 1985 year's St. Elmo's Fire (1985).

The name of the venue that Nick De Angelo (Rob Lowe) worked as a valet at in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA was "The Dunes Hotel".

Lawrence Van Gelder described the film in 'The New York Times' as a "Gatsbyesque Romance".

Debut cinema movie for both actor Pip Torrens and actress Amanda Pays.

The word "Isis" heard during the film is a common phrase used at Oxford University for the sport of "rowing" which is featured in the movie. "Isis" is also the name of the student newspaper at the University of Oxford.

Debut theatrical feature film directed by Robert Boris.

Colleges at Oxford University appearing in the picture included "Oriel College" (for the boys) and "Christ Church College" (for the girls).

The picture has been notable for featuring an early screen role of British actor Julian Sands.

The amount of the bribe was US $1500.

The name of the American educational institution that Nick De Angelo (Rob Lowe) dropped-out from in the USA was "The University of Nevada".

Producer Cassian Elwes went onto other producing duties on other films also with the word "blue" in the title these being Cool Blue (1990) and Blue Valentine (2010) and also write and direct one called Blue Flame (1993).

The name of the educational institution as per the word "Oxford" in the movie's Oxford Blues (1984) title was "Oxford University".

Writer-director Robert Boris had previously written another film with the word "blue(s)" in the title that being Electra Glide in Blue (1973) around eleven years earlier.

The name of the male Oxford campus fraternity was the "Oriel Bluejackets".

About two years later actress Ally Sheedy would appear in another movie with the word "blue(s)" in the title that being Blue City (1986).