[Hearing the doorbell, after admiring the Hopcrofts' washing machine]

Marion Brewster-Wright: Ooh! Does that mean your shirt's cooked or something?

Geoffrey Jackson: You know, I was thinking on the way home - I nipped in for a quick one, that's why I'm a bit late.

Geoffrey Jackson: God! How I envy them that! You think I enjoy living out my life, like some kind of sexual flying dutchman!

Sidney Hopcroft: Here we are, back again. I've brought everything, just incase. Everything except the kitchen sink and that's already here, eh?

Sidney Hopcroft: She does the same as him with girls.

Ronald Brewster-Wright: I beg your pardon?

Sidney Hopcroft: Hiking and so on. With the brownies, mainly.

Ronald Brewster-Wright: Oh, I see. Better join the brownies, then, hadn't we?

Sidney Hopcroft: Ha ha! Yes, I like that. Better join the brownies. You must tell that to Dick. That would tickle Dick no end!

Sidney Hopcroft: A bit like children, dogs.

Eva Jackson: What makes you say that?

Sidney Hopcroft: Need a bit of a firm hand now and again. Smack them if they're naughty.

Eva Jackson: You don't smack George, you negotiate terms.

Ronald Brewster-Wright: No no. A screw! That's what I want. A scew