While still residing in his homeland, Scottish actor David Tennant auditioned unsuccessfully several times for a role in this series.

The programme is named after the lead character DCI Jim Taggart, played by Mark McManus. When McManus died in 1994 the series continued without him, or the character.

The programme proved to be a training ground for young Scottish acting talent. The likes of Robert Carlyle, Dougray Scott, Julie Graham, Siobhan Redmond, Iain Glen and Alan Cumming all made early appearances in Taggart.

Because the phrase "There's been a murder!" was so associated with the show, longtime star Alex Norton called his 2014 autobiography "There's Been a Life".

This quintessentially Glaswegian TV series was devised and written by Edinburghian writer Glenn Chandler. Chandler originally wanted to set the show in Edinburgh but since STV's headquarters were in Glasgow, this would have been impractical and costly.

Glenn Chandler got the name Taggart from a cemetery headstone.