Professor West: For a woman who has the sensitivity of a slut... to the point of giving her lover the identical watch she gave to her husband as an anniversary present, I will not accept lessons.

Sheriff Gordon: Bob's boat was attacked here, so I can infer that it just sits in that area.

[trying to record the Devil Fish's cry]

Dr. Bob Hogan: You filthy rotten bloody shark, LET ME HEAR YOU!

Dr. Bob Hogan: He'd sit on his mother's head if he had something to gain by it.

Dr. Bob Hogan: [making a toast] Up the shark's ass.

Doctor: These don't look like the teeth marks of a shark to me.

Peter: It's not a shark!

Doctor: Whatever it is, I wouldn't want to rub it the wrong way.

Dr. Janet Bates: I can simply say, that the creature you have in your part of the ocean... is a 'living fossil'.