Growing Pains (TV Series 1985–1992) Poster


Kirk Cameron: Mike Seaver



  • Carol : Jerk.

    Mike : Geek.

    [They hug] 

  • Kate Macdonald : What do you know about guys?

    Mike : Well, I've been one for fifteen years.

    Kate Macdonald : But you're nineteen.

    Mike : Interesting story.

  • [reading fortune cookies] 

    Mike : 'Every dog has his day.' Oops, Carol, I think I got yours!

    Carol : Then I must have yours, 'One day you will meet a handsome man and fall in love with him.'!

  • Richard 'Boner' Stabone : Mike, a voice just came out of the radiator and it sounded a lot like God

    [referring to handyman working in the basement] 

    Mike : No, Boner, that's Jimmy

    Richard 'Boner' Stabone : You call Him Jimmy?

    Richard 'Boner' Stabone : [later] 

    [walks downstairs angrily] 

    Richard 'Boner' Stabone : Okay, what in the name of Jimmy is going on down here?

  • Jason : My father built this cabin by hand.

    Mike : Wow! No tools or anything? Cool!

  • Carol : Well actually you gave me the idea that I should blow the interview by belching and smelling bad.

    [Mike smells Carol] 

    Mike : Ok. But can you belch?

  • Carol : Are you sure you're not just after my blank check?

    Mike : Of course not! What kind of brother do you think I am!


    Mike : *Our* blank check.

  • Mike : Did you see that movie, Taxi Driver?

    Girl : Didn't Danny DeVito play a guy named Louie?

  • [Mike talking to older blind date] 

    Mike : Do you have any idea what it's like to go through puberty backwards? Yeah, it's true. There are only two known cases, me and Dick Clark.

  • Amy : [Amy and Mike are stranded in Spain trying to get to France]  Mike, we are stranded in Europe, a city that is 5,000 miles away from where we want to get to.

    Mike : Actually here I believe they use kilometres.

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