Alternate Versions (4)

  • NBC edited 5 minutes from this film for its 1987 network television premiere.
  • Broadcast commercial networks, and standard cable showings of this film, either silence or dub all bad language. The nudity is also edited.
  • On the network TV version, NBC, after the cadets are laughing at Lt. Harris about his accident in the horse wagon, there is extra footage. Harris says to the cadets just before graduation "I'm going to cut you. I swear it." After that, Thompson is now not sure of going to the prom with Mahoney. She thinks he has "done enough already" (caused trouble).
  • In the network television and syndicated versions, the scene that has a hooker performing oral sex on Commandant Lassard while he is giving a speech to a group of fellow police officials has been cut down. The scene is cut from right before we hear Lassard's pants being unzipped, after which it goes to a shot of Lt. Harris sitting at Lassard's desk, and then goes back to the end of the oral sex sequence when Lassard invites the officials to have lunch, and when he discovers Mahoney under the podium.