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  • When this show was on I watched it every time I could! I thought that the characters were really funny and all had great personalities. The animation in My opinion was crisp, clean, and really clear. Not to mention beautiful! Most of the characters in this show are hilarious Looney Tunes characters that we all love. in My opinion these characters are the funnies and talented ever seen. In fact, The things that goes on in this series' cartoons are in My opinion nuts which that is what makes them hilarious! There are so many to like and laugh at and the silly things they do! If you like the original Looney Tunes then I strongly recommend that you watch this show!
  • A classic animated series that everyone loves and who must have seen at least 1 episode. Although only having one season, the Looney Tunes have many episodes each one better than the other. A series that everyone loves and that everyone should see several episodes (I at least I diden´t see any bad episodes)