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  • The only reason I remember this is because of S.I.D. which I assume stands for Sarcastic Information Drone.

    He was without a doubt the best character..... only memorable character in this series, with his one liner's and VERY sarcastic put downs toward the rest of the crew. I would imagine that Kenny Williams (God bless his resting soul) had an awful lot of fun voicing SID because the script for him was the best thing..... ne ... the only thing worth watching the show for as it was a shoe string budget and the rest of the actors were shockingly terrible.

    Kenneth Williams was the shining knight that kept a bad production from going down the tubes and I would watch the show again simply for S.I.D.
  • I have rather fond memories of Galloping Galaxies. Sid the computer, voiced brilliantly and sarcastically by Kenneth Williams is one.. Antics with the malfunctioning teleporter/time machine.. The Irish pirate chief Murphy with his robots 7 and 25..

    Unfortunately I can hardly find any of it on the net. :(
  • I remember absolutely adoring this show, however, apart from the Kenneth Williams voiced robot on wheels (which I seem to recall looked a little like the centre of the Tardis from Doctor Who) I remember very little about the characters.

    I recall it being fairly modestly budgeted, however, the script was really funny (although bear in mind I was only a young-un so it may well be nostalgia clouding my memory) one particular episode sticks out in my mind where the captain gets changed into a can of soft drink (for reasons I can no longer recollect) and one of the other crew accidentally drink a bit of him, when returned to human form he has permanently lost some vital part of his memories.

    In conclusion, much better than Rent-A-Ghost.