Alternate Versions (2)

  • The original Australian version of the film was edited down to secure a more commercial M rating (known as the "theatrical version") by removing 4 scenes of graphic violence. The cut scenes included footage of explicit gore and blood-spurts in the death of 3 of the characters plus the final killing of the razorback itself. The UK Anchor Bay and Australian Umbrella releases contain the theatrical version, though the 4 deleted scenes are available as extras on the Australian DVD.
  • The uncut footage features a slightly longer version of Beth Winter's death. Jake Cullen has his face bitten off by the Razorback and is later seen with worms feeding off his rotting corpse. Dicko's death is much longer with more graphic shots of his leg in the Razorback's mouth and him spitting blood as he gets dragged away. The Razorback spits blood onto Carl Winter's face four times instead of two.